Request For Corroboration

Any readers have fact-based insight on this story?

Color me dubious, but open to facts.

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  1. I read a lot of Steve’s stuff, but this is ephemeral BS to the highest degree.

    • Mt Top Patriot

      Your comment sir, without proof to the contrary, is in itself BS.
      Could you inform us of how you came to this conclusion?

      • in my small ky town last march one flew circles around for about 2 hrs as i worked on a house. it flew at about 2500 agl counter clock wise in a slif

  2. Well boss, the National Enquirer did break the John Edwards love child story first…

    Looking at the other stuff on the homepage, I can honestly say that I have no knowledge of AC130 training missions or chupacabra infestestions.

  3. Mt Top Patriot

    This could be corroboration, only in light of it is a violation of the intended law of Posse Comitatus. Another act of war upon American citizenry in a long line of operational directives leading up to waging COIN operations and institution of Marshal Law by our government.

    Leaked Video (with transcript): FEMA Preparing Military Police For Gun Confiscations and Martial Law
    U.S. Army MP told Constitution may be suspended by Homeland Security

    Kit Daniels
    October 26, 2013

    Infowars has confirmed the identity and authenticity of the source of the video below as a member of the U.S. Army military police in Arizona.

  4. Graves of Carolina

    I don’t know where this crap comes from. Probably the same people that insist “SPETZNAZ IS TRAINING IN SOUTH GEORGIA” and has been since the Wall came down.

    It has just enough details and technical jargon to sound vaguely plausible, but like most things in this vein it completely defies common sense. It’s engineered to play on the paranoia of the uninformed and ignorant.

    Your gut is correct, CA. It’s BS.

    • don’t know about AC-130 domestic activity. But I have seen with my own two eyes Army/Marine helicopters up from Pt. Mugu doing 5-abreast low-level passes over the suburban CA neighborhood I live in. Guys like to have fun.

  5. they use churches because they are usually the only civilian building marked on a mil grid map. no desensitizing, just convenience.

  6. I think this is plausible (but still needs verification for the particulars); while an air support control officer in the Marine Corps our simulated missions often used easily identified structures for control points and so on. Doesn’t mean it has hostile intent, but is worth noting.

    Should things go hot and churches are targeted, then may I suggest the “Passover Strategy”:

    Using a nice contrasting color, paint a gigantic Star of David on the roof and sides of any important structure, and mow it into your fields, and so on. No American soldier, not even the ones totally steeped in Northeastern Liberalism, would fire on such a thing without at least some hesitation and confusion.

    • LMAO.

      One of my fellow marchers in DC and I discussed putting Yellow Sixpoint Stars on our clothes as part of the march.

      I think I will make up a few for future ops.


      • If you really want to hoist the sacred cows, do the pink triangle thing. That’s the new vogue riguer, ya know.

        Camoflauge sir, is not necessarily total obscurement.

    • With the politics at play from Brennan, Obama, Jarrett, and as well that “go along to get along” Secretary of Defense, et al, minarets may be a better decoy. Should be easy for a carpenter to convert all those steeples.

    • Tom Baugh wrote:

      “I think this is plausible (but still needs verification for the particulars); ”

      I agree.

      Therein lies the issue…how to obtain verification for the particulars?

      It isn’t as though the request was sent to Dr. Phil for corroboration.

      Given the move against gun owning Christians nigh onto institutionalized by, at all administrative branches, with a fair amount of back-up propaganda from DOD, this story has some plausibility, and it should be a fairly simple thing to nail down particulars in a specific geographic location (Florida/Alabama), provided anyone reading here has such contacts.

      By way of example…a day laborer for a construction contractor provided some jaw dropping details to what was going on at Barksdale some months back. When those details were submitted to a group of individuals with knowledge and insight as to the particulars, the picture was made quite clear.

      Those things which could easily be verified should be, and those things which can be easily refuted should be.

      • Can you share some of those jaw-dropping details?

        • What I found most jaw dropping the sheer number of foreign officers reported at Barksdale, in plain sight. Why Barksdale, of all places?

          What in the name of all that is American is going on with the military at the Command level?

          For what it is worth, the following is the most pertinent to the conversation at hand.


          Tonight, he called to let me know that the security and activity at Barksdale has been stepped up in his words, “by 300%”.

          I asked as many questions as I felt that I could and took notes so that I could simply use his quotes to accurately report what he has stated.

          “We were working on a scheduled job in the munitions dump area…building new blast walls, when AF personnel came in and told us we had to leave right now. We asked if were being given a “work stoppage order.” They replied “Get out now.” and escorted us out. “More like they rushed us out.”

