Repost: Sons Of Liberty

Those of us who saw this while growing up need to pass on its meaning.


However you can.

No matter what.

16 responses to “Repost: Sons Of Liberty

  1. That video was less than inspiring. It was a parody, right?

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Yes, it’s old and somewhat corny, but it had a message. And already it gets a comment for being slow or dumb. This is exactly what we need to overcome.
        I see a lot of my younger co-workers who won’t read or watch anything I email them, it’s boring. They are used to being dazzled with special effects movies and none of them read, takes too long and it strains their brains(what little they use of it). Same with weapons, if it’s not a new custom M-4, chopped and suppressed, they’re not interested, anything else is antique crap to them.
        So we have a mental gap between generations, and somehow need to get the younger ones on board, but how? Most show no inclination to want to change their lazy ways, and we’re the dumb ones.

    • Nubbing Fingered Jake Roedel

      Rrright, parody – for the weak minded and cowardly. I guess Detroit doesn’t make ’em like it use to – men that is. We all know the place is bankrupt financially and, now we see from you comment, morally. The video is a reminder (or depiction) of the rebellious spirit that once emboldened the white MEN who built the nation – so that now, years later, men like you could look at it and call it “parody. Well here is another parody for your enterainment and OUR encouragement: “Stout Hearted Men” Nelson Eddy (New Moon 1940)

  2. From back when Disney made real entertainment insted o fthe crap they produce now. Of course that was when Walt was running the show…

  3. my wife and i will be in the district of corruption this weekend to add our “lamp” to help light the “Tree of Liberty”… if you don’t get it yet, you likely won’t – even after the party has started…

    rumor has it that some bikers may well be joining the vets this weekend… the more of us, the merrier the get-together…

  4. outlawpatriot

    Is that from “Johnny Tremain”?

      • outlawpatriot

        Yep, thought so. I’m old.

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          I was 3 yrs old when it was made, but I just barely remember it, maybe from all the reruns Disney did, the name always stuck in my head though.

          • I was five. Me and my buddies Steve Diehl and Bobby Conroy went to a Saturday matinee when it debuted. One of our moms was somewhere. Theatre was packed. The Redcoats were jeered. Popcorn and candy wrappers were thrown at the screen during certain scenes. I remember a huge outburst when Captain Parker and company were told to lay down their weapons.

            Can somebody tell me what the fuck happened?

  5. We went to sleep and slept the sleep of ignorance. Ignorance of our Founding Documents that is absolutely rampant today.

  6. I like the reach and range of the .308 cartridge. Got a Remington 700 and a H&K 91. If they can’t reach me and I can hit them then the odds are in my favor. Let them pack their tiny M-4 TOYS, I got the reach they will never see.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      You know what a M2 .50 BMG is?
      I’ve lit up shit at 1,800 yds with one, so don’t think you’re invisible.

  7. Years ago a friend who lived out in the upper Idaho arm told me there were probably more .50cal guns out there then in the US military. ‘Course that was in the pre Barret years…