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I hope all is well.

I wanted to let you know that The Border Marches, the 5th book in the Western Front Series, is now available on Amazon. The link is:

The story picks up where the Nine of the North left off.

For those new to my work, Part 1 of Book 1 in the series is available for free here:

If you’d like a copy, just let me know. If this is something you’d care to pass along to your readers, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Archer Garrett

11 responses to “From Archer Garrett

  1. Could use some/any work by an editor.

  2. An unrelated question.
    Why doesn’t anyone mention Timothy Mcveigh?
    I’m aware of the conspiracy theories around the bombing of the Fed building at OK but on balance this guy seems to have set the gold standard for walking the walk.
    Yet I’ve never heard him mentioned on this site or any other libertarian blogs for that matter.

    • Is this a serious question?

      He killed 168 people, only eight of whom were Federal agents (the butchers bill included three pregnant women, 19 kids, several innocent bystanders, etc.) so in my book that’s a LOT of collateral damage for a very low payoff if your target is the Feds.

      Conspiracy theories notwithstanding (and they are irrelevant because perception is reality) with friends like McV who needs enemies? He probably did more damage to the public image of the patriot movement than anyone in American history.

    • He is mentioned all the time, every time some one mentions something about murdering collectivist useful idiots there he is, even if not by name.
      His ilk is as much the enemy as the worst statist sob.

      Assuming of course he was more than just a dupe for the alphabet soup. Turner Diaries is just another collectivist manifesto based on race. Pisses me off he is called a constitutionalist and part of the liberty movement, nothing could be further from the truth.

      He has no business even being mentioned in the same breath as Randy Weaver or others.

      Notice I didnt use his name.

    • because he wasn’t smart enough to either pay cash for a bus ticket or check all the the damn lights on his getaway vehicle.

      Those dinks weren’t smart enough to make water in a forest fire, there’s no way that they weren’t led by the hand through the whole damn thing.

    • altsehastiin

      This post is a classic cointelpro.

    • I saw a televised interview with him the night before he was executed. He wasn’t a patriot. He was an idiot, jerk, and contrary to the stupid notions the liberals like to portray of white Christian madmen, he was a thoroughgoing atheist.

    • Sorry, fellas. It just seemed odd to me that considering the subject matter that his name didn’t pop up more frequently. If for no other reason than to disect his actions for educational purposes. I’ll not mention him again.

  3. Read the first couple in the series, the books I read need an editor to correct the grammar and word usage. For me, it took away from the content of the books.

  4. Thanks – CA

    Yeah – I edited The First Book about a month ago. It sorely needed it. Still wouldn’t hurt to have a real editor do it. But this writing thang don’t pay as much as you’d think.

    And how in the world did I get stuck with Timmy?

    • Liked the sample… as funds allow.
      As for the other, think we are all stuck with that from time to time.