The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Understanding The Middle East

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Goat rodeo.

And guess who the goats are.

3 responses to “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Understanding The Middle East

  1. Israel hates the Syrian Rebels? WTF? I totally disagree. As much mutual hatred as there is between Assad and the Joos, I’m sure Netanyahu and the IDF prefer a devil they know to Al Qaeda fanatics. (Who, if they win, if not already, will be armed with Soviet chem agents. Yay!)

    And the US “no clue” as to the Muz Bros? BS! Hillary’s chief of staff Houma Abadeen is the daughter of MB muckity-mucks, not to mention Odumbo’s half-brother. Maybe the American PUBLIC has no clue, but the Regime certainly does.

    Sisi and by extension the entire Egyptian Army are easy to understand. They want to keep making money by making refrigerators, i.e. engaging in commerce. The Egyptian Army is a manufacturer of goods and builder of roads, etc. They also collect plenty of graft and baksheesh from US taxpayers. They want to keep that coming too. They get to pick the president/dictator (Mubarak) and as long as he’s good for business he can stay. Until a naive (plenty of other adjectives apply here – work with me) US Prez shoots off his mouth. Then dictator is removed and elections happen. The poor and/or more radical Abdul Goathumper elects a socialist, (p)Isslamist Muz Bro A-hole. Weeks pass. Daily life does not improve for Mr. Goathumper (hey waddaya know, page 694 of the Koran does not say anything about how to keep the electricity on) and Goathumper and his more educated, western pals in the city start demonstrating, and the Army yanks the MB A-hole and installs new president (dictator). The really radical Goathumpers counter protest violently but they forgot that the Army has all the guns. (s)Laughter insues. Simple.
    Ah, democracy.

    Also, no Linky, try this:

  2. Israel regards the Sunni/MB/Al Q. terrorists as Useful Tools. See also: 9/11. Lebanese Hezbollah Shia, armed by Shi’ite Iran, they have good reason to fear: they bloodied Israel in the ’06 border war. A Sunni-controlled Syria will, Jerusalem thinks, cut the supply line between Iran and Hezbollah. Barry Soetero, who is trying to calculate the minimal force needed to put the Syrian Sunni over the top, is making a fearful mess.