Codrea: Full-Auto For We, But Not For Thee

1358783367_1847_suppressed_sten_mk2_5545(Image by Oleg Volk)

David sends:

“…This {NFATCA} is a group that stays off the radar and unless you’re part of the clique, most have never heard of them–which allows them to sneak in rule changes to their benefit. I think people ought to know about the shit they pull.”

NFA firearms collectors group initiated ATF gun trust rule change

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Elitist prigs.

To the Devil with them.

17 responses to “Codrea: Full-Auto For We, But Not For Thee

  1. This isn’t the first time either this group or the one representing brick and mortar gun stores has shafted gun owners with self protecting Gun Confiscation Laws.

    This particular group will fight tooth and tong to keep their $2500.00 M-16s and mega-thousand dollar heavy machine guns at their current price point. After all, why lose your investment merely to those who are tearing down the very restrictive, and un-Constitutional, laws that pumped up the prices in the first place.

    They need to be rooted out, by name, and humiliated over and over again.

    • Screw humiliation PH,the next step should be to treat them like Ferdinand. Period. Gotta start somewhere…


  2. In Australia we’re a bit further down that particular rabbit hole.
    Our entire firearms market is captive to a single importing entity and the businesses who get special favours for kissing their ass.
    Any dealer speaking out against wholesale gun control (thereby diminishing the importer’s ability to jack up prices through handling fees) can simply be starved of product or given such unfavourable trading conditions that they end up folding.
    Protect the free market however you can.

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    Can you imagine having a $40,000 MG-42 or 1921 Thompson SMG and then they repeal the laws? Nothing like feeling screwed for mortgaging the house to buy it.
    Most Class3 owners and collectors have more money than brains, and they’ll say anything to protect their silly investments. Sorta reminds me of a group of banksters.

    • “Most Class3 owners and collectors have more money than brains, and they’ll say anything to protect their silly investments. Sorta reminds me of a group of banksters.”

      Truth. You don’t just see that with guns either. You ofter wonder how such totally clueless people amass wealth.

      Miss Violet

    • Wouldn’t bother me a bit if 922(o) went bye-bye. It would let me buy more and let first timers get into emmagees. Only fly in the ointment today is ammo prices.

      Yep, got one of those M16s. plus a Fleming AK and a Norrel UZI. All with about the same 1000-2000% spread in current value v. purchase cost.

      Damn Supply and Demand economics at work there.

      Would I sell them for the higher price point today if I need the cash? Yep, It’s called CAPITALISM……sir.

      But Mr. Marine, do yourself a favor. Drop that broad brush you seem to like painting everyone with. There are MORE people who own emmagees who bought them to SHOOT – just like me – than there are the more effervescent people with the wheeler-dealer flashing neon light signs you seem to think we all are. We just enjoy shooting guns, any guns.

      Is that a lack of SA, or something else?

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        I’m a former Class 3 owner from 30+ yrs ago, OK? Back when a .45 Powder Springs Mac-10 cost me $200, and a TSMG could be had for $500. They couldn’t give away Stens or Reisings. Yes, I knew lots of people who bought them to shoot, and boy did we have fun. Ever shot a Lahti 20mm into a truck tranny? The emmagee thing is cool too, do you use it to mean MG’s or actually the real emmagees, the Vickers .303’s?
        The folks that I went to shoots with were obsessed with collecting more and more, damn the cost. When the whole thing went down the toilet in 1986, the dotcom folks didn’t care what something cost, they just had to have it. Spending $10-50,000 on a TSMG or $50,000+ on an M-60 is beyond insane, but if that’s what makes you feel special, knock yourself out. Just don’t try to expect us to understand how really cool it is.
        But what’s even worse, is voting against the common gun owner, who would give anything to see a repeal of the NFA-’34 or FOPA-’86, in order to protect the high price of what you bought at overinflated prices. Like a liquor license, the price will only increase with demand. And you get rich when it comes time to sell it to another sucker with a wad of money. Screw that, the laws are all illegal anyway! So if you lose your ass when the market falls out from under you, ask me if I care.
        Oh, and by the way, it’s not Mr. Marine! By spending 7 yrs in the Corps as a Grunt, Tanker and Recon Marine I got to shoot lots of full autos with endless belts of ammo, free of charge. Sorta got me over the part of being with guys that just like to shoot guns, any guns.

