Bracken: Will Obama Stop the Music This November?

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Will Obama Stop the Music This November?

The current “shutdown” of 17% of the federal government has primed America for chaos with constant left-wing rhetoric and news media reports couched in apocalyptic terms such as crisis, brink, catastrophe, hostage, arsonist and terrorist. But a catastrophe is useful to a would-be tyrant only as long as it can be blamed on a hated enemy. In 1933 Hitler’s agents burned the Reichstag, not just to sow fear and confusion, but primarily in order to charge his Communist enemies with treason as an excuse to obliterate them. The German “mainstream media” dutifully parroted the Nazi Party line, without investigating the true source of the arson.

A similar pattern of scapegoating has been followed in the United States throughout the term of President Obama. For example, leading Democrats and their shills in the mainstream media have long been salivating at the prospect of a “Tea Party” conservative going on a violent rampage. We saw this in Tucson immediately after the Gabby Giffords shooting, after the Aurora, Colorado, theater attack, and after the recent Washington Navy Yard shooting, when Democrats and their media allies rushed to blame “Tea Party terrorists” in early reports based upon zero evidence. As far as we know, all of these attacks were carried out by deranged individuals following the orders of inner demons, but still the left hopes for a violent response by right-wing “bitter clingers,” so named by President Obama himself during a private fund raiser.

The current “government shutdown” seems to be designed to provoke a violent right-wing reaction. War memorials have been barricaded, even iconic national parks such as those at Valley Forge, Yellowstone, and Mount Rushmore have been closed to the American public that purportedly owns them and undoubtedly funds them. At Yellowstone, senior citizens and foreign tourists have been rousted from paid private hotel rooms by armed federal agents and forcibly bused out of the park. Around the closed Mount Rushmore National Park, cones have been set along public highways to prevent tourists even from stopping to take photographs. Meanwhile, a demonstration on the otherwise “closed” National Mall by illegal aliens demanding amnesty was welcomed by the Obama administration with open arms.

In my opinion, the intention of these selected park closures is not only to inflict psychological pain upon the administration’s perceived “enemies” but also to provoke a violent response by fed-up constitutional conservatives. Thus far, none has risen to the bait; so what will the regime do next? I believe that President Obama may be planning to up the ante by orders of magnitude. How might this happen? The “government shutdown” over the continuing resolution bill has turned on the Democrats’ demand for a “clean” CR, but the real battle will come next week when the national debt limit is reached.

What will happen if President Obama and the Democrats in Congress demand a “clean” debt extension, with no upper limits and no attached conditions, just as they have demanded a “clean CR” to fund current government operations? In the battle over the debt limit extension, either the Republicans will fold and accede to Democrat demands for infinite debt, or they will stand their ground just as they have over the CR. If the Republicans refuse to grant Obama an unlimited debt extension, he may play the final card required to send the United States into such violent turmoil that he will be able to declare a state of emergency and rule by decree under the National Emergencies Act.

How would such horrible conditions be created that President Obama might be able to justify seizing emergency power? By cutting off all federal entitlement payments while claiming that he cannot continue them without a debt extension, secure in the knowledge that the mainstream media will continue to dutifully serve as his propaganda arm, blaming recalcitrant Republicans for all of the negative consequences.

While senior citizens on Social Security and other federal pension plan recipients may not immediately take to the streets, going on violent rampages of rioting, looting and burning, there is a segment of our population that will do exactly that: many of the 50 million Americans who today literally put the food on their tables by using an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. While the states administer their individual EBT programs, most of the money comes from the federal government. Please read my previous essay “When the music stops: how America’s cities may explode in violence” to understand the tremendous risk that will accompany a cutoff—even briefly—of EBT payments.

The fact that thousands of Americans might be injured or killed during the nationwide riots that would follow the looting of supermarkets and delivery trucks will not be a moral impediment to the architects of Operation Fast and Furious. You will recall that this infamous “law enforcement operation” resulted in the murders of hundreds of innocent Mexicans and at least two U.S. federal agents by untracked firearms supplied directly to the Mexican drug cartels by our own federal “law enforcement” agencies. With Operation Fast and Furious (“gun control under the radar” in Obama’s own words), this administration has already crossed the mass-murder-for-political-ends Rubicon—and the mainstream media cooperated in the cover-up.

