Selco: On Reality

Survival Myths

Surviving the comeback of natural selection

Read, and then ask yourself honestly:

How many of these (very) basic steps have I completed successfully?

Tempus fugit.


2 responses to “Selco: On Reality

  1. Working on it.
    Old farts may be slow but we make up for it by being grouchy.

  2. “When it comes to your stuff be sure that you are ready to leave it in split second if situation asks for it.”

    Having gone from static location prepping to the understanding that (as it was put in World War Z) “movement is life”, I think this is the message of the year for preppers and resistors alike.

    If need be, you can go out, retrieve a cache and bring it home.
    On the other hand you CANNOT hump your home on your back if APCs unexpectedly start rolling through your quaint country township.

    Cache, cache, CACHE!