Codrea: Spread The Word

Author Bracken offers free ‘bleeding-edge dystopian thrillers’ downloads

Encourage others to get the word out.

6 responses to “Codrea: Spread The Word

  1. Matt you are a scholar and a gentleman.

  2. I read all of these books before (hard copy) and Castigo Cay as well. All awesome books. Now to reveal my ignorance. I got a Nook (Barnes & Noble version of a Kindle) for my birthday. Will these down loads work with that device? See, I told you I was going to reveal my ignorance.

  3. Thanks, everybody. Time is too short to sit on these.

    • I want to thank you personally sir for your generosity. In light of our current situation and my relative proximity to DC (~200 mi.) I have been putting off buying these in favor of increasing my stock of fast-acting OPFOR medicine. I’ve finished about 1/3 of the book today while there was down time at work (fast reader) and could barely put it down. I appreciated the FAL references, as IMHO they are severely underrated among the tacticool crowd. You ever make it to the sane side of VA and the drinks are on me.

      Vive la liberte, vive la honneur, vive le sacré .223…