        • So what’s to get over about shooting? Much too good a thing to loose interest in. I just happen to like guns, so I always try to have one along during my daily walks.

          Their construction tells me things about their designers. I can tell you more about a man by looking at his work than by even speaking with him.

          Yep, current prices are way out there with no end in sight. Like I said, it’s this supply and demand thing from economics 101. Today, if you want a mg you either have lots of cash, or ……

          Is 922(o) ‘illegal’?. No! Neither is NFA’34, GCA’68 nor FOPA’86. They’re
          ‘law’, hence ‘legal’. Study some specific 20th century history about this.
          Is any part of NFA’34, GCA’68 and (o) of FOPA’86 constitutional, ethical, reasonable, or even ‘right’? Nope. never said it was.

          Like I previously wrote, I’d LIKE to see 922(o) gone one day.
          By whatever method is immaterial to me. Increased quantities of automatics would mean lower prices and new shooters! Maybe if this balkanization/secession idea could get off the mark we could finally get D.C. and all those pesky U.S. statutes out of the equation.

          Our problem right now is The NFATCA and their dealing with bureaucrats, not the rest of the people owning NFA (the vast majority).

          But wait! Where is the ethos of ‘Once a Marine, always a Marine’?, You even use your MOS as a handle. Oh well, whatever.

          Have a good one.

          • “Like I said, it’s this supply and demand thing from economics 101.”

            It’s supply and demand distortion resulting from government creating an artificial shortage. Save your Econ 101 lectures for the kids who are paying outrageous sums and going tens of thousands of dollars into debt from yet another market distortion created by government meddling.

            • Lectures? Please.

              Yes, it IS .gov ‘meddling’, but you also have it right with “….yet another….”.
              When has .gov ever NOT meddled in the markets?

              Either the NFA statutes are changed, repealed, or eliminated by other means, or the present course of steadily higher prices ( with inflation helping not one itty bit ) will continue.

              The basic problem here is not prices, but that the NFATCA were attempting to get the CLEO signing rule eliminated and apparently thought they could negotiate in good faith with a federal bureacracy. Instead, they got the Borgia treatment.

  4. I’m thinking Codrea’s info is always good but again, his info is lost on me as I refuse to deal with the effing pop-ups of these Examiner sites. Hard to believe Codrea can’t find a better venue for his blogging than Examiner.

    • David is a professional writer who tries mightily to make a living for his family with his efforts. I am confident that if there were other venues (along with Guns mag) that would pay David, he would be there as well.

    • Running firefox with no-script, I get no popups. Don’t do it just for David though, it’s a good in general security measure to set your browser up to keep out scripts in general.

  5. Imagine having a shipping container of MG-42’s (used as recently as 2013 by Poles and Czechs in support of domestic & EU missions) that you paid $40K for being seized before you can get it transferred by your friends in the business of shipping wanted items over the Mexico-US border in support of the American FreeFor. That would suck.

    Dilettantes with pieces of simple metal made valuable by restrictive laws deserve the economic spanking they will get. In any rational place, a 10-year old Toyota Corolla wagon is worth 6 fully-functional MG-42’s.

  6. THEY ARE PLANNING TO GO TO THE SCHOOLS”AND KIDNAPP YOUR CHILDREN”and trade them for your guns,DID YOU KNOW THAT???what will you do then??..HERES what you need to do,every morning before the KIDS leave,GIVE them a big KISS good by,and tell them, it may be the last time you’ll ever see them again,because your head was up your ass,and you never worryed about what might happen to them…..OCT.1,2013,FORCED HOME INSPECTIONS,…OBAMACARE RULES,…do you have a problem with that?? won’t mind having your door kicked in,now will you?THEIR just coming to make sure your taking good care of the kiddies,ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD,and they’ll be armed to the teeth too,SO all you good law abiding citizens YOU could make them a pot of coffie,maybe they won’t BASH IN YOUR FACE……………………

  7. I’am thinking its a shame I took the time to leave 4 comments and as soon as I finished them they disapeared………….