What’s So Special About John Moses Browning?

WeaponsMan explains.

Very good.

5 responses to “What’s So Special About John Moses Browning?

  1. I need only peer into my safe to see his legacy abound. My first .45
    was stolen from a rack where some Air Force officer hung it up, while
    taking a shower on the big air base in Danang.
    We were there to visit the Freedom Hill PX to purchase as much booze
    as could be had.
    The pistol accompanied me into the Arizona where gunfights were a daily
    occurrence, comforted me in the black of night, and saved my life.
    I will never be without one.

  2. When addressing his name it should be said “John Moses Browning Jr…praise be upon him”.

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    My father (a Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager medic) took a Browning 1910 7.65mm off a British officer in Holland on May 10, 1940, carried it to Russia, Norway and France, where some US Army tanker took it from him in LeMans, Aug 10, 1944. Probably sitting in someone’s closet here in the states.
    I too have a closet full of Browning models and designs, most of my favorites are Brownings., right down to my old 1911A1. Carried a US&S in the Corps, wish now I’d ‘lost’ that one.

    • Mr. Semper Fi….you have some interesting stories concerning your family and their past. I enjoy and appreciate your sharing them.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Not trying to brag, but show how much life changes us, and our circumstances.
        My dad died last year, in Hawaii. He traveled the world, saw more than most of us could ever dream of, and retired in Hawaii. The Russian front taught him how much he hated the cold as he got older, so he spent his last yrs gardening and wearing shorts every day.
        Where would he have died, had not WW2 gotten in the way?