Welcome To The USSA: Gulag-Bound Edition

D.C. businessman faces two years in jail for unregistered ammunition, brass casing

Read the details (including the spousal informant).

Learn all of the lessons there.

Know also that Obergruppenführer Cathy Lanier has ideological kin in your state, and possibly in your home town.

Know that in advance.

Ehr kumt.

(H/t WRSA reader)

57 responses to “Welcome To The USSA: Gulag-Bound Edition

  1. All this because of corrupt Family Courts and disgusting ex-spouse who intended to destroy this man because she’s a woman.

    A reminder to all Patriots, keep your guns in a place where a jilted ex-wife can’t access them. She will attempt to destroy your right to own them.

  2. You’ll note that the DC thugs showed up at his sister’s house in Arlington County, VA, where he kept his guns and demanded to enter her house to see his stuff.

    Blood nearly shot out of my eyeballs when I read that. As a Virginian, the very idea of those cocksuckers coming across the river and demanding to enter our homes leaves me speechless and filled with rage.

    What’s worse is that they were able to return the next day with a subpoena and accompanied by traitorous scum from the Arlington County PD!

    • Native Virginian myself Chuck. My GG Grandfather was Lt. Francis John Power. 17th Va. Infantry, wounded, POW @ Johnson’s Island, Ohio for 2 years. Last man to take the “oath of allegience” @ JI, released Jun, 1865. Am equally outraged as I am American bybirth…Virginian by THE GRACE OF GOD! Molon Labe!

  3. Okay, so maybe I’m overreacting, but since I spent a little over 20 years on active duty I think I rate. It pisses me off to no end to see cops/jack booted thugs – especially a snot-nosed, little gold digging c**t like that one sporting four stars. Give me a f**king break. General, eh? Yeah, right.

  4. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    Molon Labe Fuckers! I know you have lists of all the local Gestapo, right? You’re gonna need em soon I’m afraid.

  5. If you are stupid enough to live in one of these jurisdictions you get what you deserve.

    • No! Fuck no!

      It’s about time you sons of bitches get this through your head. This is the fucking United States of America. From sea to shining sea. From that border to the south to our friend in the north. From those little islands in the Pacific to that big chunk of land to the north. The United States of America. One flag. One constitution. Wherever the hell you decide to call home within those borders you DO NOT DESERVE ANY, I REPEAT, ANY, of this nonsense.

      Whether you like it or not or think you have no obligation, you do.

      This place is ours God damn it! Ours!

      Cede nothing. Nothing. Be prepared to assist any patriot any time, any where.

      Fuckin’ guys.

      • Mt Top Patriot

        You got that fucking right allen!

      • Mr. Mullenax….well stated. Very well stated !

      • No Alan. People have a right to resist the current Government and if necessary, leave the Union, such as it is, to form a Government that more adequately attends to their needs. This current Government had its day, and some of it was Glorious and I am proud to say I saw some of it when they landed on the moon. However, the sea to Shining sea is another slogan or symbol to keep different peoples under one Whip, just as her 4 stars on her shoulder are supposed to make her look like a General.

        If the States want to join together into smaller nations that is a good idea as well. Time is of the essence, because the Hispanics are looking to carve off 4 or 5 States, The Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi along with the Black Panthers and Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam is planning the nation of New Africa in the South and Whites are looking to carve off the Northwest Republic and I am pretty sure the Hawaiians would like their Country back and Alaska would be happy to go its own way.

        The only way to hold this union currently is at the point of a gun. I am also afraid that you will be fighting the DC Government as hard as we will be, but trying to roll the clock back (i.e. pointlessly). The 1950’s are OVER and are never coming back. This multicultural quagmire is set to detonate on the first competent “Chris Dorner” who gets rolling. Whether is is the cops coming for his kids because he is teaching them the Bible or because he has a spent case in his old suit or his daughter was flash mobbed and raped to death by guys who look like sons of Obama and Holder won’t prosecute doesn’t really matter. That moment will be a flash point for a sharp change in History.

