Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Hillary Clinton Honored With American Patriot AwardFormer U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks after being awarded the American Patriot Award during the National Defense University Foundation annual gala at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center on November 14, 2013 in Washington, DC. The award is given annually to “leaders of extraordinary caliber who have strengthened America’s strategic interests and advanced global security.”


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  1. Damn…And the “Hits” just keep on coming!

  2. you just cant make this shit up


  3. She and Obama shoved Libya back onto the petrodollar, and only killed 4 Americans doing so. Compared to the mess Bush made doing the same thing to Iraq, I’d say she earned it. Of course, it’s the petrodollar that enables our entire debt-drowned, monetized Ponziconomy. So “Patriotism” doesn’t enter into it. Like her “husband”, she’s just a murderous crook.

  4. So, “Hillary, the Red”, who was of the group of hippies who sewed the Stars and Stripes to the seats of their jeans, and who gave the “barbeque” order at Waco is now an “American Patriot”.

    How interesting.

  5. And didn’t Jeb Bush give her a Liberty Medal a month or two back?


    Nothing should surprise us about the goings-on at Mordor-On-The Potomac. She will be our next president. Get ready.

  7. It’s for her allegiance to the NWO right? Sometimes I wonder if the ecstasy of giving the elites an ass kissing trophy is so much they don’t even care what it supposed to be for, or they are wagging the dog for ’16.

  8. War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength, and Hillary Clinton is a patriot.

  9. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
  10. What difference at this point does it make?

    But seriously, these monsters are just patting each other on the back. Doesn’t mean a thing.

  11. Larry Elliott

    I thought that Albright was about as bad as a Sec of State could get, but Hillary and Kerry have elevated Albright just as Glorious Leader have elevated Jimmy Carter.

  12. I think I just vomitted a little bit in my mouth. When will this end?- is there any solution short of all out war with the treasonous filth thats infested & defiled the US for the last 150 years? In a just world this worthless harridan would have faced treason charges and been executed nearly a year ago.

  13. HHH Old Vet.

    We ALL know she should be tried for Treason and Hanged.
    Instead, the D.C. gives her an award, convoluted? Benghazi tipped the scales for me.

  14. …and here I was thinking CA was linking an Onion article to inject a little humor in our lives. I’d get mad, but someone once told me “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!” Ba dum tsss…

  15. Sounds about as legit as Obama’s peace prize. I think he should get a second prize for the peaceful use of drones and hellfire missiles too.

  16. Likely one of the bones pre-emptively tossed her way to soften the response when they shit-can her hopes and dreams of becoming the next POTUS.
    It’s pretty fucking irrelevant at this stage. I’m sure Stalin was still having shit pinned to his chest ’til the day he died. It doesn’t matter. He was/is remembered as a monster. Hillary on the other hand will barely rank a footnote as anything other than “that chick who was married to the POTUS when he got caught screwing around with the hired help”.

  17. War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Diversity is strength.
    Hillary is a patriot.

    Got it?

  18. Nothing surprises me anymore.


  19. The skids are apparently being greased for Hitlery in ’16

    We seem to be in an era of each subsequent president being the worst ever…

  20. These animals may as well be living in another country as far as I’m concerned. Though detestable, their actions do not alarm me. I save that for the in your face confrontation that ever looms.

  21. CA, I can’t stand looking at her every time the page loads! For the love of Pete please post some pic above this one! My WRSA addiction is causing pain now. Please help!

  22. Mt Top Patriot

    You guys notice how all tyrants have the same body language?
    How when you block out the bullshit, lies and verbal diarrhea streaming from their pie holes, you get a glimpse into how they have the look of a psychopath?

    Pantsuit has that quintessential Hitler-esque pose.
    Imagine this worthless witch screaming at her sycophants in the oval office:

    “…I want every teabagger and militia member, every gun toting hick and libertarian in this country rounded up and either in a FEMA camp or a body bag!”

    This wretched shrew is far more dangerous than the chocolate emperor. She is a blood thirsty murderer, a megalomaniac.
    It, is an obsessed tyrant where any means justifies her power.

    • “far more dangerous”…correct. The only people (that I know of) who Obama had murdered during his ’08 run-in were 2 or 3 of his Chicago homosexual f++kmates. The Clinton’s pre ’92 body-count, @ http://arkancide.com, exceeds 100. Still, if the UniversalPonzi hasn’t collapsed by ’16, Hitlery is made to order for us: moar polarization.

  23. Department of Defense backing both sides of the upcoming presidential campaign. Gotta keep the Military-Industrial Complex going.

