Irrationality Unleashed

130118090859-janet-yellen-blog(Likely next FedHead Janet Yellen, noted Keynesian)

Colonel Bunny at Fran’s place posts this piece, which includes this embedded Nyquist post.

Read them both.

You already know that there is no voting your way out of this mess.

What if there is no “gray man”/hunkering-down through it, either?

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

27 responses to “Irrationality Unleashed

  1. When you are left with no options, then there is only one option.
    I’ve been in that position many times.
    A cornered animal is a most dangerous beast.
    I’m still standing.

  2. Hm, yes … but, you can’t speak of freedom and borders in the same breath.

    Unless you are completely befuddled.

    • You are kidding, right?

      Or does not your house have doors?

      • It’s OK with him if I walk in his crib, eat all his grub, drink all his guzz, smoke all his buzz, diddle his ho, punch him in the face and walk out with his DVD player under my arm.

    • Freedom without form is called anarchy.

      If your house has no doors, publish your address, we’ll come over and take what we want.

      • “Freedom without form is called anarchy.”

        So now YOU get to make rules and call it freedom?
        Stick it.

        • ghostsniper, I was addressing bogbeagle not CA, I forgot to put his name in front of the statement. “bogbeagle, if your house…”

          Trying to be a smart ass and ended up just being an ass.

      • “If your house has no doors, publish your address, we’ll come over and take what we want.”

        Really? Is that who you are? If you don’t mind sharing, “Why?” Just curious; I’m very interested in understanding thinking like that.

  3. Sure, I have doors on my private property. And gates at my driveway.

    Do you claim to own the whole continent? … that none may pass without your permission?

    • Citizens of a nation can and should make such a claim.

    • Borders, Language, and culture. We’ve allowed ours to be corrupted and watered down.
      A country without borders or reasonable immigration policies is not a nation, and will be constantly invaded by others who wish to change the host into something different.
      May I say, Sir, in the nicest way possible, that you are a fool..

      • Hint:
        People create borders because a country or any other construct is incapable of doing so on it’s own.

        Would you have a problem with a perfect stranger creating a border right across the middle of your living room?

  4. We are currently governed by emotionally driven children in adult bodies.
    Children…..very dangerous children.

  5. The battle between collectivism and capitalism is the quintessential battle between good and evil.
    Taxation is the theft of production, regulation is the theft of innovation. These are the methods used by the lazy and stupid to steal. These methods are developed by bureaucrats. I have yet to see a bureaucrat voted out of office.

  6. i didnt read those, but i have read enough to know what is coming. the US’s people and their money is some combination of greece and cypress that the governing world’s officials will use as they see fit to stay on top. its a damn shame US officials sold out their people and country rather than work to save it.

  7. Mt Top Patriot

    In a way, the whole world has crossed the Rubicon.

    Fuck the race war, hell with economic SHTF, up the chocolate emperors pickle smooching ass.

    Crying time and outrage ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit

    What matters is folks got to get their shit together. Like those dumpers of dry leaves over rails of wooden boats long time past. I’m talking about getting their shit to-gather. Ain’t much time. Got to be a way.

    I think even those who aren’t insane and see the shit storm coming, well lets say there just ain’t enough in numbers and strength, collectively, with the solidarity, and vision of what it really takes to not just survive, but to make reason, and Liberty, and the gospel of freedom, a rallying cry that solidifies into something resembling declaration out of tyranny, into being a plurality of truly free people.

    What we have, is lone wolfs, family enclaves, isolated suspicious redoubts, scared worried decent folks independent from any real effective network, cut off from each-other, basically alone, people with civility and greatest of intentions, lots of arms, boolits and beans, great thinkers and ingenious industrious technicians, combat skilled warriors, and not a fart in a mittens chance of taking this nebulous fractured moral plurality and turning it into a host that could beat the ever loving shit out of tyrants and traitors, hand the police state it arse.

    Why you think the motherfuckers are spying on everyone?

    They are afraid.

    Afraid of what everyone could be thinking, and saying, because, what America could do to them for what they are doing to America.

    Sure, they can go after a fellow like me, or Pete, any who make a comment or wright a blog post that offends some entitlement mentality to rule over us, because one thing ruling class folk understand instinctively, what is inherent in these sociopaths and psychopaths is a little worm of fear way down in their animal brains, a radar that fears the cutting inciting truth about their tyranny, that a guy like me is both low hanging fruit mall ninja’s love to pick on, easy target, but, I’m the greatest threat not realized, (it’s idea I’m a freeman), and lots of me’s, can identify with the terror of gov thugs storing my castle in the wee hours, killing my pooch, putting a couple of mags worth of lead into my naked arse. Lot of power in that right there. Lot of power for not too many cowards. Political power by gun barrel. Yet, lots of me’s can realize the inherent power of the sovereign too. But here’s the catch, because it’s a catch nobody is really catching on to, once a cascade of understanding of the power of a plurality with a bone in it’s teeth is born, it’s a real game changer.
    The game changer.

    It makes them afraid.

    It’s kinda like why the mandarins coined the con of the AR as an ass-hault rifle, they gull you, because they are afraid it might be used to ass-hault them. For what they have done to us.
    It makes them afraid.
    As TL Davis said:

    .It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.
    Let them restore it to find refuge from us.

    Place bets anyone?
    Do I get call summonsing me to go down have a warm fuzzy talk, or is it flash bangs and no knock HIT- raid at 3am for writing this humble comment about the death of the age of civility and reason?

    • Why you think the motherfuckers are spying on everyone?
      They are afraid.

      What are they afraid of?

      1. They have all the money.
      2. They have all the firepower.
      3. They have the mandate of the majority.
      4. They have a chain of command from the very top all the way down to your front door and beyond.

      What are they afraid of?

      • They are afraid of one man. Because one man, on his own two feet, with sound mind and no moral or social tethers to bind him can do ANYTHING. And he can’t be predicted, controlled or swayed. He can be interdicted, but this is by random chance only. His mobility, anoniminity and awareness greatly reduce the chance of him being stopped before he achieves his goals.

        These people that are afraid, they believe that by posting a speed limit, or a ban on alcohol, or drugs, or a diatribe against rape in war that these things will magically become a reality. The one man, he flies in the face of this. He is living, acting proof of their weakness, their blandness, their lifetime of underachieving and unhappiness with themselves and their impotence.

      • What are they afraid of?

        They are afraid of themselves. They are psychopaths and they know what they would do if put in our situation. That is what scares them – that there may be many more just like them.

        Ponder that deeply.

  8. What would it take to start chopping the fiber optic cables going to the NSA? How about shutting off the water supply that cools all those super computers. Might as well pull the electric plug while we are at it.

  9. LFMajor – close but not quite there.
    No, what they are afraid of is – someone who they or their agents have seriously pissed off and who has decided that he(or she)no longer has anything to lose – taking Mike Vanderbough’s little epistle “One Hundred Heads” to heart and acting on it. “DC Sniper” in spades….