For Shame

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Dear Mike:

Once again, I was saddened this morning to note another outbreak of your monomania re Sam.

Moreover, your decision to drag me once again into your little public psychodrama is truly disappointing.

I would have thought at this late date that you would have more wisdom as to what is and what is not important in life.

But you apparently don’t.

So be it.

Remember this post you made in 2009?

I do.

I reminded you of it when several of your then-friends were counseling you to let the madness go.

You could not.

So let’s post it here for the record, shall we?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

“A Goodness Thing”: A Word about Three Percenter Merchandise

Above is a tee-shirt now being offered on Ebay. 

The blurb describes it as:

Anti Obama Pro Gun Molon Labe AK-47 3 Percenter T-Shirt

Three percenter “Molon Labe!” T-Shirt featuring AK-47. (design approx. 5.5″ x 10″)

Printed on heavy Gildan, or Jerzees, tees (depending on color) with high quality platisol ink using the silk screen process. Your choice of dark khaki (near OD), light yellow, or white with black ink, or black, brown, or navy blue with white ink.

Available in S, M, L, and XL.

Design also availble with M14 / M1A or M16 / AR15.

$12.99 + $3 shipping

Now, I don’t know who this guy is, and from a partisan scribbler’s point of view, I don’t care. I am irked by the description as “Anti-Obama” because the issues are far more important than his narrow ass. Still, this is evidence (if it were needed) that the 3% concept is going viral, and that’s “a goodness thing,” to paraphrase John Ringo. 

RWE started this process because they felt that Threepers should have an patch to help identify friend from foe. This too was “a goodness thing.” Then Gail Nyberg designed the Threeper battle flag and we put it up on Sipsey Street. This led to demands for a place to buy them. We also needed a way to get the Three Percent idea across at rallies, Tea Parties, etc., and then Pete stepped in with a solution that, while not perfect, was doable with the resources we had at the time — I should emphasize that they were HIS resources. 

Now we have demands for truck decals, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, etc, that frankly are beyond our poor power to produce. RWE is coming out with a made-in-USA battle flag patch (probably only in subdued woodland, since the desert III patches haven’t done so well sales-wise and the current stock will not be replenished). Smaller than the III patch, it will probably be more popular. (I can’t help but think at some point in the future that those original III patches will be a collectible.)

Anyway, whether its tee shirts, coffee cups, truck decals or bumper stickers, if you want some, have them made. I don’t object to the idea getting spread around and you making a little ammo money in the process. That too is “a goodness thing.”

Now if you see somebody misusing the III in service of racist or anti-Semitic causes, or misrepresenting what the Three Percent stand for, let me know and I will send somebody scary like Charlie Quintard or the very real Texas John to visit them. (Texas John, an ex-Ranger and Samurai sword maker, once walked up to a bad guy with an attitude who was threatening “a badness thing,”, whispered in his ear and caused him to piss his pants and lose interest in confrontation. I don’t have a clue what he said, but sincere delivery is everything. The man can be, when he needs to be, maximum scary. I’m proud to know the best of humanity. BTW, Texas John makes an appearance in the sequel to Absolved.)

In any case, if you have a Threeper marketing idea, go for it. Even if its with a magic marker on a federal building john wall. You will be helping deliver the message.


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Carl said…

I agree with you that the shirt is not anti-Obama. He is merely the head resident Marxist in an illegal gathering of Marxists who have usurped the rights of the people. This is about more than just one person, it is a clash of ideologies and cultures. Liberty vs. tyranny.
October 15, 2009 at 10:26 AM

III more than them said…

“BTW, Texas John makes an appearance in the sequel to Absolved.)”Sequel??? I’m still waiting to get hold of the original! 😛

October 15, 2009 at 11:04 AM

Defiant said…

No 2XL and 3XL for us full figured guys???? :O)
October 15, 2009 at 11:31 AM

Anonymous said…

I can’t access e-Bay from work – but do you think someone might gently contact the seller to point out that the “three per center’ label does not designate an ‘anti-Obongo’ mindset? It is perhaps the work of a well meaning but partially unenlightened person, who might respond well to fraternal correction.
– ParaPacem –
October 15, 2009 at 11:35 AM

Defiant said…

I think I like this one better. Just have to get some 2XL.

October 15, 2009 at 11:40 AM

Donald P McGaffey said…

We have friends we do not know. Addidas just added to their rising three bar triangle brand, our beloved │││, boldly displayed on the end of their sports duffel. It’s not III, but so close as to leave no doubt. Now if your beloved shares your beliefs as well as your life, she can get a range bag suitable for her collapsible, take down, or disassembled, equipment in pastel blue or pink. My wife was so delighted we got a pair. My hat’s off to the quiet believers in our constitution at Addidas.
~Donald P McGaffey
Five Mile Committee of Correspondence
Redford, Michigan
October 15, 2009 at 12:41 PM

Art said…

Appreciate the “GO” encouragement.
Anticipate a flood of III merch EVERYWHERE. Store is open HERE …
October 15, 2009 at 12:45 PM

Anonymous said…

Ought to put a picture of a rifle on the tee shirt. Say a .22 rimfire or some such. Maybe a lever 30-30. Those machine pistols look like gestapo crap.
October 15, 2009 at 1:26 PM

Anonymous said…

Fellas,I sent a e-mail to Mike thanking him for the clarifications. The ones I am making, I am making by hand and will not be charging much for them. I just want the word to get out.

I can also make the bigger sizes for the “red meat eating american freedom fighters”

Timmy’s got ya covered. 😉

Threeper in PHX.

