Fred: Notes On The Pussification Of America


The tragic part?

As the wheels come off, the modern “liberated women” (read “emasculating harridans”) will face horror after horror.

And few others will care.

Alea iacta est.

28 responses to “Fred: Notes On The Pussification Of America

  1. outlawpatriot

    Jesus, I gotta read that?

    I know what”s going on. I know how to fix it.

    Gotta win a war first.

  2. RobRoySimmons

    Its been bandied about that such pinch faced PC puritans will bring up to two AKs in price. Perhaps the younger ones, the less “useful” as toys for the dogs for a loaded mag.

  3. Whining doesn’t become one with a handlebar moustache, a truly manly hat, and those cool shades…

    Look…take your children, male and female, away from indoctrination centers and off public water sources, unplug the video games and turn off the entertainment feeds. Feed them fresh homegrown food, provide plenty of opportunities to work, and stand between them and dangerous situations for as long as you can.

    It just takes work, and the realignment of priorities.

    Fred has been whining like a girl for a few years now…he is starting to get on my last nerve. The man could solve his problem already…and it could start with repatriation, and opening a private school…something…anything…
    but whining, moaning, bitching, and complaining.

    • It’s not “whining” to point out the problems and their causes, and I doubt that Fred could single handedly solve them.

      “The man could solve his problem already…”

      It’s not his problem it’s ours.

      Totally agree with your solution (2nd parag.) but it will not happen on any significant scale until after a serious social “re-alignment.”

      • I agree. For younger guys like me we never knew what it was like “in the old days”. Folks like Fred point things that might seem like common sense to a lot of guys but some of us grew up under hardcore socialism and it helps to get an older perspective.
        I also agree about Iceni’s solution to the problem. All solutions start at your own feet and find their way outward from there.

      • I take issue with ex-pats who lob one over the wall from time to time.

        Go…Be…Do…and all that…

        If one ain’t here to help, then one ain’t here to help.

        I totally accept that reality. Would that an ex-pat or two did.

    • I am at a loss as to why you consider identifying a problem and how invasive it is, whining? Failure to identify the enemy is a sure way to end up in the very systems we now have in the FUSA. Hard to fight when you have no idea who or what you are fighting! Fred is letting more folks know the who and what.

      As for your solutions, they are right on and how we raised our kids.


  4. Semper Fi, 0321

    Just spent the summer dealing with way too much estrogen poisoning. Young female college students lecturing me, 59 yr old male, about how they know everything better. Lasted all of 3 days until I told them STFU. Then dealing with several crews of BLM workers, mostly female, with the same male hating attitude, one guy tagged along, but he seemed rather gay, no competition for the dykes.
    Our culture is fucked up in so many ways, this is really the last of our problems, but it will be dealt with also.
    Like alan, I’ve been accused of being an alpha male with an attitude, so it won’t go too far with me either.

    • God Bless and Keep the Alpha Males…Amen.

    • I would argue that this is not “the last of our problems” but one of the major roots of the problem.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Major root of problem, yes.
        But today we have bigger fish to fry than trying to overturn the estrogen based school system.
        Since reading this post by Fred last night, I reflect on my local friends and their children, about 60% of them are all like little girls, including the parents. They stand up for nothing, the woman wears the pants in the family(sort of, the males are just doormats), they’re incapable of any logical thought process, and above all, almost everything they do is based on some stupid liberal touchy feely experience.
        Our own school system here in rural Wyoming has been taken over by communists, the unions push thru their agenda and the teachers are too dumb to see whats happening, the newer younger teachers are clueless of how this even works.
        But right now we must deal with the coming global catastrophe, and what’s going to be coming down the driveway. The teachers unions will have to wait.

  5. For the general edification and fun of it all, here’s a much better run at the issue:

    Please don’t go all tangent about neocon this or outdated that. Just enjoy.

  6. I have a close friend, Marshal Wood, who is in the midst of publishing a book on this very topic; wussification of America. Marshal was the aircraft commander of AF 2 when Bush was VP for Reagan. I’ll post up when it hits the shelves…

  7. Simon Jester

    How many times have you looked at your wife and said “WTF! What did you do with the woman I married?”
    And Fred rocks!
    ‘Nuff said.

  8. Ol’ fast Freddie missed the ultimate issue in his essay. Females teaching in GOVERNMENT schools !

    I spent 8 years being taught, lectured and disciplined by nuns. They didn’t feminize any males. In fact, they would slap or ruler the crap out of you if you didn’t comply. They toughened you up.

