“In the end we shall shoot you”

Fran explains why.

There is no cringing one’s way through what is coming.

Not for those around whom future resistance (of whatever kind) can coalesce.

“Grey man” is only a tactic – not a strategy.

Either Team Freedom wins, or Team Collectivism wins.

In the latter case, they will kill – via whatever means necessary – everyone born before 1970 or so.

They must do so.

We simply know too much.

So, now that you know how it ends if the Bad People prevail, let’s get back to work.

And never, ever die alone.

Live free.

Die hard.


18 responses to ““In the end we shall shoot you”

  1. Mt Top Patriot

    There are a lot more guys like me to shoot then the guy’s who want to shoot guys like me. That is sporting odds.

    If it comes down to that, I can only hope and try to acquit myself with the dignity of my Liberty by making the other guy die for his beliefs first.

    In that way, if it is my time I will not have died in vain.
    I will have lived free and died free.

    I figure I gotta die sometimes.
    By God, I’m gonna well make it count and send a few of the bastards to hell where they will find a good home.

  2. Being a Gray man, means you’re a loaner and a maveric.This war will have many Of them

    • Unless the gray man is manoeuvring himself into a position to be of use to the good guys then his self preservation is nothing more than cowardice.
      You’re right. There will be many men silently waiting in the shadows while others bleed and die for freedom. Ashamedly for many of them this is not even a matter of survival. It’s a matter of keeping their pension and the life to which they have become accustomed.
      They could live poor and free but they choose to skulk in riches instead.

    • PM;
      You meant “loner”, right?

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    It’s all
    We can do.

  4. All this highly over-rates the power/competence of the current Regime. The collectivists are all together on the bridge of the Titanic, heading for the debtberg. And they have not and will not get control of the guns. I’d rate their chances at no better than zero. What the post-Ponzi Regime will look like is, as history also tells us, an entirely different question.

    • Mt Top Patriot

      I think you are right Brother. You said it very well. Funny how everything keeps coming around to the lack of legitimacy and of power of those trying to destroy our liberty.

  5. “In the end we shall shoot you”

    In the end?
    I figure that would be the FIRST thing they’d pull.
    I have planned accordingly.
    Under estimating is not one of my strong points.

  6. I like the poster. But if I am attacked by the thugs, I intend to take more than just one with me…

    • Can you re-ammo all of your guns with one hand?
      How about if your working hand is not your dominant one?

  7. Doubt they even fuck with me. They know my record, my training, my preps, and my attitude. I figure they’ll try to drone me. All I have to do is get them before they get me. Should be fairly easy, just look for the B O rainbow flag flying above a mobile trailer CP.

    • But for sure I am on the list. I even had a starring role in the play “1776” as John Adams during the 5th grade. Yup, that and insulting frau jar-rat the other day. LOL. Suk my ass bitches!

  8. They will use food as a weapon and simply starve people to death . Most people in WW2 did not die from bullets , disease and deprivations . They died from the effects of malnutrition. Oldest and most effective weapon ever devised . Within 5 days of not eating you are too weak to fight and 67% of all our food comes through Walmart stores . The Dear Leader will simply take over all the Walmarts , game over comrade.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      hmmmm…. hadn’t thought of that before.
      So Walmart’s off limits to preppers??????


        They sheeple can buy canned goods from China at Dollar Tree. At least this is what the clueless will do in my A/O.

        • “Country of Origin”: look on every item.
          China food is fake, poison, suspect.
          Fake rice, fake eggs? WTF!?
          Eggs from chickens eating bugs in yard, rice from TX (in huge bags).

          Mal-Wort actually sells lots of USA-stuff, but never trust. Never.