      • Said it for me again, Alan!

      • Those who accept it, deserve it. And “America” is long gone. Bringing it back will require dramatic demographic change.

          • At the risk of being told, “Fuck you, too, son!” (smiley face) I offer this:

            Yes, it is correct, this country belongs to us, the citizenry. It also is, properly the united (small ‘u’ on purpose) States of America. The several States have voluntarily bound themselves together for mutual defense and the common welfare. As the central federal government, as we now know it, has usurped rightful State and individual authority overall every matter in life, both large and small, it is reasonable that many people are saying, “Fuck the Union! Secede!”

            However, we have a chance to repair things…even now. Before the ‘Balkanization’ of the country occurs…and it will, if things keep progressing along the path we see now. Our voluntary binding will be for nothing. And make no mistake, that voluntary binding implies the several States can, if they so choose, dissolve those bindings. Period.

            Wise move? No.

            Better move? There’s one available.

            First, we must truly agree on our commonalities, respect our differences (stop demonizing the minor degrees of separation of perspective) our love of mutual Liberty, while respecting the rights of individual citizens and States to live as they so choose under the limitations of the Constitution as ratified in 1789 and amended in 1791 with the Bill of Rights.

            Reset all amendments with a restored constitutional government of duly elected citizen representatives and ratification by the States who should also elect citizens to represent them in the ratification process.

            The rescission of the 14th Amendment alone would make our citizens obligated to their State first, and the federal government second; following that, the rescission of the 17th Amendment would give the States equal footing in how our government should work and each state would have a voice in who was sent to Washington, D.C. to represent them, as the legislature of the State would elect them.

            Only 3/4 of the States are required for ratification of any amendment.

            To that end, an Article V convention (decidedly NOT a ‘con-con’ could work to that end.

            It’s a chance….anyone else willing?

            • Setting myself up for a hearty chorus of “eff you” from all corners :-), let me respectfully remind all that non-government-subsidy old-school 1791 BoR-ratification-era Americans are a very tiny interest group, even before the upcoming “immigration reform” floodgates swing wider.

              Maybe 1% of the 330 million?

              Any claims on the happier side of that number should show the arithmetic behind their guess.

              If you were the Bad People, wouldn’t be easier just to kill that old-school team with a nacht und nebel approach, in conjunction with unleashing the “weaponized demographic” with a sustained EBT “glitch”, than tolerate their natterings about governmental accountability, natural law, and Constitutional restoration? Bracken articulated the game plan nicely in “Coup“, and kept his tale from being a total wrist-slitter by positing a second wave that hits the Bolshies after their first-strike.

              Anyone got good odds on that eventuality? Based on what facts?

              In other words, what makes anyone think Team Freedom has the time to gain the numbers to make restoration plans into reality before the big game?

              Or, as Alan puts it pungently, “we have to win a war first.”

              It’s a war in which all here and our friends/families will be “unlawful combatants” and “supporters of unlawful combatants”, and in which we will need to both survive and prevail against the combined might of the Looters, the Moochers, and all foreign jackals who come into North America for their share of the carcass.

              Only when we win will be able to structure any restoration (in whole or part) of FUSA and the old ways.

              Let’s win first.

              Sat cong.

              I hope we can agree at least on that objective.


              • Semper Fi, 0321

                I can pledge myself to that.
                And the hope that many of US see it thru to the other side.

            • First you say this:
              “….while respecting the rights of individual citizens….”

              Then you say this:
              “….duly elected citizen representatives….”

              Do you honestly not see the problem there?

              I’ll spell it out with a BIG red crayon right directly on your eyeballs.

              “Nobody gets to speak for me, ever.”
              I’ll have no representatives except those that I specifically hire for specific tasks.

              Whoever came up with the idea of democracy (mob rule) should be dug up and saturated with fuel oil and burnt to an ash then fired to the sun on the tip of a Saturn V rocket.