          On April 1, AF Chief of Staff and a bunch of other DoD dignitaries flew in to Barksdale. Those coming on the base usually have a sidearm and maybe a rifle, but since the 1st, “dignitaries are also wearing flak jackets.”

          “They are gearing up for something big.”

          “They are bringing in serious junk.”

          “Moving in warheads…I was working in an area where cruise missles are brought in, put together, armed, and shipped out.”

          His exact words were, “They are shipping some serious s*** over there.”

          (Here I tried to ascertain whether these were going on ships or planes.)

          He replied that “they are going everywhere.” He also stated that “they dropped a bunch dummy bombs on some islands off the coast of North Korea”..(I just read a confirmation of that from an intelligence newsletter, and confirmed by WND an hour ago.)

          I asked him if Chinese officers were still on base. He replied that he had not been working in the area in which he first saw them, for the last three weeks, but he did say this…”The Chinese and the Russians are here…let me put it this way…everybody in the UN plus a few more are in here. (US)”

          He heard and directly quoted one officer referring to the testing of anti-ballistic missle defense system, “We are going to see a real test, now.” He then said that he heard “Intelligence says there will be an attack on American soil.”

          He then stated that these defense missile systems were ” being shipped to several bases.”

          Now he is a construction worker, and has been on the base which has contracted the company he works for, with over 40 different jobs. He said that in those three years, he has never seen it this way. His overwhelming impression is that our forces are mostly scattered, a huge number of foreign military personnel are in the US, many foreign officers have been at Barksdale for about 6 weeks that he knows of, and that “anything can happen,” and “it looks like it will happen real quick.”

          I’ll translate that last statement in case you don’t speak “Southern”…

          What he meant by that is that whatever is actually going on, North Korea notwithstanding, something is about to happen, it is about to happen soon, and there is no way we will ever be able to know the truth about it, who did what, when, where and why, but that whatever it is, we are sitting ducks for anything.”

          He said, “You know, when I was in school, there was always somebody pushing for a fight, trying to start a fight, or get a fight stirred up. That is what this reminds me of…when I was in school…and somebody always wanted to see a fight.”

  7. Spooky may be successful in it’s first attack but it’s 2nd attempt will end on the tarmac, maybe sooner.

  8. Doubtless, Steve’s website is full of BS. Not entirely, but a good portion.

    This would jive with what we are being told by several other sources that desensitization is becoming the norm in police and military training. We have all seen the targets with pregnant women…how on earth can we just dismiss (with NO supporting evidence either, guys) that this report is BS.

    I’m filing this under “plausible” until PROVEN otherwise.

  9. Unsure of validity but the story it self is making movement on da internets…

    Foreigner – “Head games” comes to mind….

  10. There is a second response at the same site from a former fighter pilot.
    He views it as desensitizing training. I notice he did not specifically corroborate the account, nor did he specifically deny the account.

    The sender specifically mentions Florida and Alabama. Maybe a better place to start would be contacts in those areas, if anyone reading here has such contacts.

    With all the changes at the top, I wonder if any retired military could corroborate or substantively deny the particulars.

    I don’t think dissing the archivist is precisely the best way to determine the veracity of what is archived, do you?

  11. I never comment on these pages, BUT, I will make and exception to this.
    #1. I have a fair knowledge of Spectre gunships, have seen them put thousands of rounds in a football field. Now with that being said, whom ever wrote this article is so full of crap their eyes are brown, because the fire operations of spectre can never be used to pin point personnel, it is a spray and pray theory and nothing can be directed pin point accuracy to any one individual, they would have to make multiple passes, and cover another area per there onsite targeting system. So I say BULL SHIT to the Steve Quayle story. Hype and propaganda as usual. PLUS the 105’s are used at the last portion of the run, because it offsets the aircraft to much.
    So Mt Top Patriot, suck it.

    • Mt Top Patriot

      Sure are a hateful fellow Henry.
      There are no coincidences in obama land.
      Better to err on the side of caution when our government is documented to be preparing for war against it’s own citizens.

      Spectre’s run a banked racetrack pattern for the very purpose of assisting in accuracy and target interdiction. It is their unique advantage over other air delivery systems.
      Thought you would know that being you have a fair knowledge of these things Henry.

      No need to pin point human targets with 20mm, 40mm, and 105’s.
      They are excellent indirect anti-personal weapons. The depleted uranium rounds alone make hamburger out of people within their kill zone if they impact hard surfaces.

      For a guy who knows what he is talking about, how come you neglected to mention the fact these munitions have effective kill radius that can offset variances in aiming system inaccuracies and offsetting, especially from the 105? Aside of that, the pilot only has to walk his aiming courser on target and the ballistic software compensates for all the variables.

