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Underground Tradecraft: Tactical Application of the Defensive Sidearm, Part Three

How are you training for this problem?

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  1. I can’t/won’t do most of those things. My Glock 23 is for finishing off the wounded, or, if I run out of ammo and the cannibals are still coming, doing myself.

    PS – its “The Virginian”, not “The Virginia”

    • You have got to be shitting me. Don’t worry, you won’t have to exert yourself, I’ll know you by the cheetos stains on that Glock 23 of yours that you read someplace was the bestest sidearm ever.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Looks like you missed the whole point! Let JU87 make his silly remarks, you should know better. A good shooter can use anything from a GI .45 to a Nambu, or P-38, and your prejudices already lost the battle for you. Gun snobbery won’t win the day. Most of us shoot just about everything from a Glock to a 1911A1.
        I really hope you shoot a $3500 1911.45 Nighthawk, anything less would be worthless, no?

        • Mr. Semper Fi….a Nambu, amazing. You know your weapons.

        • my point was the Cheetos stains and reading as opposed to doing. I’m no china white, blue veined snob, it’s a Ruger p89 and an AK I screw built running here, with plans to pick up a G19 as soon as funding is squirreled away.

          You’re right, I should know better than to poke him with a stick.

          • Semper Fi, 0321

            I took offense because I too shoot a G23, among others. My main woods carry is a hot loaded G20, since my 1911A1’s are not quite adequate for big furry stuff and my big heavy revolver just isn’t fast enough for me.
            Sorry. I’m not trying to be mean to any of you with my pointed remarks, but let’s start using some more common sense and logic around here, and we have to quit sniping at each other before CA drops the hammer again.

  2. I know he says hes not found of Gabe Suarez but you could post this article over at Warriortalk and get a resounding “amen preach on brother” from everybody there.

  3. bloodyspartan

    The shorter the weapon , the shorter the arc, however I am unsure if I use my Katana, or Glock 20 when I move towards the Open Shoulder.

  4. When they are close enough that you can see the whites of their eyes you have to be the animal. Everybody has that potential but most people also have huge programmed barriers.

    • Improper knife holding tactics from Green Shirt.

      Distract/disorientate with the free hand, then apply aggressive blade tactics with weapon hand. Keeping the blade out of the line of sight of the attackee.

      • Don’t take the ‘staged’ photo as a an static display. Visualize it as the guy with the knife being in the process of rapidly moving from a starting position of that presupposed 7-8 meters.

        If I was Mr. Green Shirt, I’d have that knife very close to that same position as contact would probably be within .1 -.2 seconds and I would be beginning my thrust to the torso.