October 15, 2009 at 1:32 PM

Anonymous said…

The Yugo M70AB2 underfolder is a nice touch–a subtle reminder that the Serbian rules of engagement will be in effect for fedgov apparatchicks when the balloon goes up. MALTHUS

October 15, 2009 at 4:44 PM

Dennis (762future) said…

I’m the guy that designed and sells the shirts.I listed a couple of different versions each with the three rifle designs. As part of a completely unscientific experiment I am conducting about the ratios of various sorts of “freedomistas” looking for t-shirts on ebay.

I guess I should point out I’m a anarchist/autarchist/voluntaryist of the Rothbardian/ Hoppean sort. I included “Anti-Obama” in the title tag merely as a term that is common in related ebay item searches (e.g. pro gun shirt, molon labe shirt, anti obama shirt). The title is crafted to achieve many search hits on related terms, not define a philosophical statement that I assume people who know about will know about and those who have interest in can easily find out about online. If Bush was still in office the listings would say “Anti-Bush.”

With that being said, back to the unscientific experiment.

With 6 hours to go on a 30 day listing (they will be relisted upon ending):

Molon Labe M1A Threeper shirt
181 views, 3 watchers, 1 sold

Molon Labe AR15 (actually an M4) Threeper shirt
454 views, 7 watchers, 5 sold

Molon Labe AK-47 Threeper shirt
118 views, 3 watchers, 0 sold

With 1 day and 21 hours to go on a 30 day listing:

Laissez Faire / Laisser Passer M1A Threeper Shirt
98 views, 2 watchers, 0 sold

Laissez Faire / Laisser Passer AK-47 Threeper Shirt
146 views, 1 watcher, 1 sold

Laissez Faire / Laisser Passer AR15 Threeper Shirt
208 views, 2 watchers, 0 sold

Compared to these auctions within the same time span:

Murray Rothbard An-Cap Shirt (2 days left on a 30 day listing)
30 views, 1 watcher, 0 sold

Obama “You Lie!” shirt (last month’s figures)
250+ views, 10 sold

Sling Blade (the movie) Shirt (7 days left on a 30 day listing)
77 views, 2 watchers, 4 sold

There is a lot more interest in Threeper shirts than Murray Rothbard shirts on ebay. Of those that are interested in Threeper shirts most prefer “Molon Labe!” to “Laissez Faire” as a proclamation, and most prefer AR15s to the M1A (my choice) or AK (again within the narrow confines of ebayers looking for shirts).

October 15, 2009 at 7:38 PM

Anonymous said…

Check out the Disclaimer the eBayer mentioned has added to his ads.“DISCLAIMER: “Anti-Obama” is a common and generic search term, for the purposes of increasing this items visability on ebay. It is in no way meant to encapsulate the Three Percenter philosophy as a whole. For more info on Three Percenters please visit”

October 16, 2009 at 3:36 PM

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So, Mike, it looks to me that just a little over four years ago, you told the world it was OK to use the III concept as they saw fit.

You remember that, right?

Here’s what I remember:

– Meeting you for the first time in that Waffle House and discussing with you the outlaw biker concept of the “One Percenters”, with the suggestion that you play with the concept for the good of the Cause

– Teaching you in that Hampton Inn lobby how to run the Blogspot software and enough HTML code to start Sipsey Street

– Driving you roundtrip at least once to Indianapolis for the Indy gun show, at least once to Knob Creek, to DC for the first march on 9/11/09, to Lexington, MA for the Oathkeepers kickoff, to DC for the RTC Potomac event, and to Guilford Courthouse in NC for Tom’s gathering. I also remember paying for your room and board for each of these trips.

– Buying you dinner every time I’d drive over to meet you in Alabama

– Giving you a monthly prepaid cellphone

– Giving you a laptop (and getting it repaired when it needed it)

– Giving you an AR upper for one of your daughters

– Giving you a spamcan of 7.62x54R for your other daughter

– Giving you cash on several occasions for your bills

– Giving you cash on another occasion so that you could buy your cardiac medicine, and

– Trying to be a good friend to you.

Here’s what I don’t remember – doing anything (other than disagreeing with you) that would warrant being dragged repeatedly into your demented Ahab routine with Sam.

Shame on you, Mike.


Know that when you are gone, your conduct will always provide the asterisk to what should have been a stellar reputation as an American freedom fighter.

Your character defects and lack of self-discipline have sullied your legacy forever, Mike.

I can live with myself.

Hope you can.

Going forward, leave me out of your nonsense.


Your former friend,


68 responses to “For Shame

  1. Trade you one of the t-shirts I’m promoting to eliminate communism for one of yours.

  2. Damn….

  3. It’s my understanding that the man is dealing with some serious health issues. Pain and ensuing side effects of potent meds can exacerbate thought patterns and response. Regardless, after 2 months I stopped visiting the site simply for what I perceived as an overall negative vibe and lack of constructive thought. I wish the man well.

  4. Wow Pete, that’s gonna leave a mark. I lost all respect for MBV the first time he started this shit. I refuse to up his site count by visiting his little circle jerk of sycophants.

    Met Sam twice, once in Mercer where he stood on principle against other big names in the Movement. Second time him and Holly came to train our unit (about 12 people) in CQB. I know for a FACT he lost money on that visit. He has never given us any reason to doubt his commitment or belief in the cause. He has never begged or sent emails asking for handouts. (although he has sold merchandise and services to benefit the III as a whole). I have seen no evidence of any kind of corruption where Sam and Holly are concerned.

    I tried to inform MBV that he was mistaken about Sam, but my emails were ignored and my comments not posted. Some feuds only end with death of one or all of the principles. No one needs to raise a hand to MBV, he is dying. And I for one would not deny Your or Sam’s right to defend yourselves when attacked online. Sam is pissed and I don’t blame him one bit. There is such a thing as righteous anger. Hill Folk understand feuds like few others.