      Besides, with the ammo load out a spooky carries, and the mini guns, the guy with the trigger button has a choice between quality verses quantity.

  12. I don’t know…

    This administration seems to be going along a path similar to that taken by other tyrannical regimes within memory. When viewed with reports of soldiers being told that Tea Partiers and religious groups should be considered terrorists and the purging of the officer corps of any who might question orders to fire on American civilians it’s a flag we shouldn’t ignore. It could be just a small step further along the road to another holocaust.

    Better to watch things like this carefully and be ready to act than to wait until the crematoria are operational.

  13. If you had asked me 10 years ago would Americans allow their Government to kill them without trial, I would have said, “BS! NO WAY.”

    If you had asked me 5 years ago would Americans allow their Government to spy on every phone call or e-mail I would have said “BS! NO WAY”

    If you had asked me 2 years ago would Americans allow their Government to shut down an entire major city and bring people out at gunpoint just to find 2 kids I would have said, “BS NO WAY!”

    Now you ask if the Government might use military hardware to take out people they designate as “suspected terrorists” if they were inside a Church? I say….”Maybe”

    • Use military equipment to take out amchurch? They’ve already done it, they just said they were “suspected child molesters” and not terrorists.

  14. During my time on active duty in the Corps, I can’t remember ever having targeted civilian buildings during a ” dry fire ” exercise, but while on reserve duty with the 4th Tank battalion stationed at Camp Elliot ( an old WWII base next door to Miramar Naval air station) we dry fire ” targeted ” civilian homes on a regular basis using the M60A1 MBT. These homes were perched on the hillsides surrounding the base and during our 0 dark thirty training we would “pacify” these targets with HE or Beehive rounds. Our training goal at the time was not to target the American civilian population in their homes but to test our STAB system for the main gun and to brush up on target acquisition during movement. It was a different world then… this brave new world nothing surprises me.

  15. Agree that churches are used for their convenience – large distinct buildings, usually with better than average ingress/egress points. This makes it a realistic “target”/scenario. Also consider that muslim extremists tendency to use mosques – and our ability (at times) to target them.

    I can state unequivocally that we were allowed to target them in Fallujah in ’04, with small arms, rockets, tanks, and air.

    I would not be surprised to learn that they target sports fields (high school up to professional), banks, high rise apartments, and other notable features.

    -Also, great site, I try to link to it daily to get people thinking about the hard truths.

  16. Anything like this coming from Steve Quayle is a complete lie.
    Quayle has a long, long detailed history in putting out such false information.
    One of his top conspirators/stooges is a fool named “Hawk” who regularly issues such drivel.
    Also Quayle has a history of threatening to sue any internet sight operator who allow “criticisms” his post/comments in any way shape or form.
    Do not believe anything that comes out of the mouth, or from Steve Quayle’s site–period!

    • “Also Quayle has a history of threatening to sue any internet sight operator who allow “criticisms” his post/comments in any way shape or form.”

      If that is true, you sure are playing fast and loose with your Host’s legal standing.

      How ’bout we dismiss the topic altogether?

      I am certain all those church goers will completely understand your reasoning while surveying smoking ruins, and attending shrapnel wounds from under the canopy somewhere…if you are wrong.

      Which of course, you could not possibly be, wrong that is, right?

      • Steve Quayle is a “public figure” –and thus would have a very, very hard time pursing any type of legal action regarding comments made against him or his material of this sort. Quayle as a matter of policy issues these threats like some “gibsmedats” us EBT card.

  17. Putting an AC-130 into orbit at 9000 ASL is going to require some conversation with the regional ARTCC, if only to avoid airspace conflicts between the Spectre and Joe Pilot in his Cessna. That would be something you could listen to…

  18. Churches unknown, but homes and businesses, are correct.

  19. Wasatch Front

    during my time as an joint fires observer in the I had a chance to attend a training exercise and occasionally we would use cars driving on I-80 through western utah as simulated moving targets. ive also heard of these cars being lased with eye safe designators for the same purpose although i have no first had experience with that.

  20. I don’t believe it is anything evil. Aircrews use churches because they are landmarks..easily recognized from the air. Civilian pilots use them also for the same reason, very easy to see from the air.

  21. I don’t know anything about this kind of stuff but, in the same vein, I do know about health insurance. I billed health insurance for a living before baby #4. Denninger reported, and then Barnhardt repeated, that there would be county only coverage of Obamacare. Based on my knowledge of how health insurance networks work, and talking to my old coworkers yesterday, that is not the case, at least currently.
    Insurance companies lease networks of physicians and other providers. The premiums might be county based, but the networks are not. For example, BC/BS of Texas has a PPO network and an HMO network. If you purchase BC/BS insurance, your premium is purchasing access to one or the other of those networks. BC/BS might set up a new network that is purely based of Obamacare plans but that is not the case yet, at least in Texas. Obamacare is enough of a shit sandwich without getting hysterical about something that does not exist (yet).

