Becoming The New Barbarians

Via a WRSA reader comes this excellent essay:

The following was delivered as a speech at the second National Policy Institute’s conference, which was held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC, on October 26th.


There may be a collapse. It could happen. It could happen tomorrow. Vengeful gods could hurl boulders from the sky, cleansing the earth with fires and floods. There could be blood in the streets and gnashing of teeth. A plague of locusts or killer bees, some Chinese flu, or the Zombie Apocalypse. Your debit cards might run empty and your “smart”phones might get real dumb. We may be forced to band together in primal gangs and fight for survival. We may be forced by circumstances beyond our control to rediscover lifeways more familiar to our species—to our ancestral brains—than this endless, banal sprawl of corporate parks and shopping malls.

Or you may just get that one day as a lion, to die like you were born, kicking and screaming and covered in someone else’s blood.

It has a certain appeal.

But while any or all of that could happen (and it could all happen tomorrow), it is also possible that this broken, corrupt system could limp along for a very long time.

Yes, it should fail catastrophically. It deserves to fail. But no matter how much the world needs a reckoning or a reset button, it’s a lot easier on a day-to-day basis for people at every level of society to keep patching it together and doing the best they can until they run out of duct tape.

So . . . until that day comes . . . until everyone runs out of duct tape . . . Until then, almost everyone, even American leaders, seems to agree that America is in decline.

And during that decline, we can expect to see more of what we’ve already been seeing. For most people, that will mean a “progressive” ratcheting down of quality of life, and the lowering of expectations.

What we won’t see is some “great awakening” or a dramatic change in leadership or direction. The people who run America aren’t going to “come to their senses.”

As America declines and becomes a failed or failing state, the corporations and businessmen and bureaucrats who run it will continue to preach globalism and multiculturalism and feminism.

They will continue to condemn anything that could be considered racism or tribalism—especially among whites—until they are safely in the minority. They will continue to condemn “male sexism” and continue to promote any kind of go-girl female sexism that emasculates or devalues men. They will continue to promote reverence for their own academic priest class while condemning as “extreme” any religious belief that challenges the moral authority of progressive beliefs. They will continue to promote dependence on the State for security and income and healthcare—for life itself.

And, no matter how many “conflicts” they escalate or how many people they kill or imprison or how militarized their police state thugs become, they will officially continue to condemn “violence.”

They will continue to do all of this because it makes perfect sense for them.

If you were the rulers and toadies of a nation in decline, whose people were bound to lose wealth and status and you wanted to protect your own interests and keep your heads, why would you not want to keep those people separate, emasculated, weak, dependent, faithless, fearful and “non-violent?”

Figureheads may come and go, but I see absolutely no reason why the message will change.

Many of you may see yourselves as civilized men. Sane men in an increasingly insane, vulgar and barbaric world.

But you’re wrong! You are the new barbarians.

The official message will continue to be that:

• If you believe that all men are not created equal

• If you believe that free men should have access to firearms

• If you believe the government cannot be trusted to regulate every aspect of your life

• If you believe that race means blood and heritage — not just “skin color”

• If you see that men and women are different and believe they should have different roles

• If you believe that men should act like men

• If you believe that gay pride parades and gay marriage are ridiculous

• If you believe in some “old time religion”

If you believe any or all of those things, then, according to the State and corporations, the Academia and the media, you are a stupid, psycho, hillibilly, Neo-Nazi, woman-hating, wife-beating, homophobic throwback, reactionary Neanderthal.

You know it. Dance to it. Make it a techno remix. Because make no mistake: you are dangerous, traitorous and quite possibly seditious.

Well, I’m reminded of the words of rapper Eminem:

I am whatever you say I am
If I wasn’t then why would I say I am
I’m the paper and the news, every day I am
Radio won’t even play my jam

 It doesn’t matter what you think you are. You are whatever they say you are. They control the message. No matter how reasonable you think your message is, the radio is not going to play your jam. No matter what you think you are, to them, you are the barbarians. So own it… be it. And, if you’re going to be the barbarians, then start thinking like barbarians.

What does that mean? What does it mean to be a barbarian? Classically speaking, a barbarian is someone who is not of the State, of the polis. The barbarian is not properly civilized — according to the prevailing standard of the State. His ways are strange and tribal. The barbarian is an outsider, an alien.

How must a man’s thinking change, when he is alienated by the State of his birth?

How does a man go from being a man of the polis to an outsider — a barbarian — in his own homeland?

These are important questions because if you see no viable political solution to the inane and inhuman trajectory of the progressive state — and I don’t — then any meaningful change is going to require a lot more than collecting signatures or appealing to the public’s “good sense” or electing the right candidate.

What you need is to create a fundamental change in the way that men see themselves and their relationship with the State. Don’t worry about changing the state. Change the men. Cut the cord. And let them be born to a state of mind beyond the state.

Show them how to become barbarians and break the sway of the state. How do you do that? Well, that’s something I’m going to be thinking and writing about for the next few years.

But I can offer four lines of thinking that I think could be helpful.


This conference is about the future of identity. Which identity? Who are we talking about? Who is we? When I talk to guys about what is happening in the world right now, they’re quick to tell me what we should do about it, but who is this we?

