Max V: On Sailing Away

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Fair winds and following seas.

4 responses to “Max V: On Sailing Away

  1. People don’t realize it, but liberty is supported by the existence of a place to run away to. America itself was this place before Lincoln, and the American west retained that status for a time longer. The concept still works though, even if America is no longer that place. It’s hard to tyrannize folks who can just pick up and leave. That is why, I think, even our initial religious dictatorships (the Puritans) never had any staying power. L. Neil Smith examined this idea in his SF book “Pallas”, a book I recommend.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      And I believe the early American soldiers were also called cowards, for hiding behind trees and not standing in line to get shot down.
      A lot of weird shit is gonna happen soon, and I’m sure not standing around waiting to be a target, for anyone. Whether it be at sea, or in the woods, I know how to disappear, as any good Recon Marine (USMC frogman)should.

  2. Space… the final frontier.

    Someday, those escaping from earthly degradation will be accused of cowardice as well.

  3. Great to learn that Max is an ocean sailor. We are going to share a horizon one day, I hope.