It’s The Spending, Idiots!

Historian’s piece from earlier this year has a special resonance today.

These people intend to crash it all.

If not on this round of theatrical brinkmanship, then on the next – or the next.

Best to be finishing those alternative plans.

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5 responses to “It’s The Spending, Idiots!

  1. “These people intend to crash it all.” No they dont, those who control the govt and financial mkts want to keep things going as is. in the long run, there will be another mkt crash worse than 2008, but those on top will stay on top while those at the financial levers figure some way out, most likely thru WW3. now, the house gop are just stupid, they werent going to stop obamacare and this will just make them a bigger enemy of most voters in 2014 by a shutdown.

  2. No, the Grand Old Pedophiles are not stupid. They’ve been a warmongering, Big Government, corporate-socialist party for decades…and gotten away with it, thanks to antics like their current dance around Obamacare. The actual defunding of which, since it requires a government shutdown, would also shutdown the Pentagon, the DHS, TSA, Big Pharm, Big Insurance, Big Israel, and other Republicrat interests. Not going to happen, but the dance has kept tens of millions of white, middle-class & working class people voting for a system that intends to grind them into a powder. Romney’s defeat by an Obama down 10 million votes from his ’08 total is the first sign that – thanks largely to the ‘net – the GOP, which in reality is no more than a pimple on the Demoncrats butt, isn’t going to get away with it anymore.

  3. Those who attribute intelligent evil motives to those in power give them too much credit. The situation is much more akin to the scenes depicted in “Atlas Shrugged” where those in power want both for production to continue and for regulations that make production impossible to also continue. I doubt that many presently in power consciously grasp the illogical contradiction inherent in their policies, and expect that we who create wealth will simply ‘do something’. That kind of doublethink is at the root of the problems we face today, and is endemic in the leadership of both mainstream parties.

    Rand’s fictional solution was for producers to go on strike and thus to make it impossible for the regulators to have it both ways. As Denninger has apparently done. I agree with StukaPilot that there is little to choose between the Demopublicans and the Republocrats; they are two faces of the same counterfeit corrupt oligarchy.

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