See Ya!

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RITR sends:

Colorado Stooge Resigns Rather Than Face Recall

Hate to be ya!

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  1. Mt Top Patriot

    Jabba the Hut is gone!
    Woo Hoo!
    Those guys in Colorado kicked butt.

  2. Creepy Ass Crackah

    After bragging that she would ‘never resign’, Hudak takes the cowards way out to ensure that the Democrats retain majority in the Colorado Senate. I wonder what plum job she will be nominated to by the Bloomberg stooge Governor Hickenlooper?

  3. Bradford C joy


  4. Take the rest of the riff raff with ya sweetie .

  5. Another one down about 100,000 left to go and that is just in state

  6. Does this mean I will no longer have to endure her disgusting, revolting, nauseating, repulsive, distorted simulacrum of a human face every other day on every blog I frequent?

    ESAD, Evie!


    Vae, Caesar!

  8. HHH Old Vet.

    Great to see her going away, friends in Colorado must be having a party.!!
    NOW, if the rest of the Douche Bags would quit their B.S. and wake up to the reality.
    Forbes magazine had a column on “The Assassin Market” Political assassins paid by Bitcoin, maybe her name was put up there with the Potus and Bernanke, 40 bits for Big O and 128.4 for Bernanke, maybe Holder is on the list too? Good hunting.

  9. She resigned only to ensure her seat stays with the Dems. Keep up the fight CO patriots! When these dastardly anti-gun bills are overturned and the Dems are run out of office you breath a sigh of relief!

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    Good riddance

  11. I weep for my old state and making damn sure that crap don’t happen up here in AK.