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  1. Thank you very much for the links!

    I just started reading the SOF nutrition guide…
    Here’s the takeaway for the generals:
    if you want to create a team of warrior athletes, don’t starve the poor schmucks!..

    Apart from an understandable and noble desire to impose as much short-term misery as humanly possible, and then some, what could be a legitimate reason to starve SOF candidates (Ranger school, BUD/S, etc.) so that within a few weeks they can lose 20 pounds of their body mass, if they were not far-asses to start with?

    Just a question. Do not shoot me for asking.
    I’ve never been through one of those courses, and therefore I am an outsider.
    That does not not make the question any less valid.

    • And please don’t give me BS about preparing for not enough food in the field when on a mission.
      It’s just a matter of training to teach/learn how to get food when you are in the wilderness, and when in a city, that’s not an issue at all.