You and the corporations that sell you garbage food, ruin your land and outsource your jobs? You and the “expert” shills who turn your values into “psychological problems?” You and the paid-for media that mocks you? You and the Wall Street bankers who financialized the economy for their own short-term gain? You and the bureaucrats who want to disarm you and micromanage every aspect of your life? You and the politicians who open up the borders and fall all over themselves to pander to a new group of potential voters instead of working for the interests of the actual citizens of the country they swore to represent?

That “we?”

Americans, especially, are used to speaking in terms of “We the people.” But there are 300 million people in the United States and that’s a lot of “we.” Be more specific.

Be more tribal.

One of the best pieces of writing advice I ever got was this: never say “people” when you mean “men.” Well, my advice to you is to never say “we” when you mean “they” and never say “us” when you mean “them.” Stop using democratic language. Stop pretending that we are all on the same team, because we’re not. And we don’t have to be. Decide who you really care about. Figure out what you have in common. Define your boundaries. Decide who is in and who is out. The people who are in are “us.” Those people are “we.” Everyone else this “they.”


Almost nothing you read or hear in the news today seems to make any sense at all.

People get so angry, so frustrated, so betrayed. It’s like “our leaders” are crazy or stupid, or both. It doesn’t make sense to put women in the infantry. That’s obviously crazy! It doesn’t make sense to encourage kids to take out college loans they’ll never be able to pay back. It doesn’t make sense to invite people into the country when you cannot afford to care for the people who are already here. That’s nuts!

It doesn’t make sense to start wars and then say you’re trying to “win hearts and minds.” War isnot a good way to win hearts and minds! And worrying about hearts and minds is not a good way to win a war!

It doesn’t make sense that bankers and CEOs get golden parachutes and go on vacation or get jobs in the administration after knowingly and intentionally destroying companies, jobs, lives, the environment — whole segments of the economy!

But if you realize that they — the people who run the country — are doing things to benefit them and not you, everything makes perfect sense.

Consider the possibility that America’s leaders really don’t care if American soldiers live or die. Consider the possibility that American colleges and bankers don’t care if you live the rest of your life in debt to them. They’d probably prefer it. Consider the possibility that American politicians care more about keeping their jobs in the short term and looking good in the media than they do about what happens to the people of their country in the long term. Consider the possibility that “you” are not part of an “us” that “they” care about. I promise that if you meditate upon this, things will start to make a lot more sense.

If you let go of the idea that these people are supposed to care about you or the country, and you allow yourself to see them as gangs and individuals working to further their own interests, you can relax and appreciate their crafty strategy.

Let go of foolish expectations about what these people should be doing. Step back and see them for what they are. Don’t be mad. Don’t be outraged. Be wise.

As Nietzsche recommended: be carefree, mocking, and violent.


Men who were raised with American, Egalitarian, “Late-Western” values want to be “good men.” They want to be fair and just, and they want to be just to everyone. This can be absolutely paralyzing.

It really creates an internal conflict for men—good men—who are especially athletic or who have some kind of military or police background. They were taught and they believe in good sportsmanship and equal justice.

They want to do the “right thing,” no matter what. They want to be Batman.

However, it is also in the nature of these men—even more than other men— to think vertically, hierarchically, tribally, to think in terms of “us” and “them.” To evaluate others naturally, primally, by the masculine, tactical virtues of strength, courage, mastery and honor.

But as soon as the football game or the superhero movie is over, progressive America goes back to hating and punishing those virtues. Progressive America goes back to hating and punishing men who act like men. These “good guys”… these guys who want to be heroes get blamed and played and dumped on and treated like garbage.

No matter what the progressive American message is, when it comes to men who act like men—especially white men—no one really cares if they get treated justly or fairly.

Still, these “good guys” don’t want to exclude women from anything because it seems unfair they have sisters and mothers and they want everyone to have a chance. But women—as a group—don’t care when men feel excluded.

In fact, when men object to anything, groups of women are the first to call them “whiners” and “losers.” “Good” white guys as a group care about what happens to black people as a group. They want to make sure that blacks are being treated fairly and equally and they go out of their way to make sure they aren’t “discriminating.”

Do black people as a group care what happens to white people as a group? Does a Mexican dad with three babies care whether or not some white kid from the “burbs” can get a summer landscaping job?

The problem with these late Western values is that they work best as intra-tribal values.

They only work when everyone else is connected and interdependent. Fairness and justice and good sportsmanship promote harmony within a community. But at some point, you have to draw that line. You have to decide who is part of that community and who is not.

You cannot play fair with people who don’t care if you get wiped off the map. You don’t have to hate everyone who isn’t part of your tribe, but it is foolish to keep caring about people who don’t care about you.

These heroic types are the natural guardians of any tribe, but their heroic natures are wasted and abused when they are asked to protect everyone, even enemies and ingrates and those who despise them.

If Western Barbarians are going to hold onto any portion of their western heritage and identity, they need to resolve these moral conflicts.

They don’t necessarily need to abandon morality or moral virtue, but they need to pull in theiraegis and become, as in Plato’s Republic, ”noble dogs who are gentle to their familiars and the opposite to strangers.”

Be morally accountable. But only to the tribe.

If they are going to prosper and endure in a failing nation, the New Barbarians must give up the tragic, misunderstood hero routine and realize that they aren’t Batman. Why would anyone want to be?


The United States of America and its parent corporations offer a wide range of products and services. All of them have strings attached and the more you depend on them, the easier it is to control you.

