Codrea: In Re Sandy Hook

…What should be clear to any honest reviewer [after reading the report] is that so-called “gun-free zones” do not stop determined killers and that the police cannot possibly arrive in time to stop murders in progress. They didn’t even have time to enter the building, let alone clear and secure it…

You are on your own.

Never forget it.

8 responses to “Codrea: In Re Sandy Hook

  1. world trade center 7

    I don’t believe a thing some “report” claims as facts. JFK 911 Iraq Boston Benghazi

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I don’t understand why this even gets attention anymore.
      Read something the other day, the school had been empty and slated for destruction for several yrs already. Good place to run training scenario?

  2. HHH Old Vet.

    Sandy Hook, A total False Flag, Did Not Happen folks, there is a pattern.
    Now they have torn down the school, like 911 to hide the evidence of a farce.

  3. Whole purpose of “gun-free zones” is to induce massacres, which Statists then use for gun-grab PR. Ultimately, the collectivists want the whole country to be a “gun-free zone” so that they can kill millions, as per Ayers/Dohrn. This particular massacre – see also, Oklahoma City – has Eric Holder’s bloody pawprints all over it. And this is the kind of people we are dealing with. When the time comes, Show. No. Mercy.

  4. I have designed several schools and the trend is to design them to keep people in whether they are students or killers, much like prisons which I have designed as well.

    Would you willingly go into a place meant to trap and contain you, unarmed?

    We taught our son how to educate himself and over the past 20 years have helped thousands of parents worldwide teach their kids how to educate themselves.

    • Without a legion of federally funded union stooges to help?
      How on earth are they going to learn fluent Ebonics without cultural immersion? It’s child abuse I tells ya 🙂

  5. Have to agree – Sandy Hook just another psy-ops…..our government, just as our media is just spinning propaganda and manipulation….

  6. The comments here and in other places are the most encouraging things I hear.. Many, many more people are distrusting the USSA government. When that level of distrust reaches a critical mass then this government will be replaced with something else, better or worse. I fear that as long as women and minorities get to set the agenda it will be worse. Maybe at that time ‘real men’ will step up. One can always hope.