    Your article makes it plain who MBV really is.


  5. I hope this ends it. I am not sanguine it will, but I will give it a shot, again. The one thing that drives me nutty when Mike starts up is when other Patriots start throwing out the “Both of you stop it” BS.

    Pete won’t say this publicly, but I will: Years ago I watched him stand on principle in an email exchange wherein Mike was accusing me of sundry despicable actions. Pete demanded that Mike provide proof, not merely ad hominem attacks. He lost a friend over Principle. It wasn’t for me, it was for principle.

    That is an American worth following. Pete is that guy.


    • K,
      I have on a number of occasions said that very thing. I dont really know all the ins and outs of yours and MVB’s conflict so I did not take a side in it. One of the principles is “Dont frack the insurgency”. That has always been my motivation for saying “cut it out”. The problem that I saw was the forming up of factions behind the two camps. It is one thing to have disagreements on doctrine or degrees of ideology it is another for factions to be flat out hostile towards one another. All of that being said, I have come to a conclusion. I will no longer even read MVB. I stopped posting there ages ago but I did read his material almost everyday. My turning point began with his bullshit about going to Colorado which he backed out of. His bogus request for advice on what to do about that decision was a kicker for me. After this lashing out at Pete, a man I know personally, someone I trust and respect, MVB has gone Full retard.

      K, I am sorry for driving you nuts with that stance by the way, but I still think its important that FREEFOR be united at least in purpose and goals. Its a distraction to let the important work that you are doing be impacted by the rantings of an egotistical part-time novelist.

  6. When I was out there searching I came across Sipsey. It gave me hope that I wasn’t alone. As far as I was concerned then as now, Mike is the Father of III.

    However, I feel that he has squandered his legacy. Allies developed and came forward. Peter, Sam, and others. For some reason the man just couldn’t or wasn’t willing to share the stage. And the stage must be shared.

    I have met and/or know personally the men involved here. Make no mistake, they are all type A personalities and as whacked as I am. If I were in trouble, I would choose Peter or Sam in a heartbeat. I never felt the warmth when I met Mike that I felt with the other two men.

    That doesn’t say Mike is bad, it just says he has his view. I have mine too. Other men are more congruent to my point of view. At the end of the day, that’s all that is gonna matter to me.

    • Same old, Bolsheviks vs Mensheviks. Stalin, at an early 1900s Party Congress, while looking out over a sea of recognizably-ethnic faces debating doctrinal fine points: “What we need…is a pogrom in the Party”. Take that as Warning, all.

  7. I like to keep out of threeper drama and without trying to sound a little classless, Mike has always struck me as a bit of a dick head in his ramblings and writings. I understand that the man is dealing with pain but if he can’t learn to play in the sand box nicely, maybe it’s time to go and find a new bunch of friends to play with.

  8. Well, I’ve met all three involved in this latest poo-chucking fest.

    For Mike V it’s only a few times: a lunch at Anniston with Rosie and Peter, the RTC rallys at the Potomac and in Greensboro, and perhaps another time I can’t pin down. A meal somewhere.

    For Sam K it’s only twice at Brock’s. I never introduced myself, just sat and listened both times.

    While both have good points and I had no issues with their in person comments, both have significantly diminished themselves via their on line tirades aimed at each other. I’m not saying that either did or did not have cause, I’m just saying that What they say (and How they say it) in their attacks on each other are disappointing to me. Quite.

    As for Peter, I’ve been around him A Lot, in several states (since the early Appleseed planning days of late 2005 ), often armed. I’ve had him stay in my “retreat” when we had meetings out in the woods there. He is one of the very, very few that I would trust behind me with a loaded gun with no reservations whatsoever. None. He is also one of the few I feel comfortable saying things to that, well, might cause me “trouble” if the wrong person heard them. To paraphrase an old dead guy, he pretty much knows what he is about. Yes, he’s a stand up guy. I’ve seen him turn a cheek at a couple of unwarranted attacks before (those of MBV and of one other sadly misguided person who shall go unnamed).

    To see this, it’s clear that he’s had enough. He’s earned being left out of the stupid pissing contest. From what I can see that’s all he’s asked for.

    Let him have it. He has earned it, many times over, with interest.

    Get back to the serious shit of preserving our Liberty, or STFU!!

    Keep your powder dry (and your effing mouths shut!),

    Atlas Shrug

  9. The one thing that drives me nutty when Mike starts up is when other Patriots start throwing out the “Both of you stop it” BS.

    Hierarchical arrangements like parents, governments, and employers often don’t want justice, they want peace and quiet. Whoever is making the noise gets punished. Those particular individual “other Patriots” are not your friends or allies, and they can’t be trusted with anything serious.

    Consider this a practice run for the future libeling all readers here will receive. What are you going to do when a medical doctor lies and says you aren’t allowed to have life-saving procedure X because in his opinion backed by test result Y exceeding FDA threshold Z blah blah blah end result your death?

    You are not going to get justice through the system, and you are not going to get justice by advertising your position on what remain of the Internet. Better make other arrangements, now.

