Unidentified CPO Sums It Up

From ZH.

Wonder how the NCA is sleeping these days, especially given how the magic seems to be gone from the relationship with “his military“.

UPDATE 2 SEPTEMBER 2013 0945 EDT: To the commenter who wanted an O-6 or higher, don’t forget about shooting the Colonels; extremely relevant related commentary here.

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  1. Castor Pollux

    It would be better if the comment were from a Captain or above.

  2. But the libs have systematically tried to weed out military officers who don’t toe the line.

  3. Somebody does not know the difference between a navy officer and a petty officer, and a Marine. And while I’m no longer up on all the medals and ribbons, something about the uniform and ribbons looks wrong to me. While I may appreciate the message, I wish it would be presented by someone not a seeming fake.

    • This guy is a US Navy Chief Gunners Mate. His uniform looks entirely correct to me, and I spent 23 years in that canoe club.

    • The guy in the picture is wearing the uniform of a US Navy Chief Gunners Mate. It looks entirely correct to me, and I spent 23 years in that canoe club.

    • “Somebody does not know the difference between a navy officer and a petty officer, and a Marine.”

      In this case, that would be you.

  4. Israel wants the Shia Crescent broken at its presumptive weak link: Syria. MB and Al Q. are all that’s available to do it, and they’re being beaten by Assad. Wonder what Zero has in mind after the missiles don’t get the job done. Anyway, he is in the Mother of all Messes now.

    • You got Israel right SP, at least this time I think. But not Zero, if you can figure out his goals.

      Destroyers destroy. It’s win, win for him. I’d say he was slick, but he just fell into it; idiocy works like that.

      If Congress votes yes, it’ll take less than a week. If no, then it’ll take a few months. They’re all bit players anyway, including Zero. Either way, the same puppeteers win and the same puppets lose.

      • Klein….

        1. Who or what is “Zero” ?
        2. Who or what are “Destroyers” ?
        3. Who or what are you applying “idiocy” to ?
        4. “They’re all bit players….” Who are “they” ?
        5. Who are the “puppeteers” you write of ?
        6. Who are these “puppets” you make reference to ”

        In other words, what did you write ?

        • Really? You didn’t comprehend ANY of that? Really?

        • Hi, Dan; nice to see you wanna get it clear before you leap.

          1. Obama.
          2. People who destroy. That would be as opposed to people who build.
          3. Destroyers, exclusive of #5 below. Though judging from your reply, that’s not exhaustive.
          4. The destroyers of # 3.
          5. A relatively small number of kagillionaires, often euphemistically referred to as “world bankers;” the ones who answer the question “Cui bono” big-time.
          6. Everyone else, interestingly including those who ostensibly work at the behest of #5.

          Just one question for you…so did I write the truth or not? Since you’re having a little trouble today, I can narrow it down for you. The answer is either, “Yes it is,” or, “No, it’s not.”

          Pretty straight AFP (Spotlight) stuff, eh? You have trouble reading that too?

          • Klein….you wrote no “truth” in answer to my specific questions of you. You’re a blowhard who thinks highly of himself. Your use of metaphors and abbreviations makes you feel good about yourself, while you use the same to ridicule.

            Your “answers” were only responses….well except for #1….where you specified “obama”. The others were just plain garbage. You wrote words but, they had no meaning. Typical Klein-itis.

            In keeping with your continuing use of Klein-itis, I’ll close this response to you with a metaphor you can add to your voluminous usage of such…..Klein, you aren’t playing with a full deck !


  5. I wish we lived in a country where it wasn’t necessary for him to cover his face. To misquote John Kerry, “How do you ask a man to be the [first] to die for a mistake?”

    • “mistakes” are small things, done without consideration.

      What we have here is an Error of the highest kind.

      Letter “O”, Obama, number “0”, null content. This is not actually good “joke” and dangerously underestimates his capacity as long as “My Military” and the militarized executive branch accepts and performs on his orders.

      Destroyers are the opposite of Producers. Look at the results, name names, point fingers, make lists with good physical contact info.

      “Idiocy” what the results are when destroyers get hold of you, your family, and property.

      “bit players”: distributed responsibility. They believe that following/passing-along orders reduces culpability. Individuals are ultimately responsible for everything, as groups then as individuals. There’s plenty of retribution to go around.