  22. Josh A. Kruschke

    Training is based on actual passed operations. Substitute church for mosque, and maybe they think we’re going to use the same tactics as used in the Sandbox.

    If you are going to train in the US you have two option. Build a fake city and town to train targeting on or you can use what is already there.

    But then this get back to never point weapon at simething you’re not willing to destroy…

    They only way to know is if there is an e-mail or we over hear those planning the trainning as to their reasoning.

    Everthing else would just be speculation as to their motives.

  23. We’ll Mt top patriot! not being a hateful person, just wanted to point out some basic fact. Plus I was not going to go into the intracisities of ammunition and kill radius and other such drool topics. Simply put the spectre can not be used to track persons on the ground and take them out as per your post earlier that you seem to have removed. You put in the coordinates, fly to the point, select the gun system to take over and let it blast the predesignated coordinates, fly the pattern (racetrack, your term) return to the other coordinates and blast away again.
    Question Pat(riot) have you ever seen the spectre put steel on target?
    I have !!!
    I agree you don’t want to be in its path when they flip the switch.
    Peace brother.. I don’t mean to stir the pot and piss anyone off, just want to state some fact. We all need to be friends and not enemies, the time is upon us that we can’t afford trivial squabbles.

    • Mt Top Patriot

      Suggesting I suck it isn’t exactly a term of endearment in regards to my reasoning to be concerned for our way of life under threat by people that have ulterior motives.

      I think we are all right to be worried and justified to question authority.

      Apology accepted.

      I’ve seen a spectre let loose with it’s mini’s back in the early nineties. I hope to the good lord I’m never on the receiving end.
      Got to inspect the wing strut bolts on one that flew non stop from Iraq after the pilot pulled negative 9 gee’s avoiding an Iragi SAM. They where stretched and deformed to the point their shear rating was was exceeded past the wildest parameters. Lockheed made one tough plane in that C-130.

  24. Mt Top Patriot

    With all the rumors going around, with the dictator shit from dc, and one world order diktat, something ain’t right.
    If you stand back and be carefully objective, there is something rotten happening. Things don’t add up to a pleasant picture.

    No harm in watching your arse, keeping close to your loved ones, and an ear to the ground.

  25. bikermailman

    Presumably unrelated, but yesterday I saw first a single Apache, ten minutes later a flight of three. All maybe 1000-2000 feet, about 50 knots. Helicopters aren’t unusual in the oilpatch of NW Texas, but in 20 years I’ve never seen this. The closest Army base is Bliss, about 275 miles away. Then today I see an Osprey, reverse heading to the Apaches same speed and altitude. Again, never seen them around here, though there are some stationed at Cannon AFB, 100 miles away. Perhaps all these things are utterly normal, but a lot of people are skittish lately.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Last Sunday while cutting firewood in the mtn’s, saw a single CH-46 fly into Jackson Hole WY. Not too unusual considering the important folks who reside there, but any military flight catches my eye, and I will be paying more attention to times and numbers. It’s not a military base, but rather one of the most expensive towns in the US, and part time home to Dick Cheney, and Paul Volcker, among others. The WYNG sets up security when they come to town.

  26. Strategic Air Command used to practice dropping nukes on the old war memorials in small towns all over America during the 1960s while flying supersonic! OMG! WTF!! BBQ!!!

    Some folks here need to take their meds and step away from the keyboards. Do it for the children.

    Using the biggest, most contrasting buildings in a small town to make dry practice runs is not proof of aliens, Chupacabra, or FEMA concentration camps. It’s just a readily available high contrast landmark to make it easy for everyone onboard to get on the same page for training. Geez, people!

    • Funny…I don’t recall anyone questioning whether aliens exist, Chupacabra is showing up, or FEMA has concentration camps…but hey…thanks for saving us from heading in all the wrong directions.

      In the meantime, can your comments be interpreted as confirmation of the account that in Florida/Alabama, churches are being used as “enemy targets” in dry practice flights?

      And if so, and distinctive buildings are easier targets, how come they aren’t targeting small town courthouses, do you think?

      • Dude, look up sarcasm in the dictionary. Then sit and think about the definition before coming within 12 feet or so of the Internet for a week or two. The World will be better place for everyone if you can follow those simple instructions.

