A Reader Requests

iii to iii
Per comments:

Back to that iii to iii thing… I hate to ask, but any help in spreading this link would be greatly appreciated. My 28 yr. old niece is dying and they are trying to raise funds for funeral expenses and what not. Facebook link or whatever. Anything would help. If not, no problem and I understand. Regards, Jay


Again, I really hate to ask and hope that I don’t offend.

3 responses to “A Reader Requests

  1. Wow! Thank you. If I can return the favor in the future I gladly will.

  2. SuckingChestWound

    Facebooked. Will contribute what I can when I get paid.

    No apologizing. We are all family. That’s how it works.

  3. Shared and the least I can do. On FB, my site and couple of other sites. I am part of. Others have assisted me and my family and correct, this is HOW it works.