Mosby Sends: Words Cannot Express



(Please bear with the tone of this message. It is not my intent to be callous or uncaring. We are dealing with a tragic event that cannot be understood even when you are living through it, let alone if you’ve never experienced it, and my personal method for dealing with it is to be clinical in the aspects that require being clinical—J.M.)

As many readers and class participants are aware, our family has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of our new rifleman for some time. He was due in early December and was overdue.

Daniel Morgan (real name, not an alias) was born at 0040 on 24DEC13. A whopping and apparently robust 11lbs. During the checkout process from the hospital the final tests by the doctor detected a slight heart murmur. After contacting a pediatric cardiologist at the Children’s Hospital over in Spokane, Washington, the doctor instructed us to transport Morgan to Spokane for what he presumed would be a minor issue.

My son was born with a congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Lower Heart Syndrome. In Morgan’s case, the defect was a lack of development of his left ventricle. This condition results in a 100% mortality rate. There is a surgical intervention available called the Norwood Staged Interventions. This requires a series of three open heart surgeries beginning immediately and occurring over the course of 3-5 years. Unfortunately these surgeries offer only a 47% survival rate by the age of 3. Of the small percentage that do survive the surgeries, 64% suffer from some degree of mental retardation, and 75% suffer a “significant” functional structural disability. By the age of 5, the 47% who survive only enjoy a 50% survival rate (so only 25% of the 1 in 5000 children born with this defect survive to the age of 5, despite the best efforts of modern medicine. The defect is simply too rare and the procedures are too new—having been developed only in the 1970s.)

HH6 and myself, after as lengthy a consideration as possible under the circumstances, understood that the only moral option available to us in this situation was what the medical profession euphemistically refers to as “compassionate care.”

Morgan died at 2130 on 29DEC13. We are, as paradoxical as it may sound—as proud as we can be of the little warrior. For five very long days, he fought valiantly against literally impossible odds, finally succumbing 15 minutes after his daddy told him it was okay to give up the fight. The last conscious action (as far as we can tell it was a conscious action) was to open his eyes, make eye contact with his momma.

I know that the vast majority of the readership of this blog are Christian in faith. I am also aware that most of you are aware that my wife and I do not share your faith. Nevertheless, please do not for one moment think we will be anything but grateful for your prayers for Morgan, our beloved daughter, and ourselves.

Whatever your faith, and whatever our faith, it is my sincere hope that wherever Morgan’s spirit is now, there are good, brave men who will teach him the things I was supposed to, but didn’t get the opportunity.

I had no intention of sharing this information with the readership of the blog to tarnish what I genuinely hope is a most joyous holiday season for our many beloved friends and brethren who read this. CA and the other gentlemen at WRSA were kind enough to point out to me that as many readers and students have met our family and learned of some of our adventures over the last couple of years, and do genuinely care. I gave them permission to share the information with the readership of WRSA.

I have noticed, read, and appreciate the concern and the condolences shared over there.

Many readers have emailed asking about sending donations to help in any way. While—as any long-time reader will know—we generally do not accept donations or subscriptions for the blog. We don’t believe in accepting charity and we provide this blog and classes because of our love of the Republic and liberty. Nevertheless, as anyone can imagine, this was certainly an unexpected occurrence, and is not something any parent can—or should—prepare for.

Like most people, we would prefer donations to go to a worthy cause in memory of Morgan. We will however, gratefully accept any assistance anyone desires or feels compelled to provide. If you feel so compelled, donations may be sent through our mail drop to:

PO Box 278
Kooskia, ID 83539

It will take us a minimum of a week or two to receive anything sent to the mail drop, but rest assured if such donations are made, you will receive our sincerest gratitude and a physical manifestation of that gratitude.

Do not however, take this as a “request” for donations. Given our druthers, what we would ask people do in honor of Morgan is three-fold:

1) Hug your children—no matter how old—and tell them you love them.

2) Offer whatever prayers you believe are worthy to your God(s).

3) Take advantage of the fact that you were blessed at birth with a heart that works. Go do some fucking PT.

