Resistance: Portrait of the Fighter As A Young Man

From this review:

When the Soviet Army marched into Romania in 1944, a part of the Romanian population went “into the mountains”. Over a thousand armed resistance groups took refuge in the inaccessible forests of the Carpathian Mountains where they waited in vain for the support of the Western Allies. Thirty of them held their ground well into the 1950s. One was led by Ion Gavrilă-Ogoranu, who managed to remain undetected until 1976 when he was arrested.

Long, but worth your time this weekend, especially if you can get the YouTube feed on your TV screen. Don’t get caught up on the flaws, but look for the lessons to be learned regarding both the resistance and the pursuing Securitate.

(H/t David Codrea)

5 responses to “Resistance: Portrait of the Fighter As A Young Man

  1. I really enjoyed this movie. Thanks for the posting and thanks to David Codrea. Many good lessons in this portrayal.

  2. Full movie, english subtitles:

  3. I knew about the Freedom Fighters in the Ukraine, who fought on against the Reds until the mid-1950s, also some in Latvia/Lithuania. Never heard about these men Rumania, who apparently did their best despite being abandoned by the useless West. Then of there’s the Hungarians in ’56, who rose up and chased the Red Russian imperialists out of their country…week after week, the Russians waited to see what NATO and the West would do…while our “war hero” Prez sat on his butt and rotated. Finally back came the Russians and massacred the Hungarians. History does have its little ironies though: the Hungarians are free now – you can even use the “J” word in a non-adulatory context – while America faces ethno-collectivist tyranny. Perhaps we deserve the coming tribulation.

  4. Wow! We ain’t seen nothin’ yet, folks…