GA Force On Force: Small Unit Tactics II, 7 December, Dawsonville


WHO: All who attended the Level One class + any who think they can keep pace
WHAT: We will be exploring team tactics more extensively, comms, leadership, and patrols
WHEN: Saturday, December 7th, 2013 0800 to 1700
WHY: Because you need better tactics to excel

Old Towne Rd; Dawsonville Ga. 30534
COST: $30.00
WHO CAN ATTEND: Anyone 14 and older
Sponsored by: Team Airsoft

This class will require that the venue have a signed waiver on hand for you prior to your participation in the class. Please bring proper gear for the class, including a water bottle and small first aid kit (bandaids and Neosporin). A second magazine for your AEG/airsoft rifle will be required as we will be instructing on magazine changes.

This is a CLASS, not an open scenario game. There will be force-on-force situations set up in the class but this is primarily a day of instruction and team building, not free for all play.

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Sign up is here.

One response to “GA Force On Force: Small Unit Tactics II, 7 December, Dawsonville

  1. Underground Carpenter

    I’m not sure learning SWAT team tactics is a better route than trying to talk people out of their belief in government. Become a monster or waste your breath. Neither appeals to me.