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4 responses to “Understand

  1. These people must be stopped at the local level, where they are still reachable, before they climb the ladder of power and unreachability.

    The best way to stop them at the local level?
    Do NOT vote for them.
    Kill anyone that does.

    Say your neighbor hired someone to steal your shit and kill you and you knew about it, would you kill your neighbor before he enacted his plan?

    How is voting any different?

    Further, if you hire someone to kill your neighbor and steal his shit you should expect to be killed.

    Don’t hire or vote for people to harm others.
    This is self explanatory.

    • “Don’t hire or vote for people to harm others.
      This is self explanatory.”

      I agree. The Non-aggression Principle is all the principle you need to live a decent life.

  2. Well, the Collectivists CAN’T stop … ever. Because, like the Terminator, they are programmed.

    What’s the difference between a good man and a bad man?

    Each is made from meat and bones, endowed with broadly similar abilities. The ONLY difference between these two men is what lies within their heads. The only possible difference can be intellectual (philosophical)

    If you apply that rationale to soldiers … you might compare an American soldier with a Bahraini soldier.

    Each is made from meat and bones. Each is similarly equipped. Each has been through similar training and indoctrination. More similarities than differences, so far. Would you agree?

    And yet, so many people insist that the American soldier will not “turn upon” the American populace. Well, we know that the Bahraini soldier is very capable of that … as is the Egyptian and the Indian, the Chinese and a host of others.

    So, if you are going to make an argument that “the American soldier is different”, then you have to demonstrate that there are real intellectual differences between him and the Bahraini soldier. I haven’t seen a shred of evidence to support such a conclusion.

  3. Just a quick update from our friends at cold fury…

    ” A truly free people would need to keep their thumbs on their throats every minute of every day, ready to press hard at the slightest sign of movement. They’re just like their Muslim terrorist allies: they’ll never give up, they’ll never give in, they’ll never go away. They must be suppressed rather than bargained with, to the greatest degree possible. And they must be watched, continuously.”