  10. Pete, thanks for this. Mikes site was one of the first of the Liberty sites I went to. His site introduced me to yours and that led me to attend the gathering across the river from DC in 2009. I met you and Mike there, and something just didn’t feel right about him but I couldn’t put my finger on it and so I kept taking him at his word for a lot of things, including about K. Eventually, critical thinking got me to look into Sam. At this point, I hadn’t met Sam, but I had started reading him. I took him at his word when he spelled out why he was now a felon (although it was still with a grain of salt because I hadn’t met him yet).
    Then, I thought about doing something nice for Mike and I was going to get him a year’s subscription to his own website so that he wouldn’t have to go through blogger (he was complaining about issues with blogger at that time). When I discovered that you had already licensed the name I was thinking of, I contacted you about it and you were willing to give it to him if he wanted it. So I contacted him and told him that you owned it and would give it to him… and I never heard from him again.
    Then I met Sam at Mercer. I got the opportunity to look in his eyes, and I don’t believe he was lying to me/us about his past. I never got that same feeling about Sam that I got about Mike. Since Mercer, I have met Sam a few more times (not as much as I would like, but life and this 2 year old running around are keeping me busy). After Mercer I reduced my visits to Mike’s site gradually until now I almost never go there. I haven’t been there in at least 6 months (before tonight). It’s more of the same from Mike. He’s pissed off because Sam “stole” the III%, but it doesn’t seem to have ever crossed his mind that Sam is just providing the focus that so many of us needed. Sam didn’t steal the III% from Mike, the III% left Mike because it wasn’t going anywhere.
    I could keep going, but this is long enough already. I will just end by saying that I don’t wish Mike any harm, his life is suffering enough. I just wish he’d stop trying to drag us back to his level of hell.

  11. Atlas said it and I couldn’t agree more…..Pete’s one of the very, very few I’d trust completely, behind me in a gunfight! I know from firsthand experience he is a gentleman of the finest kind and I am honored to be called his friend.

  12. It has been painful to watch the burn up between Mike and Pete over the past two years or so, as they most of all helped me wake up and cut my patriot teeth. I think it has most telling of all however that WRSA has continued to be a daily read while SSI and other sites have come and gone by the wayside. The poison slinging, back biting, ego tripping you suck-he sucks-you all suck of certain people (not just Mike, but it does seem to revolve around him for sure) gets old quick. While illustrative of real resistance groups in a real resistance world, where everyone is not all for one and one for all freedom fighters, in the beginnings of the movement, it is a harsh distraction and a real WTF to new folks trying to get up to speed on standing up to team tyranny. But I am not here to tell the the kids to play nice or pontificate from the high ground. Freedom and liberty are the goal, and that means the freedom to disagree and the liberty to stuff your shirt till you pop. The founders were a fractious lot also. Patriots are strong personalities, not socialist slaves, hence it is like herding cats to get things done, even back in 1776. But there is no place I would rather be. But just like the founders, we must pull together enough to send the enemy back across the sea whence they came.

    You know who I miss? TL Davis. A gentlemen, a scholar, a cowboy. Every patriot could learn a great deal from his style of leadership. Not leadership of the stripe of I am great and you need to shut up and do what I say. Leadership of the quiet confidence of a man who knew the walk, the talk, the facts, and if he said he was going to do something, by God it was getting done. Period. His example is sorely missed in these increasingly desperate times.

    I have no dog in any of these fights, I am just telling the world what is in front of my nose from the perspective of the outsider. Take it for what you will. But get the shit out and done with, get back on task, and ruck the fuck up. There is work to be done.

    CA, You have point. I’m following you.

  13. Some comments can be innocent, if they were made/existed in a vacuum.

    As far as I can tell, the line that was chucked out there recently on Sipsey (re: a projectile through a window and something about a bedcheck on Kerodin) was, given the history and context between these men, in extremely poor taste.

    Context and the past renders some otherwise innocuous “jokes” very offensive and provocative- if indeed they were offered up innocently in the first place.

    Any married men want to back me up here? 😉

    Given the context here (and I realize I am not free and clear of this by a long shot), that jab served to re-open something quite a bit bigger than it would at first seem to warrant, and things escalated from there. Look- there’s no love lost between Kerodin and I. As far as I know, he treasures me as much as he treasures Mike. (!) I realize that even commenting on this issue here opens me/us up to a whole different context and set of past events. Again, however- no comment, joke, or statement exists in a vacuum.

    Still, I have to say that I have watched in the past before as Kerodin sat silent in the interests of preserving “community peace” or whatever. I’ve watched more than a few times as he sat there and did/said nothing at the behest of various friends.

    But a man has a breaking point, you know? You poke a man to make him mad, and guess what?

    He’s gonna get mad.

    Anyway, IMO Mike should let this go, and should avoid any references whatsoever to Kerodin as potentially toxic and explosive, because that’s just how context and the past has made it. Or Mike can continue to do this, I guess, and be surprised (or escalate via snark) when someone he’s poking at gets angry and has enough.

    I hope you’re reading this, Sam. For what it is worth (not much at this point, I know), I recognize that I have wronged you in the past, and although we disagree heavily on some big things, there was no call for me to act in the manner towards you that I have previously. I don’t expect a damned hug or something, or really even a response. You have taught me something about myself, and I sincerely thank you for that. I dunno. Maybe Mike might read this too and do the same. Maybe Mike will allow Kerodin to teach him something about himself.

    That’s a hard class to show up to, brothers.

    We might disagree with folks, we might even strongly dislike them, but there’s no call, reason, or even a practical purpose for mistreatment of those people we call our enemies. Especially not on internet blogs. I am reminded of General Lee always being insistent on referring to the marauding Union troops as “those people.” If more of us could emulate him.

    And the reference to CA? The whole point of this post? Regardless of the rest, dragging CA into it was uncalled for as well, and again I point the reader to the context and past outlined in this post. I was unaware of a lot of that, and it makes me question seriously how far this thing has gone.

    IMO if there is one “rock” in this small online (as CA puts it) “already-dead” community, it’s CA.

