Civil Disobedience

civil disobedience
Thanks, AP.

3 responses to “Civil Disobedience

  1. Cats are cool like that. They don’t give a damn.


  2. That’s my kat Tiko waiting on the courthouse steps in Dismal, Colorado while I went inside and paid for my marijuana growers license.

  3. Oh lord, I just laughed and laughed at this picture. That is something my Siamese would do.

    Covert civil disobedience IMO is part of the frontier pioneer American spirit. So many of my family and friends are so frightened by the beast, they won’t say jack even when the heel is on their loved one’s neck.

    Trouble is the beast will make an example out of you by either killing you, destroying your business or harass you until you either leave the area or STFU.

    I use a poker face in public and my mantra is the five words, I have nothing to say.