Again, please accept our sincerest heartfelt gratitude for any well-wishes and prayers, and our apologies because we will be somewhat sporadic with responding to emails and mail for a short time as we work through the immediate grieving process. We WILL get back to you, and rest assured, all currently scheduled classes are still a go at this time.

Most Sincerely Yours,

John and HH6

FYI: Sam Culper has also set up a Paypal account at for those so inclined.

Please pass the word.

28 responses to “Mosby Sends: Words Cannot Express

  1. Mosby, our prayers are sent for you and your wife. God is a God of mercy and I am praying that you can understand that. I dont have your personal experience with a son or daughter passing, so in all honesty I cannot say “I understand.” Peace be with you Mosby and HH6.

  2. Since I don’t know you and your family it is amazing to me how loudly your comments sing to me of the love you are expressing for your son. Although my heart is broken for you, I can see you are handling this better than I could. Ever. Carry on.

  3. May the Gods be with you.

  4. Mr. Mosby, I wrote you an email earlier, but I’ll put this on the comments section. You never asked for charity. Part of what you do is motivate people to do the right thing and get ready. Part of what we do is support you. Its not charity, its helping a brother deal with the pain. If we are not a family who can help each other, then what the hell are we? I went through this 9 years ago, and all the guys in my team (not that team) supported me. That meant the world. This is not charity. Its helping a brother and his wife get through a tough time. You take care of your wife, and you will come out ahead. Its your job as a man to deal with the stress and make it easier for your wife (yes its sexist, but who cares). As far as compassionate care, we did the same thing. Dont let it scare you from having another. I’m sending you something via the culpepper link. Again, its not charity, its paying for all the time you spend away from your family helping us get off our fat buttocks. If your not religious, thats ok. We still have the same goal.

    • I also feel that donations are not charity, because he’s already compensated us for any donations with his writings. Just because he gives his writings away doesn’t mean that they don’t have value. How much do you think someone with the equivalent training and experience would charge for writing those posts?

    • I forgot to add. I’ll ask mine to play with yours. Don’t worry, my little guy will take care of yours. you don’t have to be religious. My little guy will make sure yours learns the ropes. We take care of each other on this plane, and our kids who have gone before us will take care of each other until we get to meet them again. Its kind of like a Valhalla except the children of the warriors and the protectors will make sure that we are welcome when we get there. Enough sappy stuff for now. Make sure that HH6 is taken care of and happy.

  5. Before this, I have never commented on this blog. I’m not a survivalist, a retired soldier, or an experienced activist of any type. I dare not call myself a Three Percenter, yet, for I have neither the abilities nor the commitment to cause that many of you here do. I became an ex-liberal some time ago. I became an ex-Republican a few years back. What keeps bringing me here, and elsewhere, to read and learn is the fact that I became a father very recently. You and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers. I commend you and HH6 for making the hard, but compassionate and correct decision.

    Having a child has led to conversations and decisions with the Mrs that I never envisioned. There are, I hope, many of us out here currently stuck deep in enemy territory who are planning our exits and prepping to fight with whatever means and tools we can… because we’re parents. One too many lines has been crossed. One too many times ‘it’s for the children’ has been used as justification. Not mine. Not ever. The question of ‘what’s it going to take to wake people up?’ is a good one. My kid woke me up.

    I thank you and the other writers here for the information, the commentary, the humor and the assurance that there will be many capable and serious people who’ll be there when the time comes. You have more allies, in more places, than you know. I hope that your family can find privacy, peace and love for the time being. This mess of a country will be here when you’re ready to re-engage.

  6. Sincere condolences. I hope the new year brings you and your family peace and fulfillment.

  7. Enter Valhalla
    Young warrior, Dan Morgan
    You will lead us, there.

  8. Be strong Brother John. We are praying for you.

  9. Oh… That was heart-wrenching to read. I cannot imagine what it was like to write. I couldn’t even finish reading it to my wife. Got to the part about making eye contact with momma and had to just hand her the page I’d printed. I couldn’t finish.

    Mr. Mosby, you don’t know most of us, most of us don’t know you, but if we could we’d each take a piece of this burden and lift it off of you.

    You’ve touched a lot of people with your writing and your training. Know that all the people you’ve touched do care.

