This Guy Is Going To Own You

Sparks31 explains.

Man makes.

Man breaks.

Breaky easier.

9 responses to “This Guy Is Going To Own You

  1. God bless the geeks, for they will inherit the earth, and wind up owning the rest of us dumbasses.

    • be wery of the hipster nerds.. collectivist commie tight jean wearing mofos

      anyways.. yes.. harness and cherish geeks. teach them and they will teach you.

      things not new to me: audio and video pre and post-production, folly recording, image manipulation, scenic design, spfx makeup, ubuntu user, moderate networking, newbie radio geek, survivalist, bass player, jeep xj lover, cyclist.

  2. This makes me think of this:

    You definitely want to sort out the Edisons from the Teslas.

    • Now that was some Awesome Educational Entertainment!

      Passing on to many.
      Atlas Shrug

      PS Tesla was Ayn Rand’s inspiration for John Galt

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Excellent lesson!
      Kinda like Henry Ford invented the automobile, and the Wright Bros were the first to fly. It all depends on who’s teaching the class.

  3. The geeks and techies will for the most part not “own” anyone.
    They will work for those who DO “own” people…..including the geeks.

    So if you don’t make him part of your tribe he will be part of another

  4. I am a geek (as well as a gun nut), spent my working life as a computer hardware designer and systems engineer. Learned my trade in the Marine Corps, of all places. Don’t worry, most geeks are just as pissed off as the rest of you guys. Of course some are whores to power, just as in the rest of the population.

    I wrote this recently:

  5. Thanks for posting that. After the epic failure to recruit the surgeon, I’m trying my local ham radio geeks next.