    There are my depreciated $.02

    And CA- If this in your estimation will spark a poo-flinging contest, no need to post. I have no desire for that and will not defend if attacked. You were wronged here, and I don’t want to distract the comment thread.

    • Oh and FWIW- This is not me “taking sides.” I am not on a “side” here. This is an opinion from me on this subject, and IMO there is a bit of context and background behind what I am saying.

      I’ve been wrong about both men involved here at one point or another- it’s part of fulfilling my daily screw-up quota. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but others do.

      CA does, and it is not fun to watch his name dragged around in this sump.

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  15. Its been clear for years and Im talking many years…
    … far too much ego in this movement that aint doing anything but helping the wrong folks.

    • Stewie, you certainly have some brass balls, pointing
      the finger of ego at someone else.
      Upon reflection, why am I surprised and upset?
      I should expect hypocritical brass balls from someone
      who leads an organization welcome far too many
      oathbreakers as due paying members.

      • Sheesh what makes you think I am Stewart Rhodes?
        But thanks for proving my point.
        Been using this nom de guerre on the net since the early nineties so reconsider you comment.

  16. Thumbs up for this post, Brother.
    I believe everybody that reads my site knows what I think about Mikey so I won’t go into it here.
    What’s important is that the same people know how I feel about my Brother and Sister, Sam and Holly.

  17. I would never abuse III percent-er patches for racist causes. Since the word “racism” is a Marxist word used only to shut up Whites, I personally never use it, but abusing III percent-er patches is beyond the pale (pun).
    Whites have let themselves be convinced that it is evil merely to object to dispossession, much less to work for their own interests. Never before has a people been fooled into thinking that there was virtue or nobility in surrendering its heritage, and giving away to others its place in history, only whites have been tricked into thinking that love for their own people is somehow “hatred” of others.

    Sad about Texas being part of Aztlan and all. Nearly 50% Mexican and the schools far higher percentages than that. In a few years it won’t be Texas John, but Texas Jose’.

  18. C’mon guys, a lot of wasted energy here picking on Mike. He has educated a lot of folks, and certainly is a colonel in the movement. As to his pissing contest with Sam, who cares, except for them.

    Forgiveness Pete, is important. If Mike is a cheapskate, that’s between the two of you. I would have thought that you would have kept those issues private. But so be it.

    You should publicly encourage him to keep up the fight. This war will be won one mind at a time. Mike is a valuable voice that shouldnt be silenced. As is Sam’s, and as is Your’s.


    Vegas Dave

  19. At the beginning of this ‘war of attrition’, MBV and Pete were both given sound counsel that leaders of the same side never fight in front of their ‘troops’ because of the damage to cohesion and morale that inevitably follows. The leader who can’t master his own ego will lose his cause and his group. And it’s the cause, “Constitutional Restoration” that is the ultimate objective. They both listened carefully, and agreed, ‘burying their hatchets’ and renewing their pledge of friendship and dedication to the cause. Pete’s kept his word. MBV, not so much. Whatever the reason, be it health, ego, or other reasons, he hasn’t been able to do it.

    For those of you who are adding to dysfunction by saying that people who aren’t either for or against one or the other, try to look at this objectively. The facts are that when people feel strongly enough to come forward and say, “stop this crap” to those leaders (or spokespersons), it is evidence that morale and cohesion are suffering; when morale and cohesion suffer, factionalism occurs, and factions destroy the movement from within. Saying ‘stop’ is decidedly not a message that one is or is not in support of a personal position or is or is not an ally to be trusted. It is simply a call to the leaders in question to return to leader behavior for the good of the cause, group cohesion, and morale.

    I know Pete and I know Mike having spent many hours working the movement and objective. I know Kerodin, but not yet from a FTF (that will or won’t happen due to circumstance and/or opportunity); so long as K can get beyond this garbage for the good of the movement, he will do well for himself and those he leads/influences.

    As both Pete and Kerodin have said, “enough” in their own way, they only need now move forward toward the objective to put things back on track for the ‘troops in the field’. Mike has demonstrated he is no longer able to put the objective above himself, and that diminishes the good he will do in the future. It’s a damn shame, too, because he was, at one time, ‘the real deal’ with a vision. That vision he promoted has now deteriorated, most likely, irrevocably.

    Don’t let that happen to anymore of us. There’s damn few, and we need everyone we have.

    So, let’s get back to business, shall we?

  20. Hi,

    I have never commented on this or any other FreeFor site, but this whole ordeal has surprised and disturbed me to the extent that I felt like coming out of the shadows and joining the conversation for a second.

    First, I have respect for Mr. Vanderboegh and Mr. Codrea for bringing the Fast and Furious scandal to the light of day before anyone else. I know less about Mr. Kerodin other than his blog, criminal record, and movement to bring together patriots in a common geographic environment, but I do find all of these men relevant to the cause of exposing injustice and working to bring like minded free men together.

    It pains me to see such revered figures in the III% attack one another in public. Gentlemen, the war has not yet began and look at yourselves. Teenagers do this. Frankly, I don’t care what your personal quarrels with one another are and as content creators you are at liberty to discuss whatever you wish, but know that all this does is demoralize the silent III that tune into your content.

    Mr. Kerodin, I understand your frustration regarding statements such as, “both of you stop it” when you feel like you’ve been more wronged. From what I’ve read, some cheap shots were taken, but please remember that the kind of people that have their scanners tuned to FreeFor are not the kind of men to be so easily swayed by unsubstantiated accusations. Pride. It’s a killer.

    I was unaware that Mr. Vanderboegh was ill. That is sad for him and his family and should be for us too, regardless of whether he is a “likeable guy” or not.