    You’ll be in our thoughts…

  10. My prayer is that GRITS will embrace young Dan Morgan as one of His Own.

  11. John;
    Having lost a little one here a few years ago I can tell you there is no pain like that of losing a child. Although it seems as though the emptyness and heartache will never go away, eventually it becomes bearable. We all have much to do……………..let him be an inspiration to you.

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    A hero has fallen.

  13. J.M., thank you for posting this so we can pray for you. I just had my second baby girl, and am by their bedside now, weeping for your lost One. God bless you and we will pray for you.

  14. Ssgt. Mosby, my name is Michael and I have been following your words and guidance from New York. I just noticed something really important about you and yours. You both have a rare strength that will sustain you both through this loss. When I read your words on WRSA, it made sense to shed some tears. We never met and never will but you both are in my prayers.

  15. Yours was the most merciful of acts, to relieve the pain and suffering of a child.
    You may not believe in God, but God believes in you.
    God bless you and yours. Continue to take care of your family. There is no higher love or duty.

  16. NHPatriot1776

    John and HH6, you have my most sincere condolences, as a father of two young girls I can’t image the pain and sorrow you are going through. It literally brings me to tears when I think about losing either or both of them or the loss of any parents child. This is why I read this blog and many others and this is why I train and prepare with like minded people. It is the future of our children that matters most. I have made my peace with God and am ready for whatever may come. God bless you for all that you do for the movement.

  17. It looks like writing here is helpful for you and as you can see we are definitely reading your words. I hope that kind of affinity is comforting in its own way.

    And, yes, PT is still happening. As well as climbing mountains and shooting 1000 yards.

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    Our thoughts and prayers go out for Mosby and his wife……

  19. My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family on the untimely death of Morgan. One of the great unanswerable mysteries of life is; why bad things happen to good people. In my own way, I will mourn the death of your son. My faith teaches me that while death is ugly, it is not the end. My deepest gratitude to you, for all that you have given, written and the wisdom of your experiences and knowledge. This blog and your posting are my required reading. BTW, I do tell my kids that I love them.

  20. My Heart weeps for you..

  21. As the parent of a child who was born sick, I have felt those emotions surrounding that event. The difference being that my son was able to survive his problems. As he sits here a healthy and active 5 yo, playing with his trains, I grieve for your loss, knowing the love for your child is one of the greatest gifts of humanity. Consequently, the loss of your child has to be the singular most painful thing an adult could endure. It is my and every parents worst nightmare, and I am truly sorry you are having to live it.

    Like others here, my wake up call came when my son arrived as to the state of our nation. Everything I do for freedom and liberty I do so that my son will not know tyranny, and your guidance in these matters has been invaluable.

    It is my sincere hope you can find some peace in the future, although the pain of the loss will never quite go away. Know that with the spread of your knowledge, I believe you will have had a direct hand in saving many children’s lives in the future.

    May God bless you. May his love shine upon you and grant you peace.

    When you are ready, we will be here ready for you. Semper Fi.

  22. My heartfelt condolences to you John and HH6, at the loss of your son. I know what it is like, because I lost a daughter, age 14 months, a long time ago, and it still hurts. I learned that these things just become part of who you are, and that you go on, and live, and the loss is something you bring into your future, and in that future, when you think about your lost loved one, you can smile at the good memory of them, how they were, how you loved them, and will never forget them. It is little enough comfort, and all you get, but then, life is like that. I think that since then, life has an unexpected flavor to it. The sun feels warmer, food tastes better, and a few clouds going by on a beautiful day remind me of the one I lost, and how beautiful she was, and how good life can be. G*ds grace be with you and your wife, and family, and His Love will heal you.

  23. outlawpatriot

    That you still have admonishment for us in your time of deepest sorrow speaks volumes.

  24. SemperFi, 0321

    So sorry to hear of your loss, wishing you better times ahead.

  25. I too have lost a child. There is no greater pain. I pray for you and your family to find peace. It is clear that your son was born into the right family – one that loved him completely unconditionally. So sorry

  26. John, thank you for that testament of love, courage and compassion.

    It speaks volumes for the kind of man you are, more so than even your dedication to Liberty and to those who would fight to see it preserved.

    May the Peace that passes all understanding find its way into your hearts.