  24. That ” Inside the Beltway ” cliq , it’s a real hoot the way they kiss one anothers ass . Just sprinkle some ‘ perception management ‘ lame stream media pixie dust on it and the truth will go away . Stuka Pilot … you nailed it dead on brother , that’s exactly what’s going on here .

  25. All those medals look pretty foolish right now but when the 2016 campaign comes around (if it’s not already started) and the media begins to pound the drum for all her efforts to keep America safe, they’ll pay off in votes from the Free S**t army.
    Like a lot of you, I’ve sat around, waiting for some unifying event to bring the patriot community out of their garages and bunkers to force our rulers to relinquish their grip on our freedom. The rulers have been patient though, and no such event has been allowed to happen. When something does peek out from under the rug, the media has quickly redirected our attention to something else. Now I’m too old (79) to be of much use in any sort of action to wrest the reins out of the hands of the communists that have been running things for entirely too long.
    Many of us still believe the military will somehow save us from total communism but as time goes by we see more and more high-ranking officers purged under less than honorable conditions. Perhaps we need to take a page from the book used by the Christeros in Mexico. They found a retired General and hired him to lead their army. Since few of the people could read, they didn’t engage in the mental masturbation of buying each others’ books, instead using the money to pay their leader. Don’t get me wrong – I have a bunch of books from a variety of authors, all about how to resist an oppressive government but I’m too damned old to hump a pack much further than to the front door.
    Some of us have drawn a line in the sand similar to the Waco event. If the government crosses that line we’ll fight. Well, for at least one man in New Mexico that line has been crossed – in spades! He’s lucky though. He’s still alive to sue. Too many others end up dead, thus eliminating the only witness that might refute the story told by the police. That 13-year old kid in California wasn’t so lucky, was he? Waco accounted for about 80 men, women and children. How many innocents have we sacrificed (by our inaction) since? But of course, we obey the law and we don’t want to be outlaws, do we? Most of us realize that a point will come when the rule of law will no longer exist and well all be outlaws. The problem lies in defining that point. For the guy in New Mexico the line has been crossed and still he’s relying on the law to rectify the wrong he’s had visited upon him. The parents of the kid in California will likely turn to the law too. In both cases though, the perpetrators should be tried, convicted and hanged, in that order preferably but on the same day . . . and you (and I) should be pulling on the ropes instead of reading the ranting of a senile old man.

  26. Wow Stuka… your words focus on the reality of that situation like a laser beam!

    Jack Lawson
    Member Special Forces Association Chapter 51

    “They’re dead… get over it !!” Quote from Hillary Clinton 2013

    “Did Hillary say that about the Ambassador, his aid and the Navy SEALS killed in Benghazi… or was it the kids killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut? …I can’t remember.”

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Most folks are clueless to the underlying reasons of US politics, they take everything at face value from the media, and don’t understand 90% of the game is under the table, banking/alphabet agency stuff.
      Mention anything other than the media story, and you’re a tin foil hat wearing lunatic, I guess we fit into that category too.

      • Independent thought. What a concept, eh Mr. Semper Fi ?

        I am continually amazed at the folks who worship these assclowns of the political/elected stage.

  27. Patriot Hillary = Oxymoron of the Century
    Right up there with the Obamination’s Nobel Peace Prize!
    Ass Clowns…

  28. gunnyginalaska

    I’d give everything I own to be the hangman who puts the rope around traitors like her. Short drop, quick stop.

  29. This is PATHETIC…..
    This woman has NOTHING but CONTEMPT for this Country…CONTEMPT for the people…CONTEMPT for the FALLEN and CONTEMPT for the Military……. When she was giving her “testimony”.. sorry I meant stone walled about Benghazi and made her famous statement.. Which makes me nuts…. THEY should have immediately paused… Called a squad of REAL MARINES and had the BITCH arrested…To THEM she may be a PATRIOT… But to the rest of us she is a LYING PSYCHO… Who gave lessons to who… “Depends what is… is..”….. TICK TOCK…..


  30. Ghostrider – same position here. I think there are millions in the same position. No one wants to die without effect so no point in playing their game without result.

  31. HHH Old Vet.

    Is there any way that we the people can Dump all the Senators and congressmen into one treasonous Lump, try and convict, then Hang every last one of them? All of them have NOT held up their OATH of office, it is they who have Screwed Americans for so long, maybe Civil war is what is needed.

  32. While the concentration of this essay is on the communist H. Clinton, does anyone care to express a thought on Jesse Ventura’s possible run for POTUS, 2016 ?

    Myself, I’d support the guy. I’m done with the left and right wings of the same political buzzard.

    Thoughts ?

  33. Hitlery a patriot. What are they smoking and where can I get some? That is some really potent shit