Stooges: Gillette, WY

lubnau-murphy-chinaMayor Tom Murphy and Representative Tom Lubnau together in China

From Wyoming Gun Owners:

Dear [Wyoming Gun Owner],

I am writing to alert you about an egregious “keystroke” gun registration scheme that is taking place right now in Gillette Wyoming.

Quite frankly we have suspected these “local” government data-bases for some time now.

As you probably know, Big Brother Gone Wild as revealed in the NSA spy program — is just a symptom of total government corruption.

In fact, willful and deliberate gun registration has been the “plan” of all elitists, long before the NSA was around.

This is how Gillette PD has done it- A “transaction ticket” is collected by the Police Dept on a “daily” basis from all local pawn shops.

And here’s where it turns ugly!

The police department staff is “hand-copying” the gathered information nice and neatly into a “criminal history” data-base.

This data entry goes beyond guns — need a loan on $5000 of silver that you own, it will now be placed on your permanent record in the data-base.

On firearms, even if you pass the infamous National Instant Check System (NICS) — a background check that (by federal law must be destroyed in 24 hours) the Gillette PD takes it upon themselves to collect the information anyway.

To see for yourself what a personal “criminal history” report looks like:

Page 1* Cover sheet Page 2 * Gun Registration

*Name and sensitive information is marked out. Also the irrelevant page has been omitted to protect the victim.

At this point we don’t know how exhaustive this local registration program is — you may have noticed this report contains “other info” like “medications”???

If you currently live, or have lived in Gillette, you may want to request a personal criminal history report immediately. Gillette PD charges $2.

With the Real ID system now implemented in Wyoming, it is now possible that your information has been shared with Eric Holder’s so-called “Dept. of Justice.” Now you know why I call it “Dangerous” ID!

How does something like this happen in Gillette Wyoming?

It’s much like the old proverb — “A Fish Rots at the Head First” — in this case it was the collective heads of government.

This “command and control” operation is happening under the watch of Anti-Gun Mayor Tom Murphy and Murphy’s — handpicked Police Chief — Jim Hloucal.

I’m certain that Mayor Murphy was impressed with the chiefs resume’. Chief Hloucal is a graduate of Northwestern University of Chicago’s School of Police Command Staff Program.

I mean, if you’re a gun grabbing Mayor, you would want a little “Chicago style” policing right?

Chief Jim Hloucal is also “proud” to be a member of the notorious gun control supporting “International Association of Chiefs of Police” (IACP).

The IACP has an extensive gun-control wish-list:

*** Registration of all guns
*** Mandatory firearm transfer registration
*** Stop all private sales (gun shows too)
*** Background check on all transfers
*** Reinstate the Clinton Gun Ban
*** Limit firearm sales to one gun a month
*** Comprehensive firearms tracing
*** Mandate firearm lockup and trigger locks
*** Ban .50 caliber gun and ammo
*** Full government control over ammunition
*** Ballistic registration of all guns
*** Destroy all confiscated guns
*** Use of GPS to track gun owners
*** Mandate more funding to ATF
*** Use suicide statistics to push gun control
*** Mandate state level firearms bureaus

And if all this isn’t enough…

There’s one more thing you need to know about Gillette’s “Top Cop”…He’s a vice president of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, an organization that lobbies heavily against YOUR gun rights.

WASCOP’s director and chief lobbyist Byron Oedekoven is the former sheriff of — you probably guessed it — Campbell County, WY. WASCOP is based in Gillette!

Contact *Mayor Murphy at (307) 686-5203* immediately — and tell him to put a stop to this registration scheme, and that no matter how many man hours, or what it costs, to remove all accounts of gun registration from the records of law abiding citizens.

You may also want to contact Representative Tom Lubnau and let him know you aren’t happy about the friends he keeps.

A “lawyer”, Lubnau will deny everything…Most likely none of this is a coincidence — that it happened under Lubnau’s watch. Just ask Lubnau about the gun-control lobbyists of WASCOP that he continually panders to.