It is not really much of a threat to them if you get online and “like” a naughty page or vent your lonely, impotent rage, so long as the rest of your identity folds neatly into the bourgeois American lifestyle.

So long as you still go to a make-work job at some big company and keep yourself busy for 40 or 50 or 60 hours a week so you can purchase their wide range of products and services.

And then, in the time you have left, you go online and you get to be Orthodox guy or Roman guy or Odinist guy and post cool pics of Vikings and Centurions and Crusaders.

But that’s not a real identity or a real tribe or a real community. By all means, use the Progressive State and take whatever you can from it while there is still something left to take, but if you truly want some kind of “alternative lifestyle” to what the state has to offer, if you want to maintain some kind of tribal identity that can endure America’s decline and collapse—also known as a sudden absence of adequate products and services—instead of “community organizing” on the Internet in your underwear or retreating to a country compound with the wife and kids, bring some of those Internet people close to you and live near each other. Take over a neighborhood or an apartment complex, start businesses and provide services that people really need.

It’s great to have writers and thinkers, but you also need mechanics and plumbers and seamstresses. Serve everyone, but be loyal to people “in the family” and make them “your own.”

It doesn’t have to be some formal thing. Don’t issue a press release. Just start quietly building a community of like-minded men and women somewhere. Anywhere.

Don’t worry about creating some massive political movement or recruiting thousands or millions of people. Don’t worry about changing the state. Barbarians don’t worry about changing the state. That’s for men of the state — who believe in and belong to the State.

Shoot for 150 people. A small, close-knit community of people working together to become less dependent on the State and more dependent on each other.

Recent immigrants—many of whom are literally “not of the State”—can serve as examples. It wasn’t long ago that the Irish and Italians lived in insular communities. Think of Russian parts of town.

Look at places like Chinatown in San Francisco: every few blocks, you see these buildings marked. Something . . . something . . . something . . .   “Benevolent Association.”

Sounds nice, right? Could be a front for Triad Gangs. Could be there to help Chinese schoolchildren. I have no idea. But I am sure that it is for Chinese people. There are also doctor offices and law offices and repair shops and grocery stores. There is a whole network there of people taking care of their own people first.

There is a community there of people who are exclusive, insular and interdependent. They go to each other first for what they need. They are harder to watch and harder to control. They are less dependent on the State and more dependent on each other. And when the collapse comes, they’ll take care of each other first, while everyone else is waiting for the state to “do something.”

Whoever your “us” is, whatever your “tribe” is, it’s just an idea in your head until you have a group of truly interdependent people who share the same fate. That’s what a tribe is. That’s what a community is. That is the future of identity in America.

Land belongs to those who take it and hold it. And this land is no longer your land or my land — officially it’s their land. You may not be able to reclaim it, at least not just right now, but you can become and live as happy Barbarians, as outsiders within, and work to build the kinds of resilient communities and networks of skilled people that can survive the collapse and preserve your identities after the Fall.

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  1. Hard to argue with any of this. The issue I grapple with is this – is the United States, as currently comprised, resemble, in any way, shape, or form, the US of the founders vision? Has it gone too far in the cycle of empire to be redeemable? Have the rulers, which are very much like the Praetorian Guards of Ancient Rome, changed and weakened the social and identity cohesion of the nation so much, that it cannot be salvaged, but rather broken up by social rift?

    After years of social engineering and racial politics, how do you coincide with other groups, such as Blacks, who have been conditioned to hate us? Is it possible? We know in other areas of the world, such as Africa, this problem is solved by ethnic cleansing – as happened in Rwanda, and other places. Will that be the outcome here, and of so, can the nation survive it?

    What makes this situation so eerily similar to the collapse of ancient Rome, is that the collapse, when it occurs, will be global. That will make for a protracted economic downturn, globally, with no one left standing to do the heavy lifting.

    The Dark Ages lasted for centuries. I’m not saying this one will last that long, but it could be a long haul, and making for some tense, violent times.

  2. Yes!

    I’ve been thinking this for a while, and this article is articulating my thoughts exactly.

  3. There are other interesting articles on Radix Journal that are equally thought provoking. Radix is the project of Richard Spencer, who previously ran the Alternative Right web-zine, and edited Taki Mag for a while. He’s influenced by the New Right of Europe. Here’s the Radix front page.

    The author of this piece is Jack Donovan, who I would describe as a contrarian, who also has his own web site:

  4. RobRoySimmons

    Be forewarned that the NPI might not be everybody’s or even a few of your readership’s cup of tea. Too White.

  5. “So . . . until that day comes . . . until everyone runs out of duct tape . . .”

    Yeah, and super-glue, rubber bands, paper clips. These appear to be the means of our current structural integrity…

    That our ongoing sorry-ass reality could continue slinking, shuffling, swirling around the toilet bowl for a l o n g while into the future is for sure a bleak thought.

    But it indeed may be so…that we may be closer to the beginning of our societal rot than to the end.

    Gradual change seems the way of things…remindful of the frog in the water-filled stock pot, the heat almost imperceptibly being cranked ever higher…

    I remember my pop admonishing his “radical” son, who has long been observing the approaching, enveloping doom & gloom, and since teen-aged times constantly bitching about ever more authoritarian AmeriKan government.

