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  1. …and they say I’m sexist because I will never vote for Hillary. Thatcher has more backbone than all of Congress and the asshat in the White House put together. She wasn’t always right, but at least she had principles. What a novel idea…

  2. My thoughts, in video format. “The product of your Labour”.

    For me, the issues are black and white. There is no grey.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    Thatch the Snatch seemed pretty reasonable for a government type.

  4. You could know the Iron Lady was on the right track when unionist scumbags and other assorted left wing fruit-loops turned out in the thousands to celebrate her death.

  5. Yeah, she talked a good talk but she didn’t deliver the goods. Judge a man – or woman – by deeds not words.

    • Not judging the deeds here, just the words, which are still the truth despite your carping.