Rucksack Packing 101

Thanks to DTG for this primer.

What are your suggestions?

PS: DTG still has some slots open for their Basic Survival Course on 26 October; do it if you can.

12 responses to “Rucksack Packing 101

  1. Minus 3 points for not using an issue or issue-style folding e-tool with case.

    Minus 600 points for committing the Algore Sin with his rifle muzzle.

    All in good fun 🙂 Now, to read the article and see how my Pack, ALICE, Large, w/Frame stacks up. (It has the aforementioned e-tool clipped to it.)

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      That is a Brit E-tool. Gets the job done a lot better than our newer tri-fold. They quit using the little WW1 model ages ago.

      • Enjoying the drawing at top of what looks like a 1970′s British Paratrooper, complete with puttees, SAS/PARA Bergan (ruck) and SLR.

        • Max….if I had to guess that drawing is from Osprey Publishing’s Men-At-Arms series. They offer hundreds of small books with color plates of the soldiers in that highlighted story/battle. The inexpensive and small booklets are about soldiers/conflicts thru the ages. My first guess was that depicted Para was 1982 Falklands. But that looks like a Canadian ELCAN on his weapon. No ELCANs in 1982.

          Go to (a British company I believe).

          • PS: On second, closer look the optic is certainly not an ELCAN. Maybe that is a Brit Para circa 1982, the Falklands ?

  2. Semper Fi, 0321

    I spent at least 2 days a week hiking in the desert or wilderness of Wyoming this summer, and the whole month of June in archaeology school with a great Eberlestock X4, and still repack for every trip. Don’t always carry the same gear twice.
    I spent years as a grunt living out of a VN ruck or buttpack, now that I don’t do that so much, I repack alot. And repack. Shit happens.

  3. Disciple of Night

    Now I want an FAL….dang it.

    • FAL is a great weapon. I think that it’s kinda mission-specific, when it’s okay to carry extra weight and need the extra reach/.30cal power in an accurate semi-. I like to think of FAL as “home/ranch defense tool”.

      It’s not a good walking stick or leaning pole. Holds a bayonet well.

      Grams add up to KG’s. Nalgene 1L bottle 177 grams holds 1000 grams of water. Other water carriers are lighter, but the water remains heavy and essential. 400 gram filter system that can purify hundreds of gallons is a good weight-deal.

      When selecting gear, get a scale that resolves in at least grams. I’m using an Ohaus 2KG Harvard Trip Scale because it was $10 at a flea market. Published/shipping weight is not always how much a thing weighs when you pack it. An instructive exercise is to weigh gear dry and wet (30 second wring-out/shake that you would do upon getting out of the river is allowed). There are pack towels that can hold 10x their weight in water, but most synthetic clothing and snivel gear is better than that.

      Search for “ultralight hiking” and see what you can borrow.

      • outlawpatriot

        I’m pretty sure I’m not going to start weighing things.

        You will forgive me when I say that seems a bit anal.

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          The ultralight backpackers that come thru here on the Continental Divide trail have packs around 25 lbs, from Canada-Mexico. They have been known to cut labels from underwear and drill holes thru their toothbrushes to cut weight. Every gram helps.
          I always see them at the post office, opening and packing away the next weeks supplies for along the route, then they go get a shower and meal before heading up into the mtns again. Some things to be learned from the ultralight crowd too.