            • outlawpatriot

              You’re almost there brah,

              What we’re looking for is amendments initiated by Congress. Not state conventions. Madison knew and understood this. I understand this. You should too.

              What we’re looking to do is force a situation where Congress initiates changes and states ratify.

              We’ve done this before. It’s not unusual. The Bill of Rights came about in such a manner.

              There is a difference now though. The second amendment comes in to play.

      • AMEN!
        But… errr… how do I put this?
        While he doesn’t DESERVE it he might have AVOIDED it by choosing a better location from which to usher in the festivities…
        One may not DESERVE to be killed by a car full of Crips or Bloods but if one decides to live in Compton then one takes one’s chances.

        • Agreed.
          The first step in not getting killed is to not frequent circumstances where killings have occurred. My first thought when reading that article was, “What in the fuck kind of people would willingly choose to live in that environment.”?

          • outlawpatriot

            Listen brother. And I mean no offense.

            I understand your position. I do. Nothing wrong with it. It’s your choice and I respect it.

            But at the same time, you will never be inside my wire. And I will paddy squat on the hill with the butt of my M4 between my knees and watch should you be engaged by OPFOR without raising a finger.

            You do understand that, don’t you? It’s you’re choice and I respect it.

            • I’m a business man and I’m a soldier, as well as many other things.
              What I am NOT, is dependent upon others without just compensation.
              If you are my neighbor we will set up a deal before hand with the details drawn out. There will be no assumptions by any party. Assumptions get people killed.

              Your best sentence above:
              “It’s your choice and I respect it.”

              For that I think you, and I wish others were as thoughtful and principled.

        • outlawpatriot


          I’m listening to someone who owes allegiance to a queen and can’t own a firearm.

          Shut the fuck up!

      • Folks, Alan is right. My grandfathers did not kill Japanese and Germans so that my Constitutional Rights could end at the borders of New York or California. Please expand Mosby’s premise of perimeter security – those who begin their perimeter security at the curb are dead, they’ll never even know when their enemies arrive in the county, much less a block away from your door. On a national security level, I want my perimeter to reach as far from my front door as possible. I don’t want to learn the Californians have allowed Chinese onto the continent when those same Chinese peek over the Cascades.

        The premise of secession is sound, but in today’s reality it is not a remedy. Wherever you go, They will come. And when you telegraph that you are willing to hack off parts of yourself just because you aren’t using them, you reveal a very vulnerable weakness (or willingness) to appease your enemies. You reveal that you will share your home with your enemies, if they pressure you enough. You in Virginia are willing to give up New York, because you don’t use it. What about when they demand you give up the guest room of your home, because you don’t use it anyway. You’ve already demonstrated you are open to that sort of pressure.

        And don’t spew any crap about “It’s different, I OWN my house, they can’t come in here!” BS. You lease your home from the state. If you fail to pay your annual lease (Property Taxes), they will send men and women of the state, armed with weapons, to displace you – dead or alive. Then they will confiscate your home and give it to an FSA puke or someone who is willing to pay the lease.

        Draw your lines in the proper place. Give them nothing. If they want to liver in Socialism, they can leave. I have no obligation to tolerate them here, anywhere, in my country.


  6. They aren’t even pretending to be remotely American anymore.

  7. Mr. Witaschek chose to accept the risk of prison time by going to trial instead of pleading guilty.

    Yet another pivotal point in our history:
    the jury will have a chance to nullify the unlawful (unconstitutional) laws, at least in the District of Criminals.

    And if not…

    The gun owners will know for a proven fact that we should stop clinging to our belief in the “justice system”, because there is a system, but there is no justice.


    Another lesson from this:
    Feral dogs come in packs of 30.
    Who needs those high-cap magazines, right?..

    … and one more lesson:
    A like-minded neighbor with a rifle, prone in a bush at a safe distance, could have made the whole affair much more sporty.

