M855 $419.99/1000

Palmetto State Armory: Lake City XM855 5.56×45 62gr 1000rd Bulk Package XM855CS $419.99/1000

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  1. Man oh man, you blokes have it good for ammo. But for my supplies, I’d be reduced to chucking rocks by now.

  2. Ordered 4K.

  3. Like most of the ammo stores, this one is To Lazy to ship ammo to Alaska.

  4. I am informed elsewhere that this ammo is designed for the M249 but can be used in M16/M4 (and presumably 5.56 ARs) IN AN EMERGENCY. Sounds like a don’t-buy to me. Someone who knows more than me (probably a lot of you), tell me different. Please.

    • Best check your info source again.

    • M855 ball is the standard NATO round for all NATO 5.56mm rifles. It’s what every M16 and M4 has been fed since it was adopted in the ’80s. Yes, it is used in the M249 (although it is assembled in disintegrating link belts of 4 ball to 1 tracer). It’ll shoot fine in any rifle chambered for 5.56mm, as long as it has at least a 1:9 in twist rate. Doesn’t do very well in 1:12 twist barrels because the 62 grain bullet destabilizes without the faster twist.

      The steel core was originally designed to penetrate a Soviet steel helmet at, I believe, 800m, which is, supposedly, the max effective range to a point target for the M249.

      Incidentally, the new “green” M855A1 round is replacing the M855. It’s a lead-free, solid copper/steel core round that is (despite the “green” moniker) reputed to be devastating. Solid copper ammo is all the range with some big game hunters (Barnes-X, etc.). It’s also a lot harder on barrels, but what does Big Green care? They’ll just replace them more often at taxpayer expense.

      I’m curious if M855A1 will hit the surplus market and if so, what the price point will be. I imagine it will be quite a bit more expensive than M855.

      • It may be quite awhile before we see M855A1 unless LC has stopped M855 production ( we can hope ) to change to A1. However this may be the case since no M855 I have recently seen has lot dates that are later than 2009 when A1 was just beginning production.

        The bullet is a 3 piece design; An exposed penetrator tip with a solid copper slug behind it.

        picture here: http://accurateshooter.net/Blog/m855a102.jpg

        That is an old picture with the bismuth/tin alloy that proved to be unsatisfactory, but the design is the same, just with a new rear slug made from solid copper.

        The jacket is ‘reverse drawn’ to enclose the copper slug and is then swaged into that groove about 1/2 way up the penetrator. In ballistic gel, in the first 7″, the jacket fragments and peels back from the slug and penetrator. The penetrator and slug go their separate ways (the jacket being the only thing holding the bullet together) with the slug actually penetrating about 3″ – 5″ farther (~24″ v ~19″) than the penetrator.

        The powder charge has been increased to get the muzzle velocity in an M4 as close to M16 velocity as possible. This has increased chamber pressure, bore erosion and bolt wear, but then Uncle never cared about spare parts cost anyway.

        It has had excellent reviews from the troops in AFG and had proved to be a very effective hajji killer out of the M4.

        One of the designers at Picatinny Arsenal is a competitive shooter and used the ammo to shoot a possible in one of the matches at Camp Perry.
        He has a youtube video about it.

        This is not saying the M855 bullet is unsatisfactory, but technology advances and a 35 year old design that was a compromise to begin with has been rendered militarily obsolete (but not any less lethal than it already was).

  5. @Noob,
    This ammo will work perfectly in any 5.56 chambered AR. A little higher pressure than commercial .223. Some AR’s are chambered .223 only, I would not reccomend this ammo for those rifles. If it has 5.56 stamped on the barrel then you are good to go. Remember this is steel core ammo, so no shooting at steel targets such as on your clubs expensive 3-gun course! It will destroy those targets!

  6. The following are shipped prices: http://ammoman.com/223-556

  7. I’m using Wolf Military Classic in 55gr, 5.56mm and hitting 8-inch steel at 300 meters with it. And that’s out of a suppressed, 9″ inch barrel. If I can do that with the Russian crap imagine what you can do with the M855 !