John Effing Kerry, Encore

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at a luncheon in New York
NRA-ILA: Obama Administration Signs United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


18 responses to “John Effing Kerry, Encore

  1. Larry Elliott

    If that little poof Kerry thinks he’s man jack enough, he can go around and try to collect guns in this country, or anywhere else. He can bring his boss with him too.

  2. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

  3. Traitor.

    Nothing more needs to be said.


  4. Very nice! I grow more encouraged each day as the mask gets peeled off the entire point of central national power: protection of the interests of the elites from the enraged rest of us as they rob, kill and maim us with impunity, despite our belief in a scrap of paper which long ago proved itself incapable of protecting any of our God-given rights whatsoever.

    For you die-hard constitutionalists out there (I was once one myself, thanks Russ!), if you have any thoughts of “restoration”, you had better hurry, because once that mask gets peeled all the way off, it is jump-ball.

    One die-hard constitutionalist likes to talk about how nine people in robes don’t get to decide what is constitutional. By that logic, neither do 100 senators. Face the facts, my friends, if you think 100 senators (or the 34 or so it takes to block treaty ratification) are interested in your rights, you haven’t been paying attention.

    Even if this is blocked this year, those in control of the money power will just buy replacements the next time around. Nifty keen system, isn’t it? When it comes to centralized national power, their fake money trumps your vote every time.

    The solution: start getting heavily involved in local, state and regional politics. When (not if or how) this national con game comes to an end, and people decide they would rather eat (and disarming you is a prelude to taking your food and other necessities) than worship at that national altar anymore, you want to have a hand on at least a small part of your local secessionist rudder …

  5. I’m thinking fuck every last citizen of Massachusetts. For it is they who gave us John Kerry.

    • Napalm Bodywash

      I agree! Those assholes just couldn’t help but put that scumbag in office… continuously…

  6. Kerry is a fkn traitor and in the end…who knows..

  7. Choose to believe this or not. In 1969, like LH Oswald, I was an (enlisted) Marine intelligence asset. I was assigned to infiltrate radical leftist orgs. such as SDS, Wearthermen, and VVAW in the D.C. area. John Kerry is a sociopathic “kept man” and a traitor. To affirm my comment, I adhere to my TRADITIONAL, CONSERVATIVE Roman Catholic beliefs….and if I’m lying, may I NEVER see Gods Face.

  8. Semper Fi, 0321

    Is it not illegal for the US to enter into treaties, which conflict with the Constitution and BoR, with foreign nations?
    They can sign all the treaties they want, they are null and void!
    Meanwhile, the traitors must be dealt with also.

  9. Leslie McCormack


    in Deo speramus

    Western Rif

  10. Kerry the Traitor has signed. It matters not. Obama has not signed nor the senate affirmed. It matters not as well, whether they do so or not.

    They can sign anything they want.

    Now let them enforce it.

    Please, please try to enforce it.

  11. Not quite the same; in the “baby killer” pic, Cohn hadn’t yet married the dill pickle fortune.

  12. Yep, he’s a lying, traitorous bastard…….

  13. Napalm Bodywash

    Thanks a lot, MA. A lousy Senator and a worse S.of S. This is what happens when a fratboy that hasn’t grown up is given responsibility that he doesn’t deserve or hasn’t earned…

  14. Ask SecState about Zippos and poor Vietnamese folk’s houses. He knows a bit about that. A pity he didn’t get to bunk up with a little fragmentary surprise back then.

  15. The Swift Boat Veterans warned us long ago about this puke.