Barnhardt: Machiavelli – Now In 4-D!

Miss B wields the scourge:

…For you all still clinging to the Iniquitous Gutter Republic that was America, what has happened for the first time in history is that the Machiavellian strategy of stealing other people’s money in order to give away free s*** and maintain the faux appearance of generosity to the people who could hang you from the bridge by your squishy bits has now reached its ultimate and inevitable evil climax. Instead of stealing horizontally in real time from conquered territories, or even from a numerically small and easily vilified upper class, and then the middle class bogged down to complete inertia by its own material decadence, the “princes” of our day are victimizing a class of people that are totally incapable of resisting or defending themselves against the princes in any way.

Yep. People who haven’t been born yet…

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Sic semper tyrannis.

9 responses to “Barnhardt: Machiavelli – Now In 4-D!

  1. That is putting the ultimate imperative on it.

    But it’s not that original. The Founders included the words, “…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity….” in the Preamble to the Constitution. That half the generations living since that time have failed to jealously guarded Liberty is why we are here, being reminded that our very posterity is in dire peril.

    Add to that the millions of our posterity killed in the womb in the name of “choice” and the issue is even more seriously in doubt.

    As always, many thanks to Ann for an excruciating expose of the nature of The Enemy and the Eternal nature of the Problem.

  2. Inter-generational debt is iniquitous. It’s easy to see that it amounts to theft via the mechanism of debt.

    But, I have to ask, “How many of us understood this, even a few years back.”

    I confess that I didn’t have a clue, until I started to investigate Anarchism.

    So, I’d warrant that there isn’t a contributor on this forum who isn’t guilty … who hasn’t contributed to this crime. All you have to have done is to have cast a vote. It doesn’t matter for whom you voted, ‘cos they are all doing it. And, that takes us full circle to the post’s opening quote from Sun Tzu, about knowing yourself.

    Don’t be thinking that you are a good Christian, either. You know what the Eighth Commandment says, but you still voted for theft. When you meet your God, you might try pleading ignorance.

    Here’s a thought. We can readily see that inter-generational debt amounts to theft. We enjoy the benefits of spending the wealth of future generations. They don’t get a say in the matter. They WILL be compelled to pay over their property in order to service our debts.

    So, how does nuclear power differ from conventional inter-generational debt?

    WE get the immediate benefits, but the real costs … de-commissioning and waste disposal … are passed along to those-as-yet-unborn. You know that the waste products have to be kept secure for a hundred-thousand years. Thousands of future generations will be compelled to service the debts that we accrue.

  3. I’ve often stated that the politician is not the problem. The problems ARE the people. The morons who continue to keep the ruling elite in power.

    Your friends, your family, your neighbors, strangers on the street….those are the folks deserving of one’s wrath. It is pretty fucking simple.

    • Universal Franchise, Heinlein called it. Something for nothing, the imbalance of resposibility vs. accountability. It leads to madness, and here we are.

    • Once you understand anything is simple.
      It is accepting that the state of the electorate is far beyond redemption that is the hold up for most people whom cannot extend blame to themselves.
      At least Ann puts her life where her mouth resides.
      Respect the hell out of that.