Codevilla: Corruption, Then War

Professor C. continues to speak the nearly-unspeakable.

This classic post by Billy Beck completes the thought.

There is no way out but through.

And “through” means fighting.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

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4 responses to “Codevilla: Corruption, Then War

  1. Codevilla just seems naive to me. His views of government are pollyannish – at least of governments some time ago.

    BTW I just ran into this article by JD Tucille which shows how much resistance is out there – far more than we think, it seems:

    He wrote that the HIGH WATER mark of compliance with gun registration laws was Illinois, at just 25%!

    Have you posted it here yet?

  2. Don’t forget to read the comments at the bottom, especially the 2nd one, by Calvin.

  3. Mt Top Patriot

    Angelo M. Codevilla has always maintained the potential for resistance to tyranny is an inherent cultural characteristic of what he terms the country class, against the tyranny of the ruling class.In his seminal work, “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution” ,(can be read here: ), Mr. Codevilla lays out the truth of the omnipotence, and subsequent cause for revolt by the common freeman, of the Amerikan Nomenklaturer’s class self appointed monopoly of rule over every facet in the entire sphere of our lives.
    This is a piece well worth ones time. There is a careful measured thoughtfulness to his work of reason that underlies just cause of and cause for revolution relative to our time and culture.

    “Pollyannish” it is not.
    It is an affirmation of the sense of self worth of self determination and actualization of Liberty of freemen everywhere.