Or ask Lubnau about his personal involvement with the “Council of State Governments” — an organization whose philanthropy endeavors include the support of “data-driven practices for public health—to provide practical solutions to public safety and cross-systems problems”. (More lawyer talk for government tracking)

*Representative Tom Lubnau*
(307) 682-1313
(This number is listed on the state web-site)

Want to help to “heat up” the ground game in Gillette? Consider making a donation today.

To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Gillette government has a criminal database that includes law abiding gun owners in a deliberate registration scheme.

Call Mayor Tom Murphy at (307) 686-5203 and tell him to put a stop to this registration scheme and that no matter how many man hours, or what it costs, to remove all accounts of registration from the records of law abiding citizens.

I’m sure such a local gun database is limited to this one town in Wyoming.

Certainly nothing like this could be happening in your AO.

Could it?

(H/t WRSA reader)



26 responses to “Stooges: Gillette, WY

  1. Larry Elliott

    So in Gillette you’re a criminal if you buy or own a gun or own silver (or gold I imagine)? Got to wonder where this mayor came from originally, likely not WY. Let’s hope that he and his gestapo chief are removed next election.

    • Oh, I’m sure voting will fix it.

      It’s disturbing that this crap is taking place in the western states. We tend to think of the western states as the more “individual freedom” oriented states.

      Be quick to understand those states have been infiltrated with scum from the likes of California, Illinois, and New York. If you ever catch up with me, I’ll fill you in on what happened here in the state of Florida.

      • You don’t have to fill me in, I watched it for 40 years and it was the primary reason for getting out of there 7 years ago. My little spot in FL changed before my very eyes and there was nothing I could do about though I tried, so we escaped.

        On the map Florida looks like an appendix and it collects the waste from the rest of the country, gravity flows south. People born in Florida are called crackers but there are very few adults that were born there. Most adults moved there and when their kids grow up they move away.

        Florida is known as the home of the newly wed and the nearly dead.
        Blue hairs everywhere.

        In 2002 we built our dream home in an area that hadn’t been inhabited since the 1100’s by the Calusa indians, no one around for miles, and we were livin’ the dream…..for 1 year. Then the largest builder in Florida bought up thousands of acres all around us and started dropping cheap chinese drywall infested crackhouse borne dumps all around us then he turned thousands of renters into home owners overnight. Every misfit of society came to the party and we put up with it for 4 years and could take it no more, it was way to much negative inertia.

        So we fled to the woods in the midwest.
        But even here is getting to be too much to bear.
        We are actively looking for acreage in the mountainous redoubt close to the Canada border. Keep one foot in each of 2 countries, loyal to neither.

        People are the disease, everything else fixes itself, in time.

      • Butt,butt, “Raw’s” wouldn’t mislead on the redoubt would he? Fuck him AND his this is where it’s at Bullshit.
        Live FREE.


  3. Dewey Needham

    Tall trees…short ropes.

  4. I’ve never done business at any pawn shop – but that’s mostly because I’m smart, beautiful, have no criminal record, no obnoxious facial/head or neck tattoos, am not on the dole, and I don’t do meth. If you don’t match the typical pawn shop patron criteria either – you shouldn’t be doing business at a pawn shop.

    • I hope that was intended as sarcasm.

    • My favorite gun store, where I bought my last 4 brand new guns, is in a pawn shop. Also got my Concealed Weapons Permit there. I never bought any of their pawned stuff though, but would, if I had any money left after spending all of it on gun stuff and ammo.

      Don’t know if it’s like this elsewhere but in FL when you have a CWP there is no waiting period on guns, you pay and take it home on the spot.

      I failed the NICS check one time there, no reason was given. Got rechecked 2 days later and passed, bought the gun. So all those NICS statistics, where they stopped bazillions of criminals from getting guns, well I’m one of them.
      Like everything else this gov’t says and does its a crock of bullshit. According to NICS I was a criminal for 2 days, then I wasn’t. (and holding a CWP the whole time – so I guess you can surmise the gov’t issues CWP’s to criminals. HA!) Since being a criminal, now, in the US is ambiguous I guess any of us could be one right now. And not even know it til your door comes off the hinges and you’re putting tons of lead down range into criminal thugs in gov’t costumes.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Wow, someone from the upper class.
      I have a brother in law who won’t set foot in a Walmart either, for obviously the same reason. Thinks he’s special.