    Yep, effing females need to get out of the government classrooms. It is time they return to their families….their husbands and children. They belong in the home running the family. Not the .gov classroom.


      Ditto Dan III: Sister Mary Hercules encouraged boys to be boys and everyone played touch football or soccer. Whining was met with stern disapproval. If you got too froggy, she was there with the ruler or the pointer. If that didn’t work, Father Vader slapped the dogs**t out of you.
      And, when you got home, you answered to mom and dad.
      It’s amazing. My brother and I along with our peers, grew up responsible adults with jobs and families. Even if we didn’t stay connected to Mother Church(which has been destroyed, starting with Vatican II in the ’60’s), we still keep on keeping on.

      • They say being schooled by Nuns and Christian Brothers will make one either obedient or impertinent. I’ve lived my life with a healthy mixture of both and am grateful for it.

  9. Some very good points made, but I do disagree with one of his comments – WORK TURNED IN ON TIME. To me, that IS a male quality, no excuses, do the work and turn it on time or get penalized with points off. My wife is a school teacher (junior high) and the boy athletes act like frickin’ pre-Madonnas (Miss – I got football after school, I don’t have time to do your project, I need extra time). Bullshit. School is for academics, not athletics. Athletics is a privilege and when Life gets hard, YOU LEAN INTO IT, not slack off with excuses. If you need to stay up to finish – do it. Just another day in the zoo.

    Maybe I didn’t understand his comment, so my apologies to him if that is the case. Otherwise – spot on with many female teachers.

  10. iceni26ad is all over it with his prescription except his rant on expats. As a future and aspiring expat, we too can contribute to the discussion.

    Fred misses the biggest boat of all which is the very existence of government schools. I agree with the feminization part, estrogen nation tends to more likely favor a larger nanny state.

    We have homeschooled all of our children and they did so under my wife’s tutelage using the trivium and whole books (not textbooks except Saxon Math and physics). We outsourced thru tutors anything beyond our competence. I taught certain subjects like Logic and FM 7-8 but I had to leave the cave to kill things and bring them back. All my lads are cradle to flight abolitionists quite capable with both handgun and rifle. Curricula and attitude are vital discriminators.

    Bill Buppert

    • Often overlooked benefit of homeschooling is the positive effects it has on the teachers (parents). And from there it radiates out into the greater family and friend sphere….changing the grass roots and snipping one level of govt dependence right off. What joy.

      When we started homeschooling other parents ridiculed us. Now, we get justifications why they can’t home school.


      ps: All of my children’s teachers are armed and trained. Gee, and the students are too. 🙂

  11. Water seeks it’s own level. That also means you eat the fruit you grow. Maybe I’m “psychotic” or “mean” by their definitions but I find that deliciously funny in regards to the metrosexuals and harridans, as opposed to tragic.

    I will enjoy at least those parts of the big show, what else is there to do?

  12. Fred’s a multi-tour ‘Nam vet who became a journalist covering wars abroad immediately thereafter and then covered the “war zone” know as D.C. when it was known as District of Congo for two decades plus. Shit. With his resume I’d want to get out of this fucking hellhole and drink Tequila “down Mexico way” too.

    Having read Fred for a decade or so, I’m familiar with his thinking via his writings, and he is no friend of government schools. Rightfully, he hates the “State” whether great or small and his observations on American women are spot on. Wit a small percentage of exceptions, they suck even when they don’t or won’t. And he did mention in the negative that 75% of teachers in gov.ed are women, an understated figure as it is close to 85%, damn near all of them being liberal “special little snowflakes” and “entitlement princesses” hell-bent on destroying all that is good.

    “Highlander” argues that the wussification/feminization/feminist element is one of the major roots of our problems and I couldn’t agree more. The destruction of the family structure was/is one of the primary goal of Marxist revolutionaries, and to quote one of the proponents of the “Second Wave Feminism” that emerged immediately after WWII Catherine McKinnon, “Feminism is Marxism and Marxism is feminism.” Knowing that the first tomes that set this insanity in action were penned by revolutionary Marxist Jewesses such as Betty Friedan and Helen Gurley Brown, followed closely by the publications of feminist periodicals such as Gloria Steinem’s “Ms. Magazine”, whose initial funding for such came from the C.I.A. (Yes gentlemen, our own government helped set this destructive insanity in motion with your tax “contributions”), well, the die was cast and the “agenda” moved forward.