    Lastly, I would just like to say thank you to all of you bloggers, trainers, organizers, investigative journalist, whistle-blowers, veterans, LEOs, Oathkeepers, and families that stand with us in the spirit of liberty and freedom. I especially want to thank the creator of this site for the superb job done to keep it relevant and informative. Perhaps our paths will cross someday.

    That’s all I’ve got. I’m going back to my spot along the wall.

    Semper Fidelis,



    Will someone please explain to me why Mike V does not release “ABSOLVED”? I visit his site every day. It’s obvious he has serious health/cash flow issues. Having read passages from his work, I think it would be a best seller and maybe he would not have his financial back to the wall. That would improve his outlook.
    If you want to look at this from a Biblical perspective, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Almighty. I will not judge Mike or Sam. I have no right to. It is human nature to never remember what we do right, only what we do wrong. I had an ex-wife like that. The one thing I’ll say about Mike is his commitment to the FAST AND FURIOUS scandal has earned him my respect. But, as we used to say when I was a Deputy Sheriff: “One ‘AW, SHIT!’ cancels out five ATTA-BOYS. Let’s all move on and focus on those ORCS who are trying to destroy us.

  22. a little over four years ago, you told the world it was OK to use the III concept as they saw fit.

    Peter: I remember that this wasn’t the only time it was mentioned. Somehow, I seem to recollect it about the same time as your post on Mad Dog in 2010.

    Also, I recollect that each “fight” has been initiated by Mike. Too bad, but “it is what it is” as my tax lady says. 🙂

  23. So, now everybody is holding Kerodin’s crying towel? He has as much in his past as MVB. Perhaps more that is relevant to his current activities and projects. As to MVB’s past has has explained it all, ad nauseum, without reservation. Kerodin (after one or two legal name changes) on the other hand, doesn’t really put his history out front. This is because he is less a threeper and more a businessman. Of a sort. And by appearances, a somewhat reactionary one.
    I’ve called him on this already:
    Go do the whois m’kay?

    He took the trouble to register the domain name? For That? That’s wacky.

    I wonder if K disclosed that before he went on Glen Beck. He seems to have one personality for public consumption, and one just for the patriot community. One of those is squared away. the other is permanently stuck in schoolyard bully mode. But then again, lots of salesmen have split personalities. The question is, what is Mr. K trying to sell YOU?

    Meanwhile, if you want fling hypocrisy charges around, remember who legally trademarked “III”.

    Can The ubiquitous Mr. K Be trusted? I dunno. I’m forgiving. Debt to society paid in full and all that. What about MVB? Sure, why not. A good chunk of Wall St. and Corporate America is run by ex commies. Yes indeed, they were plotting our downfall on college campuses from coast to coast in the sixties. Then they had to get a job. Money was made and values changed.

    This latest flap appears to be in reaction to a pithy one liner MVB made in response to an attack on his home. I think it was made in just, just a small jab between rivals.

    The over the top reaction to that quip reflects neurosis. If Mr Kerodin is that easy to get a rise out of, his doesn’t need a fort in Idaho. He needs his own sitcom.

    In the end, both of these men are good a yanking chains, with different styles.

    But it would appear to me MVB needs no propping up, no egging on, no seconding. Mr K seems to revel in it. Mr’s Kerodin’s “come at me bro” style just begs for negative commentary, and MVB just delivers the good he is being asked to deliver.

    And I don’t think that any of you Kerodin backslappers make any sort of impression on MVB at all, except coming off on the toady-ish side.

  24. Sucks to see patriots at each others’ throats.

  25. G.A.Y. spells all this shit.
    And you guys are supposed to be the “defenders” of the Constitution?
    Ohhh, fu^k yeah!

  26. Ramsey A. Bear

    Steve has tagged it.

  27. I understand that feel-goods have been hurt. Lots of history here.

    Now get over it and get back to the task at hand. J.F.C. Steve, Anon , and earthman have nailed it.

  28. Hell, I like Mike. He’s got a certain “style” ya know…
    That said, K’s got his mind right. You might not like HOW he says something, but you can’t fuck with WHAT he says….if your serious.

  29. Sucking Chest Wound

    Sad. The whole thing is sad and unfortunate.

    My only thing to add is that nothing will end without unconditional forgiveness. Forgiveness or hatchet hurrying while still holding a grudge or animosity is like a weed. It is going to keep coming up. Forgive completely and move forward. (If you are a Christian this should not be a difficult concept).

    All hope for the best to all the parties involved. Lets get back to focussing on the enemy and our own readiness.

    • Mr Chest Wound….you stated it better than I could. Your last sentence of your comments says it all, “Lets get back to focusing on the enemy and our own readiness.”

  30. Geez guys, this is way too much info about way to little of any importance in the bigger picture. I appreciate the good stuff, and hope forgiveness or at least discretion can re-appear regarding the rest. Any takers?

  31. jessejames87

    What a fucking mess. This little Stalin-Trotsky moment is supremely disappointing. I liked SSI initially and like others it got me thinking. My old man turned me on to WRSA and only later did I become aware of kerodin.
    Both rubbed me the wrong way, kerodin with his rather acerbic rants at times and MV with the snide comments and rather self-bestowed padrino status of the whole III movement.

    I will say that kerodin has been respectful (read, within the bounds of vigorous disagreement) and reasonable in the few interactions I’ve had with him online. His writing style on his blog and certain beliefs he holds I may disagree with at times, but I do not begrudge someone who writes what and how they want on their own site. I can respect that. The noose thing is corny IMHO, but it’s beyond the pale to call it a money-making scheme. It’s like French cuffs…I love ’em. Rarely will you catch me in a suit without them. Some colleagues think I’m a jackass for wearing them. Redneck trying to look like Buffet. Maybe the noose is kerodin’s French cuffs. If it floats your boat, more power to you. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the sole arbiter of good taste.

