Sure Glad I Didn’t Miss Anything While I Was Out

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You do understand that Billy Beck wasn’t kidding when he said the following back in 2010:

…We now live under The Sucker StateThere will be no voting our way out of this, and that is as it should be, in at least one aspect: free people do not supplicate to government. They become manifest in their actions. In any case, however, whole generations have gone down under the rampant delusion that the sources of life spring from everything but individual human productivity: they believe that government can steal for them forever.

The hideous noise that you hear all around you in this culture, now, is only the beginning intimation of how wrong they are. It is the sound of savages scrambling around the lip of the government cannibal-pot, into which all values must eventually be collected by force and from which they will be dispensed under heavy guard. If you are capable of one moment’s sense and are not a goddamned deliberate liar — like an ex-president — then you can see where this is all going…

Read the whole thing – carefully, for emphasis.

Then get back to work.

I will do the same.



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UPDATE 1500 EST 27 NOV 2013: Thanks to the readers who chased down the failure of the Billy Beck link above. Have sent a note to Mr. Beck asking if we can help.

UPDATE 0755 EST 28 NOV 2013: Broken link fixed with WRSA mirror post of the original.

12 responses to “Sure Glad I Didn’t Miss Anything While I Was Out

  1. Seems to be a problem with Billy’s domain being expired.

  2. It’s expired for me too, and I even seach-engined the site to make sure your link was spelled right.

    Maybe your copy is cached.

  3. Internic says this about two–

    Domain Name: TWO–FOUR.NET
    Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 27-nov-2013
    Creation Date: 25-nov-2002
    Expiration Date: 25-nov-2014

  4. It looks like maybe he didn’t pay his hosting, or this stole it out from under him two days ago on the anniversary of his renewal.

  5. I’m having a problem getting it pulled up as well.

  6. I’m having a problem getting it pulled up as well

  7. Look’s like Mr. Beck’s crystal ball was working well back in 2010!!

    One question….(Actually for Claire Wolf) Is it time??

  8. I told him if he liked his domain he could keep his domain. Period.

  9. I have come to the conclusion that the denizens of Mordor of the Potomac love the tail-chasing when the Constitutionalists get wrapped around the axle of that storied but severely flawed contract for perpetual government slavery. Begging for a different appreciation of the Constitution simply acknowledges national supremacy over the individual. Period.