    Tiring of my tirades, Dad said to me…”I’ve been hearing about tyranny for twenty years”.

    He spoke those words some thirty years ago…

    Now, Dad, nearing 90, speaks too of tyranny…

  6. Very well said. There seems to be a large amount of people talking past each other in the “patriot” community when it comes to race. I put “patriot” in scare quotes not for snark, but because I can’t come up with a better term for the moment for the herd-of-cats that is most liberty-minded folks.

    “You don’t have to hate everyone who isn’t part of your tribe, but it is foolish to keep caring about people who don’t care about you.”

    Bingo…sheer brilliance. If we recognize that caucasian people exist, we might posit that they have group interests that differ culturally, etc. from those of other ethnic groups. Promoting and preserving those group interests are not the same as wishing “all them darkies” were dead or enslaved, but pulling food out of the mouths of your group’s children to give to those of a group that wouldn’t piss on yours if they were on fire is not charity or compassion, it’s a slow form of suicide.

    As for being a barbarian, hater, racist, sexist, homophobe, etc, etc, etc. You might recall the old adage that “if you give a dog a bad name, eventually he’s gonna answer to it.” Have those who routinely try to psychologically immobilize others and control the debate through the use of such terms (what I would consider ACTUAL hate speech) given much thought to what will happen when, instead of rolling over supine while simultaneously handing over their wallets, men simply reply, “Yeah, so what?” If you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, you might as well do. It sure beats sitting around liquefying your brain by staring at the latest group of felons in snazzy uniforms to efficiently move the pigskin up and down the field.

  7. Some interesting stuff, there … esp at the beginning.

    Buuuuut, I can’t help thinking that the author is just another one who wants to impose his personal preferences on everyone else.

    Makes no sense to alienate gays and women.

    Makes no sense to present yourself as God-fearing and then say that all men are NOT created equal.

    Remind me again … what are the first fourteen words of the Preamble to the Declaration?

    • Jack Donovan would never alienate a “gay”, i.e., sodomite. He is one. So was Richard III, Gordon of Khartoum, T.E. Lawrence and a few others I could mention. Given that (at least) 40% of the Whites are going to be on the other side of the barricades, I think we can accept this or that external individual – Jew, black, brown, yellow, etc. – who identifies with “our” Tribe. There won’t, after all, be very many.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Boy are they going to be in for a shock when everyone turns on them and decides it’s ‘kill whitey’ time!
        Kind of a dumb liberal education week, no? Or, let’s end the dumbass gene pool now. Either way, the whole Kumbaya thing is going to fade into history.

  8. Forwarded to men on my list…with this…”hallelujah…amen.”

    Truly, an excellent speech, and superior mindset.

  9. Mr. Donovan actually had me nodding my head in agreement until…
    he quoted the lyrics of A RAP ARTIST.

    Zzzzzzt ! (Game-show buzzer) Wrong answer.

    Wrong data source.

    Completely wrong.

    Always wrong.


    Rap is, (and always has been) an excuse for untalented people to get
    on stage. It isn’t an art form, it isn’t a rage against the machine, it is
    a bass accented, syncopated beat, profanity, and childish nursery rhymes pretending to be relevant. It is a glorification of crime, narcotics, rape, and even murder itself. To even acknowledge its existence is to lend credibility to the indefensible. To state that rap is a fecal miasma of virtually unintelligible noise, digitally distilled to audio, existing only for profit, would be a compliment.

    One hundred years from now, people will still be listening to Bach, the Beatles, and Johnny Cash.

    Rap, like “disco” will have been control-alt-deleted
    from the hard drives of musical history.

    We’ll all be better off.

    Lord knows the kids will be.

    Please don’t quote rap “music” artists. Ever.

    It’s toxic, it’s NOT MUSIC, and their “opinions” are NOT relevant.

    Rant off.

    • …so they went and banned the AK
      that’s cool
      mine wasn’t registered

      Oops, I went and quoted a snippet of rap from the Clinton AWB era, the sentiment of which will not find a single supporter in this community – not.

      FG – I can even find a quote from Lincoln (GASP!) that makes sense: We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

      Keep your minds open for gems of truth and reality wherever it may be found, folks.

      Heck – even a stopped clock is right twice a day…

      dammit – I must have nothing original left to say…

    • Wow, that was easy. Commies like to sweep away white Christians just as easily. You’re wrong…not about all of ’em, maybe, but about Eminem at least. He does (or did) the opposite of glorifying violence, but you gotta listen to hear it. And he’s got some “family values” to boot. Pretty amazing, considering the family he knew.

      There are nothing but individuals out there. Period.

      • That’s the recipe for failure. Individuals must get on the same page to create a Culture and a Nation. As Christ said, Unless a grain of wheat falls and dies it remains alone. But if it falls and dies it will bring forth great fruit. Sacrifice is the essence of all greatness – individual greatness not excluded.

      • Jim, are you ever going to understand that “groups,” “tribes,” “collectives,”…. are made up of ‘individuals’ who have subsumed themselves, knowingly or not, to a group identity, and that this is because the group is perceived as beneficial to survival?
        Most often because it IS.

        All human activity is based upon group identity and effort. I fail to see how endlessly repeating your mantra about there being nothing “out there” (where ever that is) but “individuals” adds a scintilla to “our” “common” effort to effect a solution to “our” problems. Frankly, it looks a lot more like throwing caltrops in the path.