A lifelong Marxist revolutionary who has caused hundreds to be murdered in an attempt at political gain on gun control is not likely to blanch at the prospect of thousands dying in bloody food riots when the stakes are incalculably higher. If “the music stops” and our cities burn, Obama may grasp the opportunity to declare a state of emergency and seize dictatorial powers from the fire and ashes. Those who resist his rule by emergency decree will be declared to be “Tea Party terrorists” by Democrat leaders and their captive media, and we may finally see why the Department of Homeland Security has been purchasing those billions of hollow-point bullets, UAV drones, and armored vehicles.

If this is their calculation, it is a diabolical plan indeed. But a plan to ride a tiger is not the same as riding the tiger. Permanent rule by emergency decree may not be as simple to accomplish as would-be left-wing tyrants believe. Millions of Americans will not be fooled by the deliberately instigated torching of our cities and will not go quietly into the night of Marxist tyranny.

Matt Bracken is the author of “When The Music Stops” and other essays in The Bracken Anthology, the Enemies Foreign And Domestic trilogy, and his latest novel, Castigo Cay.

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  1. But a plan to ride a tiger is not the same as riding the tiger.

    Damned right.

    Boots and saddles, boys and girls.

    And another fine piece by the invaluable Matt Bracken.

  2. 11Fsteve in the desert

    Watch for a type of Tonkin Bay tail-wagging-the-dog scenario to “justify” a govbot response and ramp a new set of extra-constitutional responses.

  3. Melinda Ezernack

    It’s coming folks. Be ready.

  4. I think Mr. Bracken will not be here. He is going to jump on his sailbozt and go. So really none of it matters to him.

    • As would any of us that had the means and sufficient sense to do so. I hope he makes it.

      Anyway, how does his having an arguably better plan than most of us detract from the validity of what he just presented?

      Thanks for another great analysis, Matt.

    • He’s already done his service to the nation. Putting a target on his head for the rest of his life to boot.
      Who are you? What have you done?

    • And that matters because,,,,,????

      Envy is real real ugly ya know, usually sides of sloth and greed go along with it

    • Blue, a snide and nasty comment there about Bracken. Is that the kind of man you are?

    • Matt’s not going Galt, he’s going Ragnar Danneskjöld.

  5. Yep. Bracken nails it again (as usual).
    Had this very discussion about EBT cards yesterday with my local cadre and came to exactly the same conclusions. The administration floated the possible impact to Social Security late last week to not much uproar. They were cautious and did not bring up the EBT funding but we all know it’s there hiding in the background to be used as the trigger crisis that “can’t go to waste”.

    They are testing us to see where our pain points are. Don’t telegraph the punch back.

    Lastly, pay attention to Bracken. He has a gift. An uncanny ability to identify the pressure points and how they’ll break. He’s sharing this gift with us. Let’s use it wisely.

  6. History Lesson

  7. Blue, if it comes to this, do you think they’ll just let me go? Really?

    • As the EBT clowns would say…
      “Haters gon’ hate”.

    • My thinking too. Being out there on the Central Blue in a boat strikes me as ultimately unsafe. Stick to the bayous. Also, this is a civilizational collapse ongoing, not just the FUSA. There’s no place to run. I think Bracken was just putting out some disinfo for purposes of OPSEC.

    • Matt, I’m quite sure your bugout plans already have taken that into consideration. For OPSEC purposes, I won’t discuss obvious details, and suggest others not to discuss it either.

      But, friends, DO put some thought into it. . .

    • Matt. I hope that no matter what plans you have made, you make it safe and well. Have lots of intelligent and gifted babies and know that your words and stories have saved many. It is a great gift. I often think of the people of other Countries who always thought themselves special, Cambodia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany and how they must have wished for someone to sound the call, to tell them to either run or hide when the Communists rode in.
      You will always be welcome in the Homeland.

