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6 responses to “Get Your Copies

  1. Phill_Knapp

    I’ve read the first two in the series, and I’m now about 3/4 finished with Foreign Enemies & Trators and it’s amazingly good. I think it’s the best in the series! I just hope M. Bracken writes another … Now we may have to read it on tree bark or something .. but it would be worth it!

    Tractor on

  2. Janet Sturgis

    All of Bracken writing is amazingly informative and entertaining. I’m waiting breathlessly for a sequel to Castigo Cay. Get ’em while they are hot, and free. Kudos to Bracken for his generousity.

  3. Doug Harvey

    Putting this download on the calendar. The ‘Enemie’s’ series is a certified page turner and Castigo Cay (with its new protagonist) is off to a great start.
    Can’t wait. Don’t miss out on this deal.

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  5. I downloaded and read Foreign Enemies and Traitors. It is outstanding and a very quick read with lots of information to think about. Mr. Bracken, thank you for your generosity.

  6. RobRoySimmons

    I spent the money, well worth it, re-reading the 3rd book now. One quibble Boone Vikerson made IMO a strategic mistake, his attacks were on troops in Indian country when he should have taken them into pacified territory to generate over reaction on the pacified. Indian country should be for rest and re-supply.