      “Puppeteers”: those who control everything significant. A few families at the highest level of international banking.

      “puppets”: witting and unwitting collaborators, fellow-travelers, fools, traitors, etc. Almost everyone, at some point. People subject to the UCMJ should be able to feel the fine Swiss wristwatch on a scaled arm of an ungloved puppeteer at the top of their lower bowel. It’s worse if you took the Oath and meant it.


      • “It’s worse if you took the Oath and meant it.”

        Powerful. Reminds me of my life.

        I hate tragedy, and waste even more, but I think I’m glad this story’s about to wrap up. There’s no way hunting and gathering could be worse than this madness.

        • My family is military. The Oath keepers have dignity and respect! But, also will they have common sense if there is ever someone elected into office that orders you to do “something” that just doesn’t set well in your mind or soul. I am not talking about this Syria B.S. because I know you have your orders, and you unfortunately have to follow them whether you
          like it or not, but what about if Obama ordered the Oath keepers to fire on Americans? Will you still keep expect them to keep the “Oath”?

          • If that’s for me, Jeri, I expect that they’ll fire on Americans, unless maybe there’s been total societal collapse before those orders are given. A classic thread on the point is…


            I have it on decent authority that the Special Forces are truly different, but I don’t pretend to know that for sure. For me, the question isn’t whether Oathkeepers have dignity and respect; I assume most people do in the absence of contrary evidence.

            The question is rather how much value dignity and respect will carry when the time comes…to the individual, of course. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of rational egoism. They shouldn’t shoot me because they care so much about me, but because they care so much about themselves. Maybe we both live that way.

            • What a shame, I was hoping they would have better sense and realize how ignorant the current administration is and not follow those particular orders if that ever occurred. Good thing most of us are armed, however we would never stand a chance against the US military. Well, not unless Obama keeps down sizing it, then we might. But the thought of fighting against our own heroes makes my stomach turn.

  6. You didn’t post the follow up picture where his sign says “But I’m still going to follow my orders and cash my paychecks because, hey, my oath was just a bunch of words I didn’t mean.”

    I wish I wasn’t so sarcastic. But Oath Keepers and all military and police who don’t either (1) immediately arrest their unconstitutional-acting superior or (2) resign are worse than the enemy.


    • So you want the Oathkeepers (and presumably those who are not members but share similar viewpoints) to essentially fall on their swords while you do….what exactly?

      • If they stop helping the beast, it’s not “falling on their swords” its called obeying their oath.

        Obeying their oath like I did, Chuck.

        When I resigned.

        There are only two options for oathers. You can keep your oath by actually defending the Constitution by physically interfering with the beast. Or you can resign because you can admit you can’t keep your oath.

        Either option weakens the beast, strengthens the People, and doesn’t make an oather out to be a liar.

        So I took the hit.

        And I’m still standing. Bills are paid. Food’s on the table.

        But most importantly I can say I’m no longer part of the problem.

    • Mr militialaw, Thank God! I hope there are more of you out there. And thank you for your service!

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  8. Looking under the microscope of everything transpiring since 911 as plausible denial… what is the purpose of striking Syria with cruise missiles?

    Okay, shit… I’ll shorten it. Putting Obama’s life under the microscope of everything plausible denial… what is the purpose of striking Syria AND… how does it square with the objectives of 911’s global American strategy… whatever that is.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      A lot of you are still living under the assumption that the U.S. actually has legitimate purposes in policing the globe.
      Time to open up to the fact that voting doesn’t count, and someone else controls our gov’t, i.e. the world banksters.
      So why would Obama shoot cruise missiles into Syria, for the global elite? How do they benefit?

  9. I think it is a excellent way to express your feelings about BS about the “REDLINE” someone crossed! Although no one really knows who really did it, The NAVY should feel this way since they are basically helping the terrorist who killed so many of their friends, family or brother in arms.

  10. Al Qaeda is a declared enemy of the U.S.
    Providing them with material support is treason.
    It can’t really get more cut and dried than that…
    Nobody is bothering to hide the truth anymore. The ignorant have chosen ignorance and now go to great lengths to maintain it.

  11. This guy appeared, bearing the message that “everyone should just follow orders”.

    But, it didn’t take long for the alt. media to turn his propaganda against him.

  12. The only people in the military that is happy with Obungler is the senior officers who look to him for their next star. The rank and file are not happy with him.