    “Back in the day” when the movement was in its nascent stage, the average women involved was what Lenin referred to as a “useful fool.” They were mainly drawn from the so-called “Greatest” and “Silent” generations, and their task was to program “Boomer Generation” females while in classrooms while the other parts of the revolutionary vanguard attacked the culture via literature and Hollywood productions via both film and television. Toss in “The Pill”, introduced in 1960 by a “Greatest Generation” chemist, combined with the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 (decided by “Greatest Generation”
    justices) and we had the social factory set up and running for the never-ending production run of the multiple generations of worthless whores which continues to churn them out en masse’ today.

    For those incline to read books, I highly recommend a work that dissects one facet of this disaster that was published last year titled, “The Tinder Box – How Political Correctness Destroyed the U.S. Forest Service” by Christopher Burchfield. That filthy, degenerate Clintonista who is currently mayor of Chicago, one Rahm Emmanuel, has been quote as saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Being a member of a centuries/millenia revolutionary element, we should take Emmanuel at his word. Moreover, if there isn’t a crisis, they create one in repetitive Hegelian fashion. That socialist pile of garbage F.D.R. said, “Nothing happens in politics that isn’t planned”, therefore, none of this is an accident even if it is a damn train wreck. That was the “plan.”

    “The center did not hold.”

    We are under attack on every front and are inundated by “fifth columns” within, and they are everywhere one looks. The demoralization of a now essentially amoral populace is almost complete, the shearing of the flock is essentially finished, and all that is left for the “unseen enemy” to accomplish before they implement a total collapse is to finish looting what they can from the government with the aid of the government itself.

    We’re almost at that Chesty Puller moment, so be ready in mind, body and soul.

  13. This problem is multifaceted and has been orchestrated over the course of decades. To pigeon hole the problem as “women” is infantile and does not reflect the doing of any actual research into the origins of the education system that we have today. This guy (Fred) seems to have made up his mind that the root of the problem is “women” and substantiated that claim with one book as evidence. That’s simply shoddy. Any cursory study of John Dewey and the origins of the National Education Association shows just what was planned. Women are manipulated just as men are. The powers that be are equal opportunity oppressors. And the sooner we stop pointing our fingers at other manipulated groups the quicker we can pull our heads out of our asses.

    I am generally pretty impressed with the information which are posted here. Tough questions are asked about the solutions to tough problems. This article, however, was shoddy at best and straight bullshit at worst. Gotta say, I am disappointed with this one.


  14. In your case I would make an exception to my rather cemented view of ex-pats. I notice that Fred’s address is now in Laredo…perhaps he is back on native soil…which removes part of my objection to his screed.

    Some years ago, Fred wrote an article which can be condensed to “Men can’t be men because government and women won’t let them.”

    It smacks of defeatism. Poor babies…go with it…commiserate. Fred does either miss, or ignore the greater point. Is there a point at which men question why they are allowing women and government to castrate them? Foregoing the introspective, is there a point at which men will stand up?

    While I don’t think or speak for the women in my circle, I can tell you this…women have waited a long time for men to decide to be men…to look over their shoulder as they leave the cave, saying “I got this.” and handle up on those things that men can do, and should do, far and above, better than women.

    I should ease up on Fred…passive reflection is the last preserve of the old, the few, the tired, and if he wants to ride out the consequences of missing the greater points in relative safety, I should not be finding fault with him.

  15. About 10 years ago, Kim DuToit wrote “The Pussification of the Western Male”. His web site is long gone, but the essay is easily found on the web, worth a read, and takes a broader view than just schooling.

  16. Larry Elliott

    AMEN! And boys growing up with no men in their lives and a “modern” woman are bound for trouble too. My ex got custody of our two sons, and hopefully I was enough of an influence to keep them sort of squared away.

    Once #1 son at about 12 yrs old was riding his BMX bike on a very rutted and potholed road. I’d told him to watch himself and not break anything. Sure thing! He listened like a typical 12 year old boy, popped a wheelie, then dropped the front wheel at the back edge of a pothole. Over the bars onto the gravel. The only thing I said was to #2 son, “get the first aid kit out of the truck”, while some women who saw what happened went rushing to his “aid” while shooting me evil looks. I got him patched up physically, but the embarrassment he experienced was what really hurt. The women couldn’t understand that a boy of 12 didn’t want to be mothered. Typically female attitude.