Stein: An Accidental War

Barack Obama


H/t to Cold Fury, who has the temerity to take Emperor Hussein-Obama’s prior declarations on the subject of Middle Eastern conflict and snicker.

Well done.

4 responses to “Stein: An Accidental War

  1. Are we gonna get to see Obama land on a carrier and jump out in his spiffy clown suit, grab his crotch like, if he had a son his son would, then twerk his narrow ass across the stage with his chicken chest puffed all out to here and yap his teleprompter braggadocio?

  2. I am thinking it is a matter of time before a chemical WMD is used in a major U.S. city. And this will be one of the pretexts. Even if it a false flag attack.

    • Imagine, if you will: if congress balks at authorizing force, Barry will let the dissenters choose where the false flag attack occurs. “Nice congressional district you got here… shame if sarin were released there.”

      Or maybe my tin foil beanie is screwed on too tight.

  3. I don’t know about the rest of the world but this has left a lot of Australians scratching their heads.
    “I can authorize an attack but I want to -consult- with congress first”?
    Seems like a win/win scenario for patriots. If he ignores a “no” from congress then he reveals himself further to be a dictator.
    If congress gives a “yes” despite the fact that 90% of Americans want a “no” then congress reveals itself further to be the tool of a dictator.
    The best Obama can do from this is to obey a “no” and end up looking like a bitch.