Max V: Tactical Use of ATV ‘Four-Wheelers’


Especially when used in conjunction with locale-specific “normal” outerwear.

Live hard.

Die free.

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  1. Chuy el gringo

    Looks suspiciously like a band of wayward seals at leatherneck! They roamed far and wide raising all sorts of hate and discontent with both the quetta sura taliban, and the t-shirt taliban who worked for a few $ a day shooting at gringo’s. totally disrupted the bad guys daily carefree lifestyle. Totally unpredictable!

  2. Brits at Bastion. Definitely Brit desert camo. There are a metric shitload of Brit vics with that mark on them as well.

  3. I know very little about them but have been intrigued by them for a long time, so here is the question.
    From somebody with extensive experience, what’s the best tactical capable ATV on the market?
    Basic requirements:
    1) 2 person capacity
    2) All or 4 wheel drive.
    3) Load bearing, trailerable and capable of pulling a trailer.
    4) Low key color.
    5) Powerful engine yet economical on fuel.
    6) Potential large load bearing racks fore and aft.
    7) Winches?

    Am I missing anything?
    Do they float?
    Can snorkles be installed?
    What about bullet resistant tires or foam filled?
    Rain/snow roof and side shields?
    Not looking for fancy, but must be highly functional and adaptable.
    Come on, do a brudda a solid.
    Thank you.
    Oh yeah, provide links if possible.

    • Mr. GS….my suggestion would be something diesel powered. Kawasaki, Kubotas and Polaris Rangers come to mind. The diesels have less fuel consumption, more torque, less maintenance, better durability and ability to use home-brewed fuel. Downside ? More expensive than a gasser

    • I bought an ATV, same brand in the photo, Bombardier now sold as Can Am. Mine is a two seater, selectable 4WD, has the optional removable box kit for the back which has the side benefit of uprating the rear rack capacity, but 75 pounds if memory serves. It’s Rotax, 800cc, fuel injected V-twin, 64 hp, is tuned for good low end. I’ve never been at a loss for power. I added an aftermarket 2″ hitch receiver, into which I have a platform with a 2″ ball. I think the current ones have the receiver from the factory. I bought a specific ATV trailer, it’s narrower than other utility trailers, which has a 2500 pound load capacity. It has a six gallon tank, so you can go pretty far without extra fuel. Last, I bought the optional version with heavier brush guards and a 3000 pound winch. I’ve used the winch for pulling fallen trees from the driveway and tensioning fencing while I attach it to posts. You definitely want a winch.

      I bought it for various tasks around our small farm, it’s been great for that. The current model has either the 800cc engine or a larger 1000cc engine, both with more power than mine. The cool thing is the new ones have power steering, which mine could use to reduce kick-back over deep ruts. I added tires with much deeper cleats, almost like an Ag tractor tire, our red clay mud is like grease when wet. The make a lot of noise on pavement, but I rarely drive it on the road.

  4. A Diesel-powered AWD ATV with trailering and PTO capability, along with accessories, could be a lifesaver or even economically-advantageous (not-a-toy). Add the same goodies a person would put on a cold-weather truck, like electric pre-heat, remote filters (convenience/capacity improvement), valves for easy fluid changes, a good locked shed to park it in, and it could outlast the 72-month mortgage.


    • Mr. Pdxr…..a diesel powered atv with PTO would allow use of a PTO driven diesel generator. Never thought of that.

  5. Thanks folks.
    I’m wondering, for my own personal long term perspective, if 2 good horses might be a better choice.

    Some of my considerations.
    1) Fuel costs are greatly lowered.
    2) Same with maintenance costs.
    3) Versatility.

    Yes, it is like comparing apples and oranges, unless you consider that both are food, ie., horses and ATV can accomplish the same things but use different methods.

    In a long term grid down situation an ATV would be useless.
    Horses, basic blacksmith tools, access to quantities of flat steel and hardwood, a book about farming implements = long term feasibility.

  6. This past Thursday I was leaving Louisville, KY on I-64 heading East. Came up behind a flatbed truck (also heading East) that was carrying 6 desert cammo painted quad runners. All 6 were facing the passenger side of the truck and all 6 of them had some sort of rack on the handlebars that I assumed might hold a wind shield but since I passed on the left side could not see any closer on the front side of those quad runners. There were military markings on the rear of the q/r’s and now after seeing a comment about “Neck Wires” I now know what I saw.
    On that same stretch of I-64 I have seen Navy vehicles towing what looks like oversized Zodiac boats. Never can tell what might be heading down the highway these days. I guess it’s time to start packing a digital camera where ever I travel.

  7. I don’t know about tactical uses, but they are hella useful on an elk hunt when it comes to getting into remote areas and retrieving the meat.