  8. A most excellent essay, Matt. And I have a few observations:

    1. You mentioned, “Those who resist his rule by emergency decree will be declared to be “Tea Party terrorists” by Democrat leaders and their captive media”. I submit to you that the Media is NOT captive, and never have been. They have been willing collaborators for generations. Note how several network celebrities even have family ties within the Spite House orbit. The Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column.

    2. Without invoking Godwin’s Law, the parallels between 20th Century Germany and 21st Century America are chillingly similar. So would be a comparison with 20th Century Russia, and 19th Century France; each scenario seeing the collapse of the established government system and the rise of a totalitarian terror.

    3. You mention “Millions of Americans will not be fooled by the deliberately instigated torching of our cities and will not go quietly into the night of Marxist tyranny.” I submit to you, yes they will. The recent popularity poll shows Odinga to be at 37% approval, with a 10% “no response”. That’s coincidentally the same 47% figure that Mitt Romney was quoted as saying would never vote for him. That translates as 155 million people across the land who will follow Odinga into the gaping gates of the gulag.

    I do agree with the essay. We are seeing the oncoming storm – or is it the smoke rising from the enemy camp…

    • Don’t trust the polls. Or the Pols. Any of them. The root of our success relys on the efforts of one, armed, standing for himself. That would be you. Add another, like me, to that equation and figure out what can be accomplished. Add 10 more to that… you get the picture.
      Any form of statistic or factoid that you don’t formulate and verify yourself or from your circle is suspect and should be treated as such.

    • 1. Captive was probably not the best word choice. I was running out of synonyms for shills, allies etc.. Stooge might have been better. 2.I wanted to keep this around a thousand words, so I just stuck to the Reichstag example, but I agree. 3. Millions is all it will take. The IRA never had more than 100 shooters at a time.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “the parallels between 20th Century Germany and 21st Century America are chillingly similar”

      Other than the fact that the bad part of 20th Century Germany was ardently nationalistic and the current American government is in no way nationalistic.

    • Those millions who are already lulled are MOSTLY in the cities. . . and will be trapped there when they burn, or get stopped somewhere in the first tier of suburbs. I hate to be cold-blooded, but they made their bed, and now Darwin will put them to sleep in it. . . .

  9. The Observer

    If you think he is kidding with above, watch the link below. Warning! Your blood pressure will rise.

  10. Matt, I think we both know that the GOP will cave at the 11th hour. They always do. But just in case they don’t, I’m sure Obama will jump on the chance to become dictator and savior.

    • Nobody is “caving”. TPTB are allowing the neo-con Repukes their bi-annual “vote for us, white middle class/working class suckers…” exercise. After which they go back to being a pimple on the collectivist butt. And by the way, it was the Repukes who gave us the “Patriot Act”, the DHS, TSA, and etc. Obama merely advanced the Statist ball another few yards down the field.

  11. My unending question is WHY was soetoro-obama allowed to even be nominated for POTUS let alone elected, as he has not and cannot meet Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 requirements of the US Constitution ? Not one sworn federal official, elected or appointed, least of all soetoro-obama’s first presidential opponent questioned the Indonesian Marxist’s eligibility.

    Bracken, will you opine ? Please ?

  12. At present, the markets are telling us that the antics of the federal government are irrelevant. It’s the Federal Reserve and the banking cartel who are firmly in charge, here. As long as they have the power to create money out of thin air and fund government largesse, nothing will change.

    All the necessary damage required to end the economic viability of the U.S. has already happened. It’s like a bomb which has been triggered but not detonated. We know it will eventually go off, but not when. This economic and financial farce has gone on longer than anyone could have ever imagined. It’s a hard lesson, underestimating the gaming power of a global banking cartel, that has seemingly infinite resources and political power at its disposal to manipulate, corrupt, or destroy any market, industry. political entity, company, what-have-you.

