Demand Socialist Healthcare Now!

socialized medicine
Bracken comments on this story from Disney-Pravda:

Comrades, you must believe Dear Leader Obama!

Soon National Socialist healthcare rationing will be running full speed like Norilsk Tractor Factor “Red October” in best days of former Soviet Union! All good comrades will obtain free top-class healthcare like in worker’s paradise Cuba and people’s republic Korea! And best of all, bad comrades from “tea party” and other right-wing reactionary groups will be stopped from taking healthcare by commissars working day to night in new ACA-NSA-IRS data-hub fusion centers! If reactionaries don’t change attitude and get on train of social progress, no operation for sick kid or medicine for old granny!

Onward to victory, comrades! Under leadership of Dear Leader Obama, a new day of social justice and economic democracy is dawning, like in best years of glorious former Soviet Union!

Give that man a beet:


6 responses to “Demand Socialist Healthcare Now!

  1. Socialism is not a failed economic system. It is a control mechanism. It works exactly as it is supposed to work. It is i institutionalized theft. It is slavery.

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  3. Jimmy the Saint

    An entire beet? Comrade, you are being wasteful with the People’s sustenance! An extra half-ration of gruel, no more.

  4. another fake story from AllBullCrap “news”. Medicaid expands, debt-financed “healthcare” expands. No, really? I’ll not touch any of it – medicaid, medicare, the Insurance Cartel, or Obamacare – and when/if the HealthCare SwatTeam comes to my door, they’d better bring a Mash Unit.

    • outlawpatriot

      And you’d better have some friends willing to show up and provide a little covering fire. Better still. You might not want to be there. They damn well will have MASH capability for themselves and a body bag for you.