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6 responses to “Banzai!

  1. Few things more fun than aiming your police scanner’s antenna at a local shopping mall and listening in on Black Friday.

    If it doesn’t make you stop and wonder what we at FreeFor are actually fighting for, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with you as a person.

  2. All that madness to buy something that you give away!

  3. Mt Top Patriot

    It’s obama’s cargo cult writ large!

    Looking at William Banzi’s agitprop all I can see is a banana republic dicktater in a third world shithole.
    I wonder what the behavior of the people in this pic is going to be like when the rug is pulled out from them.
    Maybe it is subconscious group think for the time when obama’s government plantation cargo planes stop delivering .gov manna. from free shit heaven.

  4. They will turn into 150 million N.E.P.U.T.’S

  5. Well, it looks like the lower, capitol supported Districts will eat well over the Holiday’ s. The White Middle class district will still find leaner rations next year, their neighborhoods atomized and their 3 %’ers struggling to organize (three finger salute?) and no jobs for their Tributes.

    The odds are NEVER in our favor.

  6. Sheeple buying crap they don’t need with money they don’t have. “But it’s half-price!”. Funny stuff. Still, my bookshelves are groaning under the weight of thousands of unread books. Do I really need so many? Yes, I do. Maybe build a fire w them someday. To keep warm during the coming Ice-Age.