    The disturbance that detonates the bomb might be something exogenous, or unanticipated. Maybe something innocuous. But it will be something that shakes confidence in the banking cartel to the core, and cause them to disperse in all directions, each member hoping to save their own skin first. That is the way all cartels fail. When it does, Matt Bracken’s scenario will come into full force.

    • I totally agree. The exact spark could be a bolt from the blue into the dry tinder being heaped up by the left. It could come Sunday at the WW2 memorial if the fed goons get froggy with a bunch of old combat veterans who have no small children left at home, and really don’t give a shit. Some of them have that old Injun warrior spirit that says, “Today is a good day to die.” I shit you not, I hear it all the time. A 70 year old vet who stacked up enemy corpses as a kid in uniform for Uncle Sam might decide today is not the day to be proned-out and flex-cuffed by a 25 year old GS-7. All hell could break loose.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Not to belittle any of this, but the shock factor of watching some 25 yr old fedgoons light up a couple of WW2 vets will bring these guys to their knees. I don’t think the masses will be showing too much apathy towards this administration anymore.
        Then again, we’re pretty big into ignoring anything but ourselves and the TV.

        • Waiting in Idaho

          Watching DC cops (or was it the FBI?) gun down an unarmed crazy woman didn’t seem to stir up anyone. They got a standing ovation in Congress. Go figure,

        • A 21st-century Boston Massacre….

      • That’s what I halfway expect. And at that point, it spins out of control and anything could happen.

        Also sounds like a good day to have a pitchfork- and-torch concession on the Mall (evil grin)

      • It’s too late to die young, but it’s not too late to die well.

  13. terrifying read

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  15. I have been contemplating the DC Naval Yard shooting and the consequences of such actions.In the never let a good tradgedy go to waste era of American Government I can’t see how they would let this slip by either. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks; instead of letting service men and women be armed for their own protection, lets task the DHS with guarding our military installations, “to keep the bad people out.” In reality though, it will be an attempt to keep the good people in.

    Why not place your chess pieces in a position for the perfect checkmate before the game is even played? What better way to contain people who made an oath to The Constitution, than with people who made an oath to the Government? If you want to see a good marker of the future intentions of our government, pay attention to who is guarding the gates at our military installations. There are already some elements of DHS guarding armories and limited access areas on some bases as it is. Lets see how much more widespread this practice becomes.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Someone else brought this up recently.
      The US Marines have guarded naval bases since we were founded, yet in the last decade and a half, rent a cops have been hired to fulfill that duty.( I saw civilian slobs, male and female, so fat they couldn’t hold their cammy trousers up, guarding the gates at Pearl Harbor in 1998) This was done on purpose, so as to weaken our security, and allow attacks, from inside or out to occur. If we had armed Marines back on the gates, this shit wouldn’t be happening.
      So your question about DHS guarding the keys to our bases makes sense, the US Military will be denied access to any armory in the event of an overthrow, and they themselves can be rounded up, after all, they’re disarmed too. I hope every soldier and Marine has been stockpiling and hiding weapons and ammo, they’re gonna need them first, just to take the bases back.
      I used to run a USMC tank unit armory, we had keys locked up in several safes to preclude just one set being used to gain access. If DHS wants the keys, arrest them at gunpoint, they’re not real law enforcement, and not active duty military either. They should not even be allowed aboard a military base.

  16. By the way it is not really terrifying . We have lost faith in our Lord and our Country Suffers.

    Regain our Faith , and this too will pass, but we will all pay a price.
    I have Faith in our Lord and His Mother’s Warnings and with His help we shall persevere.

    Compared to an Eternity in Hell, this is just a Long Battle to come.

    Because as usual the American has become lax , slothful , Poisoned and lazy.
    A little Guillotine is deserved for all lack of morals pols.
    To quote Rip Torn in Extreme Prejudice, “Jesus Christ Jack the only thing worse than a politician is a Child Molester.” Great Movie line but still true.

    Now we truly see all the Pols are the Child Molesters.

    Just promise me someone we will hunt for eternity the Enemies of the Republic.

    and terminate them with Extreme Prejudice.. I will if I survive , Highly doubtful in NY.

