Signal Corps: HF Gear 101



And for those of you wondering about the license question, here’s the last word.

One response to “Signal Corps: HF Gear 101

  1. Those that don’t learn about radio and don’t get licensed now will NOT be able to do much of anything with radio at all. If they do get on, they’ll be those cluttering up the spectrum for genuine communications.

    The purpose of the license isn’t to register you as a amateur radio user, it’s to require you to learn enough to not screw it up for other users. It’s a lot more complicated than Wal-Mart walkie-talkies or CB band.

    One thing many don’t know is Amateur licensee, mostly Extra Class, set up the exam sessions, create the question pools, and grade the exams. The results of all this is accepted by the FCC and you get your license. Most recurrent test sessions are conducted by local clubs.

    Take the time to learn it correctly, do it now while there’s little in your way. Waiting until SHTF time is far too late.