        The YouTube link illustrates my point. The military has used civilian structures and even civilians themselves as stand in targets for dry fire targets for a long long long time. Not because of some evil plot. Not because they were all lobotomized into Bill O’ Rights Stomping Cyborgs in boot camp either. They use them because they need a target to aim at for practice drills and they are conveniently available everywhere. I did it when I was in the Marines. My dad did it in the Air Force. My uncles did it in the Navy and the Army.

        This “report” is sensationalizing regular ordinary training that has gone on for decades. Nothing more. Make a huge deal out of it and most folks will think you are a paranoid fool which may very well be the secret motivation of the publisher behind a piece of disinformation like this.

        • Oh…so…this military, with this civilian/political perspective and oversight is simply carrying on a long held and cherished policy of using civilians and civilian structures to practice pretend blowing shit up?

          So to follow your explanation, this cannot be categorized as “disinformation” while simultaneously being SOP for a long, long, long time.

          I suppose you could conclude that I am a tad bit jumpy about accounts like this one, which apparently are breeding and multiplying exponentially in all forms of media, especially the new media, such as this site, for example…but paranoid fool seems a bit overstated, given your down to earth, generational, experienced based explanation.

          Now, as to the original intent of the post, which was to request corroboration, characterized by primarily fact based experience, I do hand it to you sir…you have provided a basis in fact for placing credibility on the report itself.

          It wasn’t such a huge deal in the beginning…but the attempted redirects meant to discredit the report needed attending to, so that we could get to a place which either lent credibility or removed credibility.

          Thanks to you, it appears that this report is more likely credible than not, regardless of the motivation.

          Civilians should have stopped paying the bills a long time ago.

          Oh…and its “Dudette”…

        • all very true. Navy AA missile crews routinely use passing airliners as mock-targets. Awhile back, ovet the Long Island Sound, somebody flipped the wrong switch, somebody else punched a button, off went the missile and nailed a passing 747. Practice makes perfect.

  27. Perhaps all these things are utterly normal, but a lot of people are skittish lately.

    No shit… declares most if not all Americans, potential domestic enemies, extremists, and prone to home grown terrorist activities, defines those activities as 2A supporters, pro-lifers, home schoolers, veterans, bible believing Christian church members, 3rd party supporters, now, Tea Party conservatives, to name but a few more prevalent characteristics, buys up bulk ammo, while passing more and more gun control measures, conducts endless drills, blows up a few Americans, allegedly, in order to try out their new toys, and procedures, all the while collapsing one of the strongest economies and medical systems in the world, not to mention the passage of 1000+ page regulatory bills, codifies the kidnapping, and murder of American citizens without due process, or even representation, taxes us from hell to breakfast, while conducting black helicopter flights over major metropolitan areas firing blank rounds…and at the same time collecting all manner of information on every citizen…while posting bids for sub-contractors in all 50 states to build what amounts to holding pens…courtesy of KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, through FEMA, a subsidiary of DHS.

    I think the only way to avoid being skittish is to just friggin’ die, already.

  28. The Unholy Trinity…, pastors, and the willfully gullible. Not to put too fine a point on it, but just who, do you think, will be the enemy…those pastors who decline such offers, or trouble makers in the pews who call out the Pharisees in the pulpits?

    Either way…coordinates on churches is a handy dandy tool to have at one’s disposal…

    Notable Excerpts:

    Think about it: before a bill becomes law, pastors are forbidden to address it from the pulpit, because it would be “interfering in politics–a violation of the separation of church and state;” but after a bill becomes law it is now the obligation and duty of pastors to support (and promote) it, because it is now the Biblical thing to do, per Romans 13. Was Johnson a diabolical genius, or what?

    “During the event, Enroll America invited congregants to fill out cards with basic information about themselves or people they knew who might be in need of health care, WJXT-TV [Jacksonville, Florida] reports.

    “‘Our pastor, he keeps us real informed and grounded in what’s going on in the community, and he’s always bringing stuff to help us, so I love him for that,’ said one parishioner named Michelle Fletcher.

    “Enroll America knows that pastors are trusted members of the community, which is why churches are a focus for education and information on the health care law.

    “Through ‘Health Care from the Pulpit,’ the organization is working with faith leaders to ensure that people hear about availability–and with a captive audience in the pews, the move makes logistical sense.

    “‘Pastors are trusted messengers. They’ll be able to get the story across, they’ll be able to relate to that story and they’ll be able to ask people to enroll in health insurance,’ Enroll America organizer Anthony Penna told WJXT.

    Wow…there’s a nexus…healthcare, churches, trusted but truly treacherous bastards, and a clean up crew…all practiced up.

    Apostate much?