It Werfs Flammen

…It was a terrifying apparatus… [It] fired a mixture of diesel oil and tar and had a range of about a hundred yards. It had a flame thirty feet in diameter and used eight gallons of fuel a second… When demonstrated to admirals and generals it usually appalled and horrified them…

Plenty of good reading at the link, including this quote:


…The Wasps were used mainly in support of infantry operations whereas the Crocodile was used with armoured formations.[101] They were extremely effective weapons dreaded by the Germans who had to bear their effects; because of the fear of these flamethrowers, infantry opposition often ceased when one the Wasps arrived on the scene.

See also Harvey:


…Like the Home Guard Flame Thrower, it was intended as an ambush weapon, but in this case the operator was able to direct the flames by moving the lance which would be pushed through a hole in otherwise bulletproof cover such as a brick wall…

And this ChicagoBoyz piece.

Finally, something for the riverine types.


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  1. Look up the Zippo Boats from the Vietnam campaign. Very interesting idea and I can imagine very useful too.

  2. imagine the backpack version reinvented as a motorized robo-thrower to include a remote actuator and webcam for target id………….. all theoretically, of course

  3. Preach it brother. Eleventy!

    A fixed site at every choke point, defile, last cover and concealment….

    Long pig: It’s what’s for dinner as Fido’s revenge on the dog shooters.

  4. From the Book, “The Free Northmen”
    “So we kicked this MRAP problem around at our last meeting of the NVA War College and ended up embarrassed. In trying to figure out a “new hip” way of taking out Armored cars we reinvented the wheel about 30 times till a 18 year old spoke up. Tall, blue eyes and a great lover of computers, he does some of the encryption for our group.
    “Why not just fly a shaped charge to it?” he said, “Get it to stick with magnets or even controlled flight to a laser spot.”

    There was snorts of disbelief around the room and more than one hint that he should shut up and let the older, more experienced men do the talking but the leader encouraged him to speak. He walked up to the front of the room and put up a white paper on the wall with tape. Going to the other side of the room, he opened his bag and withdrew a quadacopter. with a 4 by 1 inch brick of what looked like putty on the bottom. His friend held the laser pointer on the paper and the young man started the quad’.
    In the space of two seconds the Quad’ covered the 40 feet of the room and sounding like an angry hornet, slammed its bottom into the paper where the dot was, its rotors spinning furiously to hold it sideways to the wall.
    “See the charge can be detonated from the control pad or by hard contact or both.” he said over the cheers. “Two or three of these weight little and can be flown for other jobs, such as surveillance or even message delivery, but also can be used for attack. Now for the charge!” He tapped the complex looking radio control in his hand and the quad’ gave off a puff of smoke and dropped to the ground.
    “Well, it was supposed to look better, but I only used an Estes Ignite’r for effect and putty to look like a real charge. It was fast as I only used 1 lbs of putty, but it will take up to 4 lbs very quickly and if we used a large Hex’copter, it will take a very large charge.”
    “I’ll be damned, a flying mine.” said one member.

    • Or drop a can of thermite with a magnet on the roof of the car.

      • One problem with thermite is it tends to be runny. Change “can” to “ceramic flowerpot with hole in bottom” and you’re getting closer. Or so I’ve heard.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      So instead of sitting around manufacturing Panzerfausts, we have all the high school geeks making RC helicopters and shaped charges.
      Cute idea.
      But we’re talking warfare here; sub zero snowstorms, pouring rain, heavy winds and pitch black nights. Still think it will fly?

      • Ding ding – on my way to visit family on the “coastal Pacific Northwest” this weekend and that thing would never fly more than 20 feet at any point between here and there. Considered my destination for a redoubt but naval gunnery would be a major problem…

  5. Haven’t heard of this book, “The Free Northmen” ?? More information, please?

  6. Leave it to a GEEK/NERD to find a way to hit the Goon Squad right where it hurts. I just love it when a creative mind comes up with the solution to a problem. Turning an M-Wrap into an OVEN is a sweet idea.