Filthy Lying Bolshevik

Humiliated in public and then captured on film for posterity.

Too cool.

13 responses to “Filthy Lying Bolshevik

  1. From the look on her face she has to be thinking–“I used to be the Governor of Kansas and now that BASTARD – HALF-BREED son of a N***** Loving Kansas Whore has got me holding this SACK of SH** ” I think to say that she looks PISSED OFF would be an understatement.

  2. There’s nothing I detest more than a White/Nordic Communist. Esp. one who shares a name with my next-to-most-favorite composer. It’s going to be a pleasure to speak to such people in a language they can understand.

  3. Masculine Women + Effeminite Men + Political Power = a culture in turmoil.

  4. Prepping Preacher

    is the day of “da revnewers” returning..?? a time when .gov minions are viewed and labeled with such disdain and eventually the treatment of them belies the attitude as in barrycades piled at their fence and gifts of manuals on how to get things right… perhaps she’s thinking, “but you(filthy peasants) just don’t understand the “bigger picture”… yes, I’m afraid some of us do…

  5. They really do hate to be shown for the idiots they are. Oh, and if looks could kill….

  6. Great. Now with that book, they will be able to fix Obamacare and foist it on the rest of us.

    And once again it’s the Republican reachig across the aisle to help out.

    Paging Lee Greenwood…..

  7. As an interested observer from next door, there’s one look I’ve noticed about the gang in the White House. At the start they all looked fresh and cocky, now they all seem to have that sunken shrivling look. Evil exacts a toll. Just my observation.

  8. Jeez. One can tell this cnut is so uptight one couldn’t shove a needle up her bum, and the look on her ugly mug as if she just got a whiff of a White Castle and Coors fart is priceless.

    Eff her and those like her.

  9. 11Fsteve in the desert

    None of Obama’s picks for critical posts have been based upon competency. They have (shouting) ALL been politically expedient and partisan appointments.
    The elected members of the US Congress have quietly nodded and APPROVED these appointments of incompetents and they are just as complicit in the high crimes and misdemeanors.
    We are seeing the avalanche of destruction caused, in most part, by well-meaning American voters have been comfortably asleep, apathetic, lazy and under informed when they went to the polls and pulled a lever.
    This war for America’s soul has been going on for more that 100 years. There used to be champions in Congress who fought these idealogical battles for us. There used to be a competitive, ethically driven press that generally reported the facts of the news.
    This current battle is for all the chips. Will America wake up in time to avoid a dark and permanent outcome?

  10. C’mon, even Bolsheviks couldn’t have been this idiotic.

    Hey, give the O Team some credit—they were shootin’ for transparency, after all. But they’re idiots as well as liars, and sacrificial to boot. It’s not wild that they’d get the only transparency they didn’t intend.

    So lessee…would these be good folk to trust your shelter, or income or water or food or … to? Hmm, tough one.

    I got it, let’s vote! And let’s only have educated folk vote, so we know we get the most expert rule. Almost any academic will confirm that’s the only right way and who could we be, to know better?

    “Aw, cut it out. The philosophers already explained how there’s no right and wrong in the first place, at least none to be known, so why waste your time?”

  11. If most commie bitches either look like that or like Billary or Napitanto, and they DO, let’s just out breed ’em. It’s no wonder they can’t achieve even a replacement birthrate.

    Oh, wait… they just bring in the turd wurld to fill in their blank skanks.

    What a seriously fucked up hideous vile creature.

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