  5. Sucking Chest Wound

    If this is happening in Gillette Wyoming I hate to imagine what is happening in other places.

    I would leave this place in a heartbeat. There is no where else to go though.

  6. wysharpshooter79

    This is another one of Murphy’s schemes to infringe on gun rights in Gillette. Last time it was restriction of open carry in public buildings even though we have state pre-emption. The same sort of schemes happen in Sheridan, Cody, Casper, etc. These mayors meet together every year and cook up these schemes.

  7. I’m sorry, its not my state or even in my proposed Country, but why are they still doing this? Once this came out, there should be one warning.

  8. When I am adding a comment, the header says: “What are you thinking?”

    Here’s what:

    All rifle and CQB courses nowadays should include a long-forgotten skill of tying a nose knot.
    It will come in handy.

  9. Noose… I meant noose… damn typos…

  10. Don’t buy guns from licensed dealers. Been saying it for years. They are complicit. Most of them not voluntarily, but they still made the decision to go into the business knowing they would be required to keep the records. The records ATF is now photocopying

  11. This info should be shared with Kenneth Royce (aka Boston T. Party). He is deeply involved in the Free State Wyoming Project and would likely have an interest in eradicating this type of vermin from the political landscape.

  12. Here’s an idea, state law dependent, stop doing business with them. Don’t let them shop in your places of business. Own a pawn, restaurant, retail store, clothing store, grocery store, barber shop, etc., don’t allow anyone from that mayor’s office or that PD to shop there. It’s not a complete, but it’ll be surprisingly effective. Also, some of you out there might want to subtly hint that you know where there wife gets her hair done, or what playground their kids like………..

    • Sure, then you start getting pulled over every time your ride leaves the driveway.

      If you play with these rabid animals you will get what you deserve.
      It is past time for the ostracizing and banishment routine.
      What is the normal way to deal with rabid animals?

  13. Thank you for clarifying. I was wondering what a nose knot is.

  14. Here is the propaganda that these lying bureaucrats posted on Facebook, the useful idiots thanked the lying police information officer:
    City of Gillette (Government) shared a link.
    21 hours ago near Gillette, WY
    Gun owners/2nd Amendment fans:

    There is an erroneous email/web link being circulated that says the City of Gillette is running a gun registry. THIS IS FALSE. The Police Department DOES NOT keep a gun registry nor does it require pawnshops to register gun sales with the PD whatsoever.

    There is a decades old ordinance requiring all pawn transactions to be documented and turned in to the PD, but it is absolutely not to register guns. It is to combat pawning of stolen property and to aid in recovering stolen property, that is to say, if your guns were stolen this ordinance would help prevent them from being pawned. This ordinance is Article IV 10-23 Click on link at the end of this post, which will take you to the Gillette City Code. Click on the Chapter 10 link and then scroll to the bottom of page seven to read the ordinance regarding pawnshops.

    And whenever someone makes a claim and/or asks for donations, always ask for proof. In fact, the writer of this email goes so far as to suggest that Police Chief Hloucal was the Mayor’s “handpicked choice” for Police Chief, when in fact, Mayor Murphy was not yet Mayor when Chief Hloucal was hired.
    PIO – Joe Lunne

  15. Lubnau used to place at the very bottom (most liberty-hostile) end of the Wyoming Liberty Index:

    Lately he’s improved to be just mediocre.

  16. Paul Bonneau, you think he improved? Really? I have seen him in action, in person, whatever the wyominglibertyindex folks posted it is
    BS. Just sayin. BTW, nice meeting you at MamaLiberty’s when we buried her dog.

  17. Thanks for the heads up on the IACP, found out my local PD chief and several officers are members. Local, local, local…

  18. Your gay