    What kind of nation lets Foreign nations process our Food.
    One not destined to survive.

    Too much to carry and Health Not perfect, maybe best to do as Sonewall Jackson told Emory Best. “Stand and Hold”

  17. Moose, that would be an “attempted” checkmate, as if/when it gets to that point, DHS isn’t going to be able to stop/bottle up folks who are determined & a hell of a lot harder. I’d put my $$$ on 82nd, 101st, 1st/2nd/3rd MarDiv, etc. on breaking through than DHS keeping them contained. End result? May take longer for them to join the fight, but fight they will if/when it comes to that. Just the opinion of an old, former 8652 Marine & YMMV.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I don’t think we have a 3rd MarDiv anymore. Disbanded yrs ago.
      I served with 1/9 in 3rdMarDiv during VN era, they disbanded 9th Marines after Somalia, then brought them back into 2nd MarDiv a few yrs ago.

      But either way, I hope you’re right. These guys need to be paying serious attention right now, and realize they could end up disarmed in a hurry, all because they allowed themselves to be pushed around by fake fedgoons.

  18. Old Sarge: Agree wholeheartedly about the fifth column. I just call’em the Propaganda Ministry. Also agree with you about 19th century France. We may get an up close and personal on that one, soon.

  19. Short and sweet, PD 51, Patriot Act, and many other Directives. It was all laid out before Obama was put into place. This is part 7 of a 7 part agenda.

  20. Matt…I suppose not. You’ve done really well pointing out their crapola. In fact so well that if I wore more tinfoil (lol) I’d think you were in on it!

  21. Mt Top Patriot

    Matt has been right about a great deal, as far as how tyranny is being implemented, how it will play out and why his reasoning is logical,
    Enemies Foreign And Domestic, Domestic Enemies – The Reconquista, and Foreign Enemies And Traitors, this trilogy is turning from fiction to reality as we comment here.

    Don’t need a crystal ball to know who the evil people are considering the preponderance of events and crimes they commit daily against law abiding Americans under the huge lie of legitimacy of force and “law” made up and imposed when and where it suits their needs to create absolute power for themselves.

    I say Fuck You!

  22. The middle class white majority will not allow non-whites to riot more than that which seems to validate their 1960’s fight for civil rights. If there is too much big city rioting, the army will march the rioters at gunpoint into custody in a sports stadium, whereupon their legal status will change and they will ultimately lose their welfare-funded life of ease. Welfare recipients are successful predators and know how far they can push it, so they won’t riot. American street gangs are not a trained fighting force, and they will not suddenly become one, nor do they have the logistics to be one. Street gangs do not win over the army.

    At least 15 years ago, a Midwestern liberal-ish state, I think Wisconsin, decided to reduce their state welfare rolls to zero. They advertised an end date a year in advance and told people to make other arrangements. They did. When the end date came, the payments stopped and there was no fuss. Imagine if the US-wide welfare payments were to stop suddenly next month. There has been warning for years. I think there would be no rioting because everyone knows perfectly well they are just waiting for the music to stop. Plenty of whining, sure, but no rioting.

  23. unknown suspect

    Enemies Foreign and Domestic was an interesting read. I’m not sure the outcome would be the same if the tactics of Harry (or was it Henry?) Bowman from Unintended Consequences were thrown into the mix. Instead of organizing into units, it’s simply “army’s of one” taking out one government slug and walking away, leaving a figurative highway littered with unsolved cases. It’s hard to fight several million “army’s of one” with no centralized command and control.

    As to mainstream media slobbering for a tea party member to go bonkers and start killing people probably won’t happen. Every single mass killing psycho has been left leaning and democrat voting.