    Point is, the comment by MV was in poor taste. Churlish and something a pubescent spoiled little girl would say. Especially given the history between the two. Everybody does it, but an apology should have been issued. The rant by kerodin was also in very poor taste. I get it, you were mad. Maybe he baited you. One of the hardest lessons I learned in law school…don’t respond to snark. It was a hard proclivity to break for me. Do it. Responding makes the snark a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s the internet, people say stupid shit. Don’t respond and the snarking will make him ever more irrelevant, a more satisfying outcome for you than what we have here.

    Neither can take back what was said, but both need to be the bigger man and at least attempt to let the petty shit go. Yeah, MV started it K. Think of it as his gift to you in the form of an opportunity to show a measure of self-control, maturity and class. Maybe I would have done the same thing, but calling people out to confront them in the flesh sounds like a good way for the FED to kill two or more birds with one stone…literally. Or just put you, MV and whoever else in club Fed for some asinine violation of whatever the fuck.
    I don’t fault either for a moment of intemperance. We all have them. How you handle the aftermath of that intemperance is what reveals a lot about character and maturity. Now that you both are pissed at me…

    … sad panda, very sad indeed.

  32. This had to have been a difficult post to write Pete.

    I have never personally met you or any of the people who have commented on this matter.

    I have however, communicated with a few and they know who they are, I’ll leave it at that.

    I have also been observing this long running debacle for years now and it is not just a two way street,there are others that get tossed in the mixer on occasion with regularity.
    It is symptomatic of a greater fracture in the community as a whole. There are other long running disagreements that I am aware of also that have resulted in bad blood.

    It is obvious that there are at least two if not three or more thought processes and points of view that seem to be the most prevalent regarding this movement yet all have a common goal.

    I’m not sure if distillation process is the phrase I am looking for but it will do for now.

    I may appear to be a relative newcomer to this if you only look on the surface but as I stated earlier, I have been observing the movement for several years now. It is just that I have only recently decided to get more involved and there is no going back for me.

    I am interested in getting to know some of you better and hopefully being able to bring something positive to this effort, some is better than none.

    I can say, without equivocation, that Mr. Vanderboegh left a bad taste in my mouth a long time ago.

    His time is short now.
    So be it.

    This sideshow will pass eventually and there will be even more work to be done in the mean time.


    Philip Paul

  33. FWIW….I have found the writings/essays/opinions of all three men, Mike V, Mr. K and Mr. Pete to most often parallel my beliefs. I appreciate all three but don’t always agree with them. Such is life.

    Anyway….I gravitate to WRSA and not the other two blogs. Myself, I find the bickering to be a minor sideshow to the patriotic efforts of all three men. I just scan Pete’s essay where he is asserting his issues with Mike V, ignore it, and look forward to his other postings. Plainly put, I just ignore the discord among the three men. Then I just turn my attention to all the good stuff Pete puts up on WRSA.

  34. I don’t know any of the parties involved very well, but one only needs to read Kerodin’s replies on the subject to understand that he’s unhinged. Maybe both men/groups are deeply flawed, but from my vantage point, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hitch their wagon to a lunatic who can’t control his temper. In any event, if Peter wants want be left out of the feud, that seems like a reasonable request.

  35. Way too many (self-appointed) chiefs in this movement and not enough Indians.

    Toss in some egos and a few cults o’ personality here and there and you get what we see developing: a fading into irrelevance as a scary addendum for Mo Dees and Mark Potok to add to quarterly SPLC fundraising letters. Opfor doesn’t have to do anything but stir a little shit and watch the whole thing implode. I’m sure they’re quaking in their (jack)boots.

    Care about leaving my posterity a freer country than my parents left me. Don’t care about much else, including feuds, merchandise, meet-eat-and-retreats or a catalog of “injustices” that put the DOI to shame.

    Say what you’re gonna do, then do it. If you’re any good at it, people will naturally gravitate to you. If you suck at it, you’re gonna spend a lot more time backfilling and justifying than you do moving the ball forward. See SPLC above.

    Al Gore’s beloved invention is a double-edged sword. While it’s great for reaching an audience with a message, it allows nearly reprisal-free showing of one’s ass as well as enabling anyone with enough mental horsepower to use a QWERTY keyboard to air their opinion (including yours truly) without a thought to the wisdom of doing so. You know the old saying about opinions and assholes, so is it any wonder why it stinks?

    At this point, I’d be ready to join Team Ghostsniper, if such a thing weren’t an oxymoron.

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  37. Hey, anybody seen any MRAPS lately?

  38. Whole god-damn worlds crashing down around us all, and two principle players in the resistance to that crash are bitching about a fucking trademark!

    The great left or right twix debate will continue to rage while the commies line us all up against a ditch and end it with bullets to the back of our heads.
    Before I read these latest posts I was having some thoughts on Logistics. I dont know many independantly wealthy people. The couple that I do know are either still fully invested in the system or wholy focused on going galt. In other words they are not interested in financing an insurgency. I am not a rich man, but my AK is not going to feed itself. So I must do something to earn the extra funds to supply my little slice of resistance. My Brother and I are slowly getting to the point that we can begin to have serious training classes. We will need to charge for those classes not only to supply them and keep them going but to fund our ability to resist.
    Guys the point I am getting at here is that to resist a trillion dollar federal juggernaunt is not going to be cheap. We cannot self finance this thing. Rather than bitching and moaning about whos making change off of the movement why dont we have some leadership and find a way to organize real financial support?

