Denninger Heads For The Gulch

KD says “Fuggit” – in significant part.

Thank you, sir, for all you have done to educate many, many people.

Fair winds and following seas.

17 responses to “Denninger Heads For The Gulch

  1. Incredibly principled move…truly… the beginning of walking the walk.

    Bravo, Mr. Denninger, Bravo.

  2. Glad you saw it, CA. I am still stacking and prepping.The government Beast might still be leaching off me but my family is preparing to wind it all down.My husband and I were talking about it tonight how he would probably be bartering his services before we know it.

  3. He certainly articulates plenty of good reasons.

    Good on ‘im.

  4. Meh. He’s a blowhard who’s full of himself and can’t accept *any* criticism. He’s just in mourning because his beloved Blackberry is no more.

    • You sir are spot on. He kicked me off his forum for pointing out his flawed predictions.

      The man is a narcissist of the highest order.

  5. KD and Zero Hedge are the only ones I even bother with any longer.
    Both have faults as we all do but compared to the BS on other outlets they are golden.
    Karl runs HIS site as he sees fit, no different than making rules for ones own home.

    • Marin Armstrong also has an interesting take on things; especially showing how most of our problems have happened many times before. KD is one of the few who understand and tell the truth about healthcare. I assume his personal life is not run like his blog.

  6. RobRoySimmons

    I would like to know more about what general direction he is taking for the long term cap gains/income. I’m not trying to poach any idea of his but a general direction on how it could work for a family would be some great advice.

    As for fedgov, let Bubbles Ben Bernanke finance it.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Perhaps you should learn to barter and work with your hands, the phony world of Wall St. and digital money is soon going to end. Feeding your family with a laptop is a dismal survival strategy. Even when the stock market collapses, you think you’ll still make money off it? How about getting rid of that fake paper for something tangible?
      I have a brother-in-law in finance/stockbroker, he too is convinced it will never fail, refuses to lay in supplies or listen to nutcases like me, while waiting for the next financial boom just around the corner.
      His definition of financial boom and mine aren’t quite the same however.

  7. Capitalist Eric

    Sorry, but if he was as principled at say… Ann Barnhardt, THEN I would be impressed. But he’s not. He’s merely saying, “I’m tired, and I’m done.”

    In comparison, Ann said “I can’t run a brokerage business any more, and have to end it all… because I can’t gaurantee the safety of my clients in this rigged game.”

    BIIIIG difference.

    And KD has not, in my personal opinion, always put his clients’ interests above his own. His comments after the latest large-scale paper attack on gold demonstrated this for me, and I deleted his forum from my reading list.

    • There’s something wrong with this person’s circuit board.
      Go directly to S-4 and DX everything.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Saint Barnhardt didn’t have any clients left, they’d all flown the coop.
      Read up on some other views, 50/50 chance she wasn’t all she claimed to be either.
      She and KD kept us informed, used some common sense, and woke a lot of people up to what’s going on right now in the stock market. For that we can all be grateful.

  8. Denninger shutting down future activity is entirely his affair and justifiable, but shutting down access to stuff he’s written in the past is cutting off his own nose to spite his face. Suppose for example somebody DOES get the ear of a politician or other person of influence and wants to explain one of Denninger’s concepts to them, such as the “One Dollar of Capital” idea (which in point of fact I am not sure I do fully understand). What does such a person do? Either the article is retained in full at, in which case disabling direct access to it is a spitefully childish and ineffective move, or it is not, in which case the article might as well have never been written because the information is no longer available to those who need it, and it is still a spitefully childish move.

    I had Glenn Reynolds’ ear for a while and I burned that influence completely up trying to spread Denninger’s work a little bit farther. It was a complete waste of time and effort, in large part thanks to Denninger himself and his absolute refusal to actually communicate with the general public in a manner that does not cause said public to shut him off within about 15 seconds, and I regret doing it.

    As for Barnhardt she’s said enough stuff on matters I happen to be familiar with that is verifiably false, up to and including outright fabrications worthy of a genuine paranoid schizo, that I stopped wasting time on her a long time ago.

    • Why delete the old stuff? Simple – He doesn’t want people to see how biased and wrong he was about technology. If he could just get over his ego. If…

  9. To KD et al,
    I’m surprised no one has stated the obvious: Ayn Rand would be proud, Atlas is Shrugging.
    KD, where ever your own private Gulch is, I wish you safety and wellness.

  10. The first step to Gulchville is unassing the employee-employer narrative.
    It’s impossible to leave when someone has hold of your balls.

    Working for an employer is like putting all your financial eggs in one basket and letting a complete asshole carry it. Why in the world would anyone do that?

    The asshole slams your basket on the ground spilling your favorite legal tenders asunder and all you can so is stand there and cry.

    Fuk that, grow a gd pair.
    Tell your employer to get bent.
    Go find 100 private employers that want you to do one task each.
    Tell them to pay you in cash or barter.
    Continue, etc., etc.
    Everyday will be new, challenging and rewarding, and you won’t be a sniveling punk groveling at your employers feet.

    No on has the right to steal your shit.
    They may have the might, so stay away from them.
    Uncoil the tangled nooses around your feet, throat and wallet and stand up like a human being is required to rather than bent over waiting for the whip.

    When you tear this enormous *employee* shroud from your eyes it allows you to see farther and clearer so as to plan for a long distance journey – the length of your life.