“You are going to die, and for your sacrifice we are thankful”

Sparks31 sends a harsh but accurate message.

You don’t think you’ll be targeted?

Holy normalcy bias, Batman.

16 responses to ““You are going to die, and for your sacrifice we are thankful”

  1. Holy deafening silence, Batman. I would have expected the keyboard commandos and apologists to be all over this by now.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Remind folks how well they wear their voluntary chains, and not a peep will be heard……….

    • It’s the truth sadly. I know I come to wrsa to learn if cw2 comes to pass.

    • “I would have expected the keyboard commandos and apologists to be all over this by now.”

      Why? I won’t be dying in order for you to increase your knowledge and insight, but I hope it happens anyway when I do. My benefits cannot be increased by the benefits of others being decreased. Quite the opposite, in fact. That’s why capitalism is ultimately a moral principle and not merely economic–the “pie” is ever-growing, not merely being eaten up. Well, until these days anyway.

      Haven’t you heard? Rational self-interest is THE good. At least when they (try to) string me up in the public square, somebody might get that philosophy is even more potent than the best sniper’s rifle.

      Besides, there’s an ethical primary that renders moot the distinction between good philosophy and a good sniper’s rifle—“Can’t we have both?”

  2. 1) It’s a holiday so many are away from the keyboard.

    2) I know I suck but the piece didn’t help me. Too vague with contradictory action items. First you say the high tech will kick my ass then say I should work on commo. Won’t their high tech make anything I buy useless or a liability? Besides, what’s Chinese HT anyway?

  3. I’m extremely skeptical about FedGov “rolling up” anything in a lightning strike or efficient targeting. The “Night of the Long Knives II” seems extremely, vanishingly unlikely. For one thing FreFor is not conveniently located in Berlin and Muncih (er, New York and DC) where the Feds have forces who might be able to do this. Once you get out into the hinterlands, which would be pretty much everything east of the Hudson they will have a much harder time. In many states the local LEOs will not be having it, so they’ve got a problem right there. A lot of FreFor lives in anticipation of such a raid, and by definition you only get one chance to pull it off before roles are reversed.

    Given all that I don’t see them going that way,

  4. I entirely agree that comms are important and overlooked in Freefor. I don’t see how what you are talking about equates to high tech war. Radio isn’t exactly high tech. It is just the communicate part of a complex situation.

    Don’t take this the wrong way.


    What would you advise for those of us on a budget. My tribe is currently using the FRS radio system. We are setting up our own SOI. I also have a HAM hand-held, but no license due to my reluctance to deal with the FCC. I use it as a scanner to monitor the local lickspittles who respond to “disasters”. Is the FRS a viable system for us local yokels on a budget? What about CB?

  6. Alright, Sparksy, I’ll bite. I had to work today. Assymetric! It will be high tech but that will be countered with low tech! OTP is low tech right? They are looking for electrical patterns, traces. Meatspace trumps that no? You hit where the enemy is weak and exploit it. He is weak in manpower. He is weak in will power. He is weak in dependency on energy. He is threatened by truth. His dependency on illusion is going to hurt him as that is disrupted rather easily. Low tech will allow FREEFOR to exploit high tech. So I’ll be stuffing my face because the memory of that will carry me through some tough times ahead. I’ll be thankful for every second I have with loved ones. And I will note that the enemy will not be stopped until he is opposed with cunning and determination. Eat up and Please pass the gravy!

  7. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the increase in stats! Most hits I’ve had since the blog started. My CA/PSYOPS trainees have learned a valuable lesson on this one.


  8. Great! Another fucking bigot.

    “If you ain’t into my stuff, you’re dead!”

    Thanks, I’ll get right on that.

    How’s all the above for your “deafening silence,” Robin?

    JK, Pana, Jackson and D Close speak for me, more or less.

  9. Dweezil’s question has already been answered in previous blog postings. If you can’t do your own research after you’ve been given the keys to the candy store, what good will you be when TSHTF?

    And I am a bigot. If you ain’t a left-handed, lesbian, albino, Eskimo from Cleveland like me, I personally think you’re subhuman. Also, if you’re a dirty bait caster or even, god-forbid, a surf caster, I’d have a special camp set up for you and your kind.

    But hey, if you ever find yourself near Apple Creek in Wooster, OH. Look me up. I’ll be the one with the Woodland Camo boonie hat with a Signal Corps BOS insignia on the front. We can then have a little man-to-man discussion about bigotry up close and personal.