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  25. JacksonHolePatriot

    Matt nailed it!
    For once, I think the Republicans will actually have enough guts to call the President’s bluff and go past the October 17th debt deadline; which in my opinion makes it even more likely that EBT funds will be cut off.
    Obama has been using the threat of defaulting on our debt to try and get what he wants, and although they’re not articulating it enough, Republicans know there is enough money to service the debt rolling in, and it’s required by law.
    Add to that equation that Obama is spineless with foreign leaders; do you really think he’ll tell China to kiss off their debt payments so he can play domestic political games? If Obama’s bluff gets called, what option does he have left to get what he wants?
    The left said the sky would fall because of sequester, it hasn’t. They said it would fall with a partial shutdown and it hasn’t. They’re claiming we’ll default, but I don’t think Obama has the guts to do it. His approval numbers are finally in the 30s. He’s a tyrant in waiting, about to be boxed into a corner…bring on the societal unrest…

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      “Republicans know there is enough money to service the debt rolling in”
      I’ll assume you’re watching too much TV again.

      • 82nd ABN 11H

        I understand the US Treasury pulls in about $250B per month from taxes and other revenue sources, the interest on the national debt is currently running about $30B per month, hence enough money to “service” or pay the interest on the debt about 8 times over. That would of course necessitate prioritizing expenditures, that’s probably why they would choose to default just as they’ve chosen what to close down during this supposed “shutdown”.

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          The IRS is a private debt collection agency of the Federal Reserve, neither of which are Federal. (Internal Revenue is another story) The money the IRS collects goes to the Federal Reserve Bank, which takes their cut off the top. The remaining money is then sent to the US Treasury, where it is deposited in the General Fund and disbursed to pay debts of the Federal Gov’t.
          So you guys claim they take in $250 billion a month in taxes, is that a real number or another accounting lie from the Fed? And how much of the $250 billion is sent down to the US Treasury?
          We already know that there is no way in hell they can come up with enough real money to pay off our debts, essentially we are bankrupt, no matter how much money you think is pouring into the coffers. But you can continue to believe what you want. Time will prove otherwise.

          • 82nd ABN 11H

            SF 0321 I certainly don’t disagree they’ll never collect enough money to actually pay off the debt or the unfunded liabilities! I was just saying the government as a whole brings in enough to pay the interest as long as the rates don’t go up. They may even extend the due date on some of the treasuries. Since they make the rules and print the money there’s no telling what they may do. I also agree that the government is essentially bankrupt and it’s only a matter of time until it all comes apart like a rotten piece of fruit under a boot heel. It’s gonna get ugly. I’m no expert though, just another redneck throwing my 2 cents in. Right now I think the administration is just cherry picking what to turn off in an attempt to sway public opinion like closing national parks, the national mall, the various memorials, etc.

      • IIRC, interest on foreign debt is $23 billion/month. The gov’t takes in $250 billion/month in taxes. They’ll have enough to cover the payments.

        How they’ll allocate the leftover cash is another story.

      • Actually I think JacksonHole is right, there is more than enough monthly tax revenue coming in to service the current debt (Principal + interest) it just means that a bunch of other stuff (Salaries, EBT?) won’t get funded. This preserves the AAA rating and the United States’ “Creditworthiness”.

        Check out this great post from Denninger (who can explain it far better than I can)

        or see this article on the Moodys internal memo:

        (Hopefully that link above works…)

        The bottom line is, there’s enough tax revenue to service the current debt but not much else. It’s that “not much else” part that could cause all hell to break loose and if Treasury decides to “husband” the funds… well… I refer you back to Bracken’s original post.

        I also agree with Jacksonhole’s assessment of the admin being boxed into a corner. This is the most dangerous (for the rest of us) position for them to be in… they will probe until they find a good pain point (as they are doing now) and then they will lash out. As Bracken says, this weekend could provide a very useful flashpoint for the cornered rats.

        Again, don’t telegraph your punches people.

        Oh, and if it comes to that: Interlocking fields of fire, please 🙂

  26. Lead_Dispencer

    “Republicans know there is enough money to service the debt rolling in”

    There is, good sir

  27. If I could push a button or flip a switch to turn off the EBT system, I would do it in a heartbeat. Feeding the deadbeats is a waste of taxpayer money.