        It may all be very elegant, semantically and philosophically, but…

        So fucking what????

        Until 75% (or more, name your number) understand, agree and act according to your dictum, it’s totally irrelevant!!!! History and human nature are against you. Right now, in the present, the “every man for himself” effect (and that is the pragmatic result of your imperfectly understood doctrine) may be what happens, but it’s not what most reasonable people think is the best course for a viable “society”. But, hey! don’t let anyone think for an instant that they might know what’s best for anyone else. (Do you have children?) Don’t allow the perceptive, compassionate and intelligent to try to have a plan, and, by no means, allow a rational few to cajole, manipulate or, G-d forbid, coerce anyone into doing the right thing. Where are you going to be when your life depends on some group the members of which don’t give a shit about your perfectly symmetrical and superficially consistent philosophy? And if they dare to tell you what you will and will not do? Run for your life… and very likely lose it.

        Dictum Hell! It killed him.

        • What can I say, Jon? I agree with nearly every word you wrote. Maybe if you’d hear what /I’m/ saying, instead of how you take it, it might make a bit more sense. I guess our only real difference is this—“it’s totally irrelevant!!!” I think it’s important, not irrelevant. More than important…critical, essential, sine qua non, however you want to word it.

          Here’s you, saying the truth—“All human activity is based upon group identity and effort.” Well okay, maybe not “group identity,” but surely group effort. And even group identity is okay with me to a point, since I’m not trying to disprove cultural influences, or any other ones. I don’t EVER try to disprove facts.

          What, you really don’t see how “group identity” per se has been used by the collectivists/commies to lead us to where we are? Sorry, I don’t buy that…I think you know.

          Nobody has to “act with my dictum,” and it’s not a dictum anyway. It’s just a plain, simple identification. Yes, THERE ARE NOTHING BUT INDIVIDUALS OUT THERE. If you deny, THEN JUST GIVE ONE CONTRARY EXAMPLE. You don’t because you can’t, and you can’t because there isn’t one. Here’s more truth that you wrote…

          “I fail to see how endlessly repeating your mantra about there being nothing ‘out there’ (where ever that is) but ‘individuals’ adds a scintilla to ‘our’ ‘common’ effort to effect a solution to ‘our’ problems.”

          Yes, you do. That’s your problem to fix, not mine. Gwain, we do indeed disagree about sacrifice…I think it’s the scourge of the Earth, and that “sacrifice for a higher cause” has led umpteen good men to wield arms on behalf of the most preposterous goals imaginable…in this country’s case, often just oil and poppies.

          But as I’ve told you before, your beliefs aren’t my business. They’re YOURS and that’s ALL that matters. Sacrifice to your heart’s content, on behalf of whatever you choose. I’ll never fight against that. Quite the contrary, I may end up fighting so that you may do exactly that. The point is that if we’re going to be on the same planet, then it’s critical that you allow me the same courtesy. And if you’re not willing to do that, as the statists and “progressives” aren’t, then the error and failing is all yours.

          Now we could argue about the relative merits of sacrifice versus rational self-interest, but this isn’t the place for that. This place is about survival and I WANT you to survive…I want everyone to survive, just as long as they’re willing to let others survive. How tough is that to understand, and what could you possibly find wrong with it? As I mentioned elsewhere, I’m about the most altruistic hater of sacrifice that you’re ever likely to meet.

    • Here’s a rap song for you:


      (but y’all call it “taxes”)
      (some major infractions)
      (Like Napolitano’s cooch)
      (more lyrics here:

  10. the fukkn A-team

    Are you serious? I quit reading hal-way down that long winded rant. NEXT!

  11. Excellent!
    Print this, and read it several more times.

  12. This community should be called the Church

  13. Words of Mary, Mother of Jesus

    6. 2014 Opportunities

    The Hidden Mysteries

    Every day, human history unfolds but not always according to God’s plan. Man needs God’s light to see which events lead to darkness and which ones lead to light. The human mind is often mistaken and people of darkness can appear in a good light.

    Such is the case with America which plunges into darkness by calling everything light. This has happened for so long that true light is painful to America’s eyes. The light is quickly criticized and, if possible, extinguished. Darkness gains complete control.

    These locutions provide my light, even while America is still plunged in darkness. In 2014, I will offer America another opportunity to return to the light. People will begin to understand that they have chosen the darkness. A new freedom will be in the air. Fresh voices will be raised. A new generation of leaders whom I have prepared will take center stage. It will not be as it has been in the past. America will have a clear choice to walk a different road. I will provide the opportunity. Only America will decide its path.


    7. New Life and New Beginnings

    To everyone who enters my heart, I will reveal the secrets of the heavenly Father. Each will receive a different light, according to God’s plan. The light will show them the road they should walk and the helps which God offers.

    They will also see their past decisions, good and bad. They will understand the people in their lives, those who lead them to God and those who lead them away from God. They will see their faults and their addictions. This is so important so they are not caught up in powers that destroy God’s plan.

    Especially, they will see my love. They will experience great hope. No matter what needs to be changed or what decisions must be made, they will know that I will help them.
    Come, O reader, enter my heart now. Receive my light. You will quickly see all that God intends for you. Other goals which have fascinated you and led you astray, will be put aside. Your new life will begin. Yes, I hold out to you new life, new hope, new desires, new beginnings, while you still have time on this earth. Do not delay.