  39. Pete, I’ve already told you personally (email), how I felt about MV’s attack so it doesn’t need repeated here. A lot of this recent unpleasantness started because of an attack on MV’s home, so my question is this. Has anyone thought through the irony? A man who encouraged people throwing bricks through the windows of politicians, having something thrown through his own window? And before you all start, know this. I do not agree with it at all, especially since one of his loved ones could have been hurt, but things come back to you sometimes, and in ways you don’t expect. I have pointed out MV’s hypocrisy a few times, concerning Kerodin’s past, when compared to his own. The shot he fired over K’s bow after the drive by slingshotting, was unwarranted and inappropriate.

  40. Anger can always be traced back to an issue of injustice. Both Mike and K feel they have been wronged by each other and, as a result, both become irritated with each other. Correct the injustice and the negative emotions and related comments go away.

    Do they REALLY want to end this dispute? There is a way, but I doubt the people involved will go for it. I will suggest it anyway.

    The reason this pissing contest continues is because of the III symbolism. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, Mike encouraged others WHO SUPPORTED THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT OF THE III to put that symbolism on various products. However, K did not believe in the original concept of the III. Mike feels an injustice when someone works to redefine what the III is all about, trademarks it for personal gain, etc. That is an injustice in Mike’s eyes, he is angry about it whether he will admit it or not, and he cannot help lashing out to vent some of that anger. K, on the other hand, feels the injustice every time Mike does it, for he’s trying to do his own thing and stay away from Mike. When K reacts he does so by attacking Mike personally and that only adds fuel to the fire. Surely we are all grown men who can see the truth in these words.

    Think about it: K would be just as irritated with me if I created a group called “Kerodin Socialists in Support of Gun-Control and Suppressing American Freedoms” because he would never want his name to be associated in any way with my group. He would publicly denounce his associations with me simply so others would not become confused. It’s no different for Mike who has been using the III to identify his group and even as part of his own name for many years.

    Let’s suppose K’s group were built using the symbolism of V (the Roman numeral) rather than III. In my opinion, there are a lot more marketing possibilities with V for it’s a lot more common in public (movies and shows, old coins) and can related to many other ideas such as victory complete with a well-known hand sign. The Nyberg flag could look just as great with a roman numeral V as it does with a roman numeral III. Having a V on the pistol grip of a 1911 pistol is just as attractive and probably takes less room than the III symbol. The statement “I plead the Fifth” could take on a whole new meaning for members of this hypothetical group. There isn’t much one can do with III, just saying.

    If this were reality then the two groups would be uniquely different in the eyes of the public. Whatever Mike did (good or bad) could not be incorrectly credited to K’s group, and vice versa. However, both groups are involved in controversial actions and statements, everything from breaking windows to the citadel project. Neither group wants to be associated with the other, but that can’t be helped when they share the same name. This pissing contest is never going to end until one of them changes their name. That is the bottom line.

    Who should give up the III symbolism? Mike had it first, built his ideology around it, and is still using it. We all know where K got it from. No need to get defensive, it is what it is. If anyone should change their symbolism it should be K, but before balking as this idea please consider the following. What other action could be a more powerful proof K does not intend to profit from the III symbolism? If that were done then K totally trashes one of Mike’s primary complaints against him.
    Never again could Mike level that accusation.

    It would take some paperwork, but K should seriously consider renaming all his III ventures with a different name. I suggested using V, but it doesn’t matter what other name he chooses. None of this bickering would have happened had K done that from the start, but it’s not too late to fix it now.

  41. Semper Fi, 0321

    The only thing I will add to this, of the 3 blogs, only MV has censored my comments, about 25% of them. Doesn’t speak too highly of free speech.

    • I have a post here that never made it past moderation. Is that significant? Nope. I don’t own the place. The owner gets to do whatever he wants.

      Good bit of prose wasted tho…

  42. As distasteful as all this is to sort through, accusations of being a mole or agent provocateur are some serious business. Just a few minutes of sorting through this spectacle makes me want to go take a hot shower, but it’s the reality we’re stuck with. This is the fibbies and batmen are all about.

    That said, of everything being thrown back and forth, one thing seems like it should be fast and easy to prove or disprove with a minimum of speculation or muck-wading through trivialities:

    Is it true that Kerodin has been granted or applied for a trademark on the Roman numeral III? If so, is this as part of a logo, or part of a larger business name, or did he really claim the unadorned number itself as his own intellectual property?

    If this is more than unfounded rumor or gross exaggeration, then it speaks for itself about character, and loudly. If not, then it still speaks just as loudly, but about Mike rather than Kerodin.

    So, does anyone have information on this, preferably with a URL pointing to documentation from its original source?

  43. Battlefield USA

    In the immortal words of Scotty: “I like this ship! You know, it’s exciting!”

    And by the way, don’t trademark the III. Let it stand on its own III feet. It is akin to trademarking the Liberty it supposedly represents. Let it remain in the spirit that it represents, rather than a thing to profit from.

    Anyhow, if anyone wants beat me up and/or slide a knife betwixt my ribs, I’ll pass on my info to Pete and you can come a-knocking at my door.

  44. Here’s an easy way to settle this:

    [I am a friend and supporter of the asterisk. I am sowing the shit here, and the owner of this place is not impressed.]

  45. I have one Question For Kerodin and WRSA.

    How does it feel to have just flushed the whole 3% movement down the drain by tying it to southern racism with the stupid 3% nooses?

    Did either one of you stop to think how the nooses will be portrayed by anti 3%s?

    Way to go!

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