    • “Yet another pivotal point in our history:
      the jury will have a chance to nullify the unlawful (unconstitutional) laws, at least in the District of Criminals.”

      I bet he gets Trial by Judge and not a jury trial.

  8. What is that goofy patch on her right arm? Why not an old glory with stars forward?

  9. Meanwhile, here in the peoples republic of california, sonoma county sheriff deputies shot and killed a 13 year old boy holding a plastic gun. The kid played the trumpet in his middle school band. A real threat….no doubt.

    • Really sucks, doesn’t it, O-G? Who was the kid threatening with a toy gun that cops had to be called in? And two big bad sheriff deputies feel threatened. That article pist me off badly. But for the grace of God, that could have been my son ten years ago.

      • Can it be presumed that if the gov’t thugs that feared for their lives were not heavily armed they would have fled for their lives upon seeing the child with the plastic toy gun?

        They claim they were terrified by a child with a toy.
        Yes, it has come to this.

        Later at the donut factory they all high fived each other in congratulations for excising another deadly threat. Cowardly mental misfits.

  10. I’d like to take credit for giving her that rank. Btw it’s SS-Obergruppenführer.

  11. Larry Elliott

    Lanier may have ideological soul mates in Montana, but if she does they keep their empty little heads low. The Geheimestaatspolizei wouldn’t have to look too hard in my place.

    Stuff like this makes me even happier that I left Western WA 15 years ago.

  12. Sucking Chest Wound

    If this guy allows himself to go to prison over a bullet casing, he deserves an award for being the most domesticated slave ever.

  13. Harold Krassny

    When is anyone going to get a little “Henry Bowman” with some of the perps? Jus sayin…

  14. Mt Top Patriot

    October 24th is the anniversary of the firing squad execution of Norwegian traitor Vidkun Quisling, in 1945. His ignominious place in history was to have his surname become a noun. “Quisling” is now a moniker synonymous with treason.


    Ditto Mr. Krassny. It will not change until folks start shooting back. Jurisdictions be damned. We have God-given rights that cannot be trampled on.. A law-abiding citizen in Washington D.C. should be just as safe under the Fourth Amendment as a law-abiding citizen in Kalispell, MT.

  16. Cold War Gunner

    This fucking cunt better never leave the district of criminals.

  17. Here’s the million dollar question.
    How do you take this warrant, to be served against a family man with no criminal record and turn it into a no-knock raid where a naked boy is pulled out of the shower?

    Was he going to start flushing guns down the toilet?

    Honestly, this kind of crap doesn’t even happen here in socialist Australia. We have SWAT style raids for biker gangs or other known organised criminals and that’s it. All other warrants are served in a civil manner by guys in the same uniforms as the ones you see walking the beat.


  18. This is very clear evidence that the DC thugocracy doesn’t actually care about “public safety.” DC has a serious violent crime and drug gang problem. People are shot every day in that shithole, and someone is murdered on average about every third or fourth day, but they are able to divert 30 SWAT dickheads plus all the supporting uniform drones to go after a guy they suspect of having a few rounds of “unregistered” ammo? But going into Southeast DC and hitting a crack house might be dangerous. Gotta go home at the end of the shift, right? Officer safety and all that.

    No, this isn’t about keeping anyone safe, this is about sending a message. Well, message received, loud and clear.

  19. You hit it on the head, Chuck. 30 “in full tactical gear” is a message, not a raid. Plus, wonder if the General Jane is friends w/the estranged wife? Be good to look for clues along those lines.

    • “Plus, wonder if the General Jane is friends w/the estranged wife?”
      Yes, they are friends in kind.
      Both are women that were kicked to the curb and now have it in for all males everywhere.

  20. I just discovered this bit of tyranny in my own backyard. Especially concerting since this is deep East Texas, dark red, Bible Belt. Administrator must be a carpetbagger. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/10/23/father-claims-god-guns-country-t-shirt-landed-his-son-in-school-suspension/