  14. Mt Top Patriot

    If that ain’t a sublime assessment of the facts.
    Lot of good stuff in there.

  15. Isn’t the Church another failed institution of the West? At the one side you have the RC church, which posits a world-wide brotherhood of all man under their God and their control. They are a major force in the replacement population strategy being foisted on the FUSA. The failings of the RC church are hard to overlook, including the pedophile clergy.

    The Protestant churches are just as bad in most cases, worse in many. A lot of churches end up being run by hucksters, and the hucksters eventually fail and fall.

    As the article suggests the only churches that seem to have produced real community in opposition are the Amish and perhaps the Hasiidic Jews and to a lesser extent maybe the Mormons.

    And, of course for a lot of us using the supernatural as the basis of action here isn’t possible because we are not believers.

    It’s hard for me to look at America and say a lack of religion is the cause, but it’s certainly a factor – both for and against – the current failure of our society. Look at the Protestant churches promoting and sponsoring an endless stream of unassimilated refugees from places like Somalia.

    I think religion and spiritual belief will be a part of any renewal, but I don’t think going backwards to having the Church (Roman Catholic or other) as the central organizing motif for the larger society is possible or desirable.

    On the other hand if you set your sights merely on being in an intentional community a common religion is the fastest way to get there. Many of these are just too cult-like for me to consider. I *don’t* accept any religious authority above me. If there is a God he can assert his authority on me directly, but I’m not going to listen to a preacher-man who tells me he knows better what I should do with my life than I do because of his superior communication with and understanding of God, none of which is open to verification in any way.

    Not everyone in the patriot community is religious. But I certainly respect other people’s beliefs, and acknowledge that the Church was one of the central organizational institutions in the era of Western ascendancy. I just disagree that it can be that in the next one.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And above all else, never forget, you’re not one of them. They will be nice to your face, maybe even feed you, BUT, they will always know that you are a lower life form in the eyes of ‘their’ Lord. YOU are not one of the Chosen Ones.
      You can believe in God any way you want, but you’re not of their “God”, so don’t ever think that you’re equals.
      I prefer to keep to myself, and talk to God any time I want, without the hassle of losing my Sundays and 10% of my income. Come join me for a Sunday hike at the Church of the Mountain God. It’ll leave you breathless!

  16. You may disagree with Mr. Donovan now, but in time this speech will be recognized as truth.

  17. Solution to Obamacare: Quietly found a Something something Benevolent Association and hire a lodge doctor. Have the doctor do house calls, don’t open an office space which invites scrutiny.

    “if you give a dog a bad name, eventually he’s gonna answer to it.”

    People tend to live up to, or down to, the expectations you have of them. If you have permanently low expectations of a group of people, be it inner city blacks in America or soccer hooligan whites in Britain, in a few decades they will permanently be on welfare. Socialism doesn’t work.

  18. Life is a team sport.

    • Dick Summers

      “Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. what a man thinks of himself, that it is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.” H.D.T.

  19. Think. Collins.
    The Squad. Anyone?

  20. Mt Top Patriot

    Another one gets it.
    TINVOWOOT: There is no voting our way out of this

  21. Wonderful ideas. A couple of points.

    Besides monitoring any communications you may have, the HUD through a directive from the Mocha Messiah called “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” ( ) which makes sure Whites will not be able to “group together” in a way that the local “block Warden” will be unable to destroy. Any high concentrations of Whites will be targeted for Section 8 (felons) voucher recipients to increase diversity (I am serious). If you own rental property, any resistance to this will get you labeled as a possible racist, leaving you open to IRS audits, HUD investigations, etc. Possibly your workplace will be contacted which probably will get you fired.

    Another great Article is here:

    Unless Whites can find a way to organize and “tribe” together, we are in an difficult position. Some of my compatriots use the local gun club (started our own team (guess what the colors are?) so we can network. Others have started everything from a model Airplane club to a Hot Rod club (Dodge Challengers). As Putnam said in his book “Bowling Alone” increased diversity means increased alienation, less social interaction, less social cohesion. See, they want you dead later; right now they want you to be isolated and afraid. Why do you think that the papers gleefully predict the demise of the Whites as a majority in the USA and vilify Whites as “counter-revolutionaries”. When the train comes off the tracks, it is you they will blame, just like the Kulaks in the 1920’s or the educated in Cambodia.

    Also, it is my belief that there is no going back to the 1950’s. If we want that level of social cohesion and trust we need to build our own Country where Whites can be White. When Detroit was 95% White it was the “Arsenal of Democracy” and the “Paris of the West”. Now it is the Mogadishu of East.

    The way forward is not a return to the path that got us here, but a path that has worked always. Homogeneity. A People linked by a common History, Border and Blood. The Immigration Nation has died. Out of the FUSA will come “New Africa” ironically out of the broken South, Atzlan out of the Southwest, the Northwest Republic (God Willing) in the Northwest and a mishmash “nation” out of whats left. With Wisconsin importing Somalians and Illinois electing Muslims as Congressmen we might get to see the formation of a Caliphate in the Great Lakes area.

  22. David Mudkipz

    While I understand the prevailing frustration with our (used in the sense of the people on this website) predicament, it would be sin for me not to point out that in #3 you are asking men to reject Christ.