  28. Not a disagreement so much as an addition: The thing to watch for is when people start refusing to buy our debt except at much-discounted levels (higher interest rates.) No amount of demagoguery or Executive Fiat can hold back the laws of Economics, which are as immutable as the laws of Physics. Get out of dollar-denominated assets to every extent possible. If you have savings left after all the prepping purchases, get into stable currencies of countries with much lower Debt-to-GDP ratios than we have, and hold those in banks in the host countries. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are good choices. Capital controls always come with currency destruction…

  29. When the cities erupt in chaos, Martial Law will follow. Martial Law is a suspension of the constitution, and with that suspension will be the requirement of Congress to approve and sign off on all international treaties that the President signs. Now the UN small arms law that everyone says will never happen here, will indeed become the law of the land and these people will use this as a reason to barge into your home, armed to the teeth, looking for the weapons.
    Not that it matters much to people who read this blog anyway. Chances are they will all be fighting long before any raids start to happen, but I bring it up just as something to consider. Another chess piece in the game.

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  31. Folks, the country has been under a declared state of emergency since 2001. It has been reupped every year since then:

    Why do you think things have gone so strange in the last decade. It’s not an accident. What you fear has already taken place.

  32. Interesting analysis. I don’t think the current regime wants dictatorial powers. What they do want is a permanent majority; with a greatly weakened opposition party to be “the enemy”. In this regard, they are definitely winning. The hypothetical Black Swan Bracken puts forth would be bad for business-therefore, it will not happen.

    • “I don’t think the current regime wants dictatorial powers.”

      What rock are you living under? In what universe does the evidence of their behavior not qualify as “wanting dictatorial powers”?

      “The hypothetical Black Swan Bracken puts forth would be bad for business-“

      Again, whose business? The business of this regime is to break the back of traditional American values/resistance to one world rule. We, the gun owning, Liberty loving Americans are the L.A.S.T. road block to their end game. No amount of money spent/wasted/devalued, industries destroyed, infrastructure “devalued,” whole segments of the population marginalized, “re-educated,” vilified, imprisoned or killed is too much for them to stomach… in fact, it seems from their arrogance and hatred that they actually relish the prospect. They are certainly not even trying to hide it any longer.

      “…therefore, it will not happen.”

      See above. Something will happen, and it won’t fit your paradigm.

    • You perhaps fail to recognize that these people are power hungry sociopathic narcissists. They sense that ultimate authority is in their grasp and they don’t want to grow old and die before their collectivist plans are realized.
      They want the crown, they want the scepter and they they’ll be damned if they have to do things the slow way and end up having to watch the next generation of the collectivist oligarchy step in and gather the spoils of this cultural war.
      They believe they’re close enough to make a dash for the end zone and secure the game for good.
      For this crew there will be no retirement. No speaking tours. No book signing and no meaningless seats on U.N. councils.
      They want the prize, and they will most definitely risk overreach to snatch it. Does your gut tell you any different?

  33. So, when the hammer drops, move to secure caches, ordinance, and armor that .gov allocated for itself and its Twenty-First Century Hessians – East Asian and East Slavic alike.

    Problem may not be solved, but it’s a start, at least.

  34. “They sense that ultimate authority is in their grasp and they don’t want to grow old and die before their collectivist plans are realized”

    I might be a bit naive, and am first to acknowledge not being the brightest bulb; but this scenery seem a bit far-fetched.

    Get elected during a crisis

    Exploit situation to create favorable conditions for chaos.



    Viva revolution!

    If this were the plan, Obama would not have wound down overseas operations. He would have gotten us hemmed up in Libya and Syria as well. . He also could have increased domestic spending in many areas, starting with the elderly. He had the political capital to do it

    It is much more realistic to extend the misery so it becomes the new normal. Then offer the public relief in the form of a massive new entitlement. Permanent majority? Check.

    300+ million people. Millions of them being Nationalist fanatics. 280+ million firearms. Millions of these scoped rifles. The country is just too damned big, and too many heavily armed fruit loops running around. Where would the .gov even get the man power? Canada?