Porretto: At Long Last, 2013 Comes To An Unlamented End


Fran looks back, and then ahead.

Through a glass, darkly…


Endeavor to persevere.


6 responses to “Porretto: At Long Last, 2013 Comes To An Unlamented End

  1. I think that nuclear proliferation might be a very positive thing.

    I mean, aside from the fact that all people have the right to self-defence.

    Nuclear proliferation would largely negate American military superiority … and the World desperately needs that to happen.

    If MAD worked during the Cold War, there is no reason to suppose that it would fail when more actors are included.

    Yes, the Petro-dollar will die.
    Yes, there may then be massive internal strife within America.
    Yes, the American standard-of-living will fall.

    But, maybe the cock-roaches in Washington and Westminster will finally get their come-uppance as their support structures are stripped away.

    • This. MAD is the only political arrangement humans know of which is stable over time. Your right to swing your fist ends at my nose, so KABA nukes is limited by the weapon industrial safety principles: you don’t get to point a weapon at me, and I don’t believe you when you say it is unloaded. Since it is an area effect weapon, “pointed at” means within the blast radius or downwind in the fallout zone. “Within the blast radius” includes flying over me carrying it. “Unloaded” includes the rocket fuel or other propellant. You have to provably restrain this weapon from hurting all innocent humans. Since it is uniquely damaging, you have to work at it uniquely hard. You are not allowed a launch password of all zeros. Maybe if you keep this weapon in a submarine in the ocean or underground in a salt mine, I can reasonably tell by inspection that the muzzle is not covering me. I could live with that.

    • You’re making the assumption that some of those with nukes will care if they get fried as long as they get the Great Satan and his pawn first.
      Some people don’t think logically. Most of them are in the Middle East.

  2. 2nd most of this. the usa is gone as the world’s policeman and the world is about to start fights all over. the scary thing for those who believe it, is just how close this is coming to the last days from the bible; russia and iran are getting chummy, the usa is falling off the map w/ no intentions of helping anyone and we’ve got earthquakes and volcanos getting jiggy with it. i’m not saying this is armegeddon, but if it is; i will not be supreised. meanwhile, most of the usa is still hooked on american idol. a rude awkening is coming, we’ll see if its eco0nomic, cultural relious or all 3.

  3. Well as you know the “USA” isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Bible as coming out of anything intact or anything else for that matter in the end.

    • But I believe the “eagle” is mentioned in Revelations. Was that to represent Rome? or the USA?