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ but I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

    When He said take up your cross, He meant it.

  23. Who say there is no “reset button?”

    If a long, agonizing slide into the pit is inevitable if the “elites” have their way, let’s find a way to precipitate, to accelerate the collapse. A lot of singular events could trigger a whole range of consequences beyond the ability of leviathan to predict or control, producing a cascade.

    We must decide what’s worse, the long devolution, in which the very concepts of Liberty are forgotten and nothing but savagery remains, or, as the article suggests, we get past the mental illness of PC altruism, reclaim our manhood and our natural rights and act accordingly.

    I won’t say what I’m thinking here. Do your own thinking.

    Then do it.

    Best have that tribe thing working first though…..

  24. I agree with quite a lot of this, but some of it is questionable.

    “Do black people as a group care what happens to white people as a group?”

    Only a collectivist, or someone still polluted by collectivist thinking, would put it this way. There is no such thing as “people as a group” caring or thinking about anything. Only individuals care or think.

    I agree on the need for more local (tribal) identification, but reject the idea that the tribe must be identified by such trivial features as race. Culture may strongly determine the way people act (and be a reasonable basis for separation of tribes), but race does not. I’ll take a dark brown anarchist any day over a blond-haired, blue-eyed metrosexual plugged into the matrix. What they believe – yes, for tribal identification. How they look – no.

    “These heroic types are the natural guardians of any tribe, but their heroic natures are wasted and abused when they are asked to protect everyone, even enemies and ingrates and those who despise them.”

    Eh, the last thing I need is someone who considers himself a hero, taking on the job of protecting me. Maybe everybody in the tribe ought to have the job of protecting the tribe. One of the siren songs of the all-powerful state is that they are going to protect us. Fuck that!

    By the way, tribal separation fits closely into the idea of Panarchy.

    • No groups? How silly. Anarchists march with Communists. Explain THAT!

      • “Anarchists march with Communists. Explain THAT!”

        Aw, c’mon…that’s just you doing what the commies do, pretending that the WORD makes the thing. No doubt they use some rough words against you the same way, eh? What matters is what things ARE, not what we call them.

        That’s why I’m no anarchist; I can’t even figure out what “absence of being governed” might mean. Of course we’re all governed and we’re all governed by exactly the same thing. It ain’t my fault that so few people have the courage to admit it.

        Meanwhile, IMO the most important comment in this thread–by far–was left by Dick Summers. Get it already, and let’s (that’s let US) move forward.

        • How was a very weak hominid able to take down the larges and strongest beasts? Cooperation. Even before he was man, man has been cooperating. The Baboon throw itself on the Leopard allowing the troop to escape – or the other alpha males to attack.

          Why do Jewish and Muslim Businessmen typically kick Christian ass? Cooperation in the form of low or no interest loans. Professor MacDonald says that Jews encourage Gentile individualism – even as they practice group altruism. Even Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky used to contribute to Israel. You have or pretend to have the confused idea of individualism vs group identity. The individual finds and can only find his satisfaction in the group. There is no contradiction except in the twisted minds who created Libertarianism. Social Darwinism is an evolutionary dead end and gives justification for the monstrous evil known as Marxism.

          • It’s true that humans need to work collectively to achieve complex ends.

            Co-operation. Fantastic.

            Buuuuut, there are at least two ways in which to create co-operative groups. You can co-operate voluntarily … or you can be forced to co-operate.

            The latter method … forced co-operation … involves criminal activity, such as rape and slavery. All Collectivism is predicated upon this; and that includes democracies and your republic.

            The former method of co-operation involves contract and agreement.

            Can we please stop conflating the concepts of Collectivism and Co-operation?

            • “Can we please stop conflating the concepts of Collectivism and Co-operation?”

              Yes, PLEASE. I hope Gwain doesn’t think I’m so ignorant that I believe some guy alone put up a skyscraper. But I’ll get over it if he does.

              Co-operation is INHERENTLY individualistic. Does anyone seriously not get that? That’s why there’s a “co-” in there.

  25. Yet, only a few of you have joined the Southern National Congress.

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  27. Like art. Poetry. Yet strong. Masculine.

    I’m confused, but I found that very interesting. I am more and more a barbarian every day. It hits home.

    • Mt Top Patriot

      Don’t be daunted or distracted by issues beyond the scope of your ability to effect at your local level. Look at it from the perspective it is as it should be. Become invested, manifest in your and your loved ones destiny. Because it all begins with each of us. From there the power to effect the course of events is rooted and grows. Then the means to invest the enemy to advantage, cause them to react at our time and choosing, at our Liberty is attained. Then it is not Freemen who are picked off piecemeal, but hold the moral tactical and strategic high ground. It is the tyrants who are forced to defend everywhere piecemeal their tyranny. Over extended, their flanks left exposed.
      Being manifold in our destiny, it is the might, a force multiplier if you will, of the culture of our Liberty, the ability to infiltrate our enemy from upstream and attack the soft underbelly of their illegitimacy.

      • Mt Top, I don’t usually reply to your comments. They speak very well for you and stand alone. That and they’re usually way long 🙂

        But this one is especially fine and to a very necessary point.

        Thanks for all your effort to understand and share.

