A Little Light Reading

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Essential for your files, IMHO.

H/t Rawles.

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  1. Thank you for the resource reference.
    Another excellent reference is “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson H. Kearny. There are free online editions available in PDF form through Potassium Iodide retailers, however the retailers have placed their advertisements in the book to sell their product. Mr. Kearny made the PDF book available as a gift to the public years ago.
    I have read the original book cover to cover and have concluded that a hard copy is absolutely essential. In a bombed out, no electric power world, the electronic copy would be useless.
    Some would ask, “Who in their right mind would want to live in a nuclear war aftermath?” That’s a good question that I asked myself. In the final analysis, I answered, “I am not suicidal, and if I survived the bomb, I would do all I could to continue live. And what father or husband would allow his family to be exposed to radioactive fallout when there is a way to avoid it.”
    Additionally, my Dad was at the Trinity detonation as an MP. Years after the war he told us about his experience of being in the field and getting dusted by radioactive fallout. Would the government do that to their soldiers? You bet. Although he suffered some initial radiation effects, he survived until a drunk driver killed him twenty years later. How ironic.
    A researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Kearny wrote the book and fully illustrated it for the common man to help him through the “unthinkable”.
    Get the free online PDF version.
    But better yet, get the affordable paperback, read it, and store it in your bugout bag.

  2. X2 on NWSS.

    Kearny’s video tape is also worth the money.

    Bruce Clayton’s “Radiological Defence” is also highly recommended, as it does an excellent job of presenting fairly technical material in easy to understand format. Sadly, it is out of print, but worth keeping an eye out for a copy.


    I would investigate potassium iodate in lieu of potassium iodide. I read that after Chernobyl, some of the young ones had a negative reaction to the iodide, but not the iodate. The stuff evaporated from the shelves after Fukishima, but it’s available now.