        Jon III

        • Mt Top Patriot

          Well thanks, that means a lot coming from you aut-6.
          Truth be told I wouldn’t find inspiration to rant if it weren’t for you guys. 🙂

          As Jim said it begins with each of us.
          We got to stick together no matter what..

  28. I have been saying a lot of this for some time. We are going to “be” what they say we are, so we have to just go with it. I have however cautioned that we cannot use that as a justification for actually BECOMING the racist jackasses they say we are. I very much believe that we can dislike things and feel no need to associate with things without hating those things. Be it cabbage or some specific culture. I have no hate for arabs but I have no desire to associate with them either. They are for the most part an ass-backward people that I just shake my head at, but I ain’t hatin’ on ’em.
    I have met some black “patriot’s” that I have no problem working with but I have no desire to associate with the aspiring cRapper, thug-a-licious, sexual predator black guys.

  29. ” I’ll take a dark brown anarchist any day over a blond-haired, blue-eyed metrosexual plugged into the matrix. What they believe – yes, for tribal identification. How they look – no.”

    The flaw in this kind of thinking is that mr. dark brown anarchist is loyal to his dark brown race above and beyond anything else, whether anarchism, communism or Christianity. Look inside the black churches. They are not worshipping Jesus as much as they are asking him to look out, protect and deliver their RACE, every Sunday morning. It goes the same with all the other races, except for the white race, which has the strange notion that all the other races can be just like us if we just agree on the same set of words. History is the story of race. Race is how mankind has organized, defended himself and survived throughout time. This short little experiment called “equality”, which is simply defined as white man no longer defends his nations from migrations of others so that he becomes a minority in all of his formerly white nations, is going to end with white men waking up to this cold and very real reality OR we will be soft genocided through unlimited immigration and pressure to “assimilate”.

    As was stated above, helping those who wouldn’t piss on your children if they were on fire, is suicidal altruism. If you care one iota about the survival of your children and their children, you will start organizing yourselves as white men and stop playing by rules that were designed to wipe you off the face of the planet. Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white. The goal of Diversity is zero white people. Love your race like every other race does and defend it. 90% of the problems we are facing would evaporate the minute white people start making their decisions based on, what’s best for white people.

  30. Anti-racist is code for Anti-White.

  31. Mt Top Patriot

    trolls in our midst…not very smart..anybody hear dog whistles?

  32. The one phrase stands out early  “If you believe that all men are not created equal”. While there is a way to look at that as some truth, my further studies of the source give me strong doubt in the intention. I’m not taking the words of the hate group SPLC by any means, but I am still left with a bad taste in my mouth no matter how much I agree with much of it. If you or someone else can prove to me otherwise I am open to listening. I’m not going to fall into the trap of separation due to a race, blood, heritage, or skin color. I’m open to any man or woman that will fight next to me against tyranny.

    • How much of the bad taste is due to social programming?

      Put another way: if a white male had been as unqualified for POTUS as BHO, would he have gotten the pass BHO did from the national media?

      To the national media, even asking that question is racist.

      It is not.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Most everyone is a victim of social programming, and they refuse to believe it. We’re the biggest nation of free thinkers in the world, or so we like to think. But somehow the programming gets in the way from us truly ever being free men. Look at some of the comments you read here, folks want their chains, from one source or another. Self imposed slavery.
        How’s that saying go?, “if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes truth”.


    “Do you believe that adults have the right to make their own decisions about their own lives? Do you want to live in a place where adults are treated as adults? Where people take responsibility for their own actions, lives, and dealings with others? Where community is genuine and voluntary? Where your rights are fully respected, provided only that you equally respect the rights of others?

    If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the Free State Project has a proposition for you.”

    • As long as you brought it up, is there unequivocal support in the FSP of the right to self-defense, without regard to the clothing of the force-initiator? I ask because I keep hearing different rumors on the point. TIA

      • I presume you mean LEO. I can’t speak for the FSP, but in my own mind, the FSP is not about abolishing LE. Anyone I personally know would agree, I believe, that LE is necessary. The question is, what L are they E’ing?

        Local laws promoting liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness – laws MINIMAL in number – should have the objective of protecting citizens from one another, not from themselves. Federal laws should, as stated by James Madison in Federalist 45, be limited to their explicit constitutional obligations:

        “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government, are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”

        • “laws MINIMAL in number – should have the objective of protecting citizens from one another”

          Yep, that’s the theory alright. Maybe you can explain why it NEVER works out that way.

          I didn’t ask about abolishing anything; I asked about self-defense. Still interested, if you care to share.

  34. In 2012, Matt Damon helped pay tribute to the late historian and author Howard Zinn. This rendition of a speech Zinn gave in 1970 on civil disobedience is one of his most powerful performances to date.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      and all this time I thought he was just another communist tree hugging liberal Hollywood asshole. Well done.

      • Maybe he didn’t understand what he was reading. 🙂 But the video may convince some blindly-faithful Libs to consider alternative thoughts…

        Nah. Probably not. But I am saving this link for opportune moments. 🙂

      • SF, a little further study of Howard Zinn should reveal to you that he is one of the primary architects of historical revisionism and cultural marxism designed to destroy this country.

        Pretty boy speechifying notwithstanding and regardless of the apparent accuracy of the simplistic points made in that speech, Howard Zinn was not the friend of any Liberty minded individual. He is the poster child